85 First Quest

With the car, Alina took Del and Anna to the guild building while leaving Wolfie at home. Alina decided that he would be a great guard dog to guard the house. Del agreed to leave Wolfie there, after all, he really didn't want to bring that dog to a building that didn't allow a dog to enter.

Alina parked her car right beside the guild building. The guild building looked similar to a government building with its large pillars and its white paint. Several people were entering and exiting the guild buildings. All of them were wearing either armor or a military uniform. However, all of them had a similarity. All of them had a military-style name patch on their clothes that read [ICMWI].

"What does ICMWI stands for?" Del asked.

"It stands for Independent Contracted Military Worker of Ilbistirum," Alina answered.

"So, we just register in the front door and that's it?" Del asked.

"Well, it's not that simple, but follow me," Alina answered.


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