138 Boredom in peaceful times

Hiro sent out his shadow clones to start making Ear pieces for the ninja of the village. They were small and unnoticeable. He also made notification devices and hooked them up to the Internet in the village, each of the technological items had mini Arc Reactors inside them, powering them anywhere and forever.

They were waterproof, fireproof, basically everything proof. Hiro was optimizing the communication of the village because if he saw another fucking stack of scrolls, he might just lose his god damn mind.

Technology made everything so much more convenient.

Hiro wasn't playing around anymore, he was full on serious. He ignored the Elders and announced that he was the Hokage now. The people were confused but didn't really care either way. Nothing's changed since the Third died.

Hiro wasn't going to start being a 'nice guy' to the villagers because to be completely honest, he couldn't care less about his popularity. He was making Konoha a super village, he wasn't here to be a nice guy.

He restructured the Ninja Academy and instilled new lessons, putting more focus on Taijutsu than before, explaining the fact that the stronger the body, the more Chakra a ninja can contain. He directly removed the 'Will of Fire' as he didn't need indoctrinated soldiers. He needed self thinking youth, who will progress the Village with time.

Everything has to change at some point or it will just collapse with the passing of time.

If they all think the same then what's the difference between the kids?

It just wouldn't do.

He left a Shadow clone to do the work and released Samehada before going back home and relaxing with Zerotwo, Eri, and Yami. Hiro leaned back and opened a mystery chest for fun.

[Congratulations! You've received Interdimensional Cable!]

Hiro perked up and installed it into the Tv in the living room before turning on Cartoons from another dimension. Eri and Yami watched the cartoons happily and Zerotwo leaned on Hiro's shoulder, sitting next to him on the couch.

Hiro wrapped his arm around her and rested with a peaceful smile.

Anbu was being reformed slowly, from emotionless machines to actual people. Hiro was disgusted with them and told them that he was. He pretty much threatened them that if they don't change he would just kill them all and make new ones. It was pretty simple.

He had absolutely no need for emotionless retards. They weren't even that strong, Sakura could beat them all herself. So could Naruto, Isabella, or any of the other genin. Like, Danzo was the biggest tumor and their Anbu was basically a crippled leg.

That needed to change.

Hiro put them all through an intensive training session, getting them emotions and actual skills. He didn't like the faces they made at him, it was like he was talking to a wall. It was annoying. He already blew up one of them for looking at him weird.


A few days passed like this

Hinata came over and Hiro was thrilled to see her, her progress was crazy! She was probably just as strong as Sakura, if not stronger! How many upgrades had she gotten? Too many.

Hiro smirked and planned how to get Hinata and Naruto together. He would slowly push them together... He chuckled evilly and scared Hinata quite a bit. In the end, she got another intense training session in the Time room.

When Naruto came back, Hinata was probably stronger than Kakashi.

Naruto and the rest came back and reported their progress, stunned with what happened to the village. Hiro explained that he remodeled the village to be better and told them how everything worked, giving them the notification devices and ear pieces.

He processed the info from Sakura and gave them the mission to go to the bridge. He gave Kakashi an Ultimate Healing potion and told him to be in the mission is 6 days. He sent Yamato with them as extra help in case of an ambush and false info from Sasori.

Hiro had shadow clones with them anyway, he made quite the profit from the sand village attack. He got Sasori's shadow and they killed Deidara too! Hiro got their Jutsus on the scroll, while also taking all the Jutsus in the Sand Village.

Hiro checked off the sand village in his mind and sent them to rest until the mission.

A while later

They were all eating at home and Hiro had Zerotwo take 30 years from Jiraya, reverting him to 24 as well. Hiro let him loose after ate, Sai apparently didn't exist so there was no problems there. Also the main tumors in Konoha were gone and Hiro took over, it was no longer the same Konoha. It was Super Konoha.

The group went on the mission 6 days later

Hiro continued doing his work, feeling like this was getting boring. He continued on, despite the boredom.

A few more days passed

The group came back and shared information about Sasuke and Orochimaru, Hiro gave them a thumbs up saying "Good job. Keep up the good work, blah blah blah." Naruto said "Blah Blah Blah?" Hiro waved and said "Relax, Kakashi and Yamato will oversee your Nature Chakra training. Sakura and Isabella you're off until further notice."

He tapped on the desk and said "Mittens, bring one of these to each of the ninja in the village." as he threw Mittens a ninja pouch with tons of Impurity Cleanses inside. He leaned back and looked out the window, mumbling "Hopefully these monkeys don't up and die.... That shit's expensive..."

The group left and Hiro went back to work.

Well, Shadow Hiro that is!

The real Hiro was sleeping on Zerotwo's soft thighs with drool coming out of his mouth. He was living the life, playing with his kids and relaxing, without a single worry. It always bothered him as to why Naruto didn't leave a shadow clone to do his Hokage work and his real body stayed with Hinata and his kids in Boruto.

Then again, whoever wrote Boruto was obviously on some sort of highly addictive and illegal drug. All the characters were fucked, Naruto got the 'just came to watch my kid warm the bench' cut, and became retarded somehow.

Literal eye roll gif.


Hiro continued like this, waiting for something interesting to happen. He often spent the days wondering if he should just go fight Madara for no reason. Maybe he would get his ass beat? That would be exciting and fun!

He was seriously considering leaving when a monk ran into the village, spouting nonsense about the Fire Temple Monks being slaughtered. Hiro didn't really care about them, but alas, he wasn't able to not care!

So he said "Omg that's so sad bro, you ok?" the monk nodded and said "It was Akatsuki! Chiraki-sama... has been killed!" Hiro clicked his tongue and said "What a tragedy, don't worry. My little ninja are gonna get revenge and slaughter the Akatsuki guys." as he gave the monk a thumbs up, stunning the poor monk.

Hiro called a meeting for every ninja in the village on top of the Hokage building. He lit a cigarette and said "Yo! This is my first time calling a meeting like this, so I'll make it brief! Fire Temple has been raided and slaughtered by two Akatsuki individuals. This Monk guy over here said that one of them had solid green eyes and the other carried a Red scythe with 3 blades and kept spouting nonsense about some religion. Anywho! Because your Hokage is so great, I already have information for you!"

Hiro drew a picture of Hidan and held it up saying "No need to praise my drawing., I know it's the best you've ever seen!" the ninja sweat dropped and some of them suppressed laughter as Hiro continued "This is Hidan, he's a defected S-class ninja from Yugakure. This is the guy that never stops talking about religion. We don't take too kindly to new religions 'round these parts so, he's a target. He wields the tripped scythe but it's not for killing funnily enough. Let me explain, Hidan is immortal, you cannot kill him. It's impossible. The scythe is for drawing blood from the opponent, when he consumes the blood and draws a religious symbol on the ground."

He got serious and said "This links his body with yours. Since he can't die, if he links with you and cuts off his own head, you can say bye bye to this life and wait for the next one." the ninja were shocked and Hiro added "Don't believe me if you don't want to, when you're a corpse I'll just throw you in the river. I couldn't care less. Be very careful around this clown, if you can't capture him, just let him go and escape."

The ninja frowned and one mumbled "Escape?" Hiro sighed and said "Let me put it this way. Even if he stood there and let you cut him into tiny cubes the size of my pinky, he would still be alive and laugh at you. Do you understand? Immortal. As in, unable to die!"

Hiro clicked his tongue and said "Read a book, jeez." before holding up another picture saying "This is Kakuzu, a defected S-class ninja from Takigakure. He's an Earth based ninja, his body is made up of Grey tendrils and he had 5 hearts in total. Each Heart has a different elemental affinity, covering all 5 basic elements. You have to destroy all his hearts which has formed as masks on his back. He's extremely strong, so be careful."

He copied the papers and threw them to all the ninja saying "Now go. Capture is you can, if you cannot, just kill. Or in the case with Hidan, run. If you can capture him bring him back, I'm VERY interested in him. Hehe~" the ninja nodded and flashed away, disappearing.

Hiro patted the Monk's back saying "No problems, Monk bro! Hey, I got a question..." he hooked his arm around the Monk's neck and asked "Is it true you can't drink alcohol or eat meat? Because, there's this real nice place..." the Monk sweat dropped, what was this...

Who is this Hokage?!

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