78 AC-130

Staying still in the forest for six hours or more while making sure that nobody spotted them was a hard task, but they managed to pull that off, somehow. However, it had to be admitted that it was extremely tense with the amount of Elbanian soldiers that were patrolling outside of the forest.

Del grabbed his tablet and whispered to Anna, "We should be safe now, let's move."

With the night vision goggles on his head, he began to move slowly towards the car. It was a good thing that the Elbanian didn't spot the car. The camouflage simply worked. Del took off the net from the car while the others entered the car.

"Del, what's your plan now?" Cassandra asked.

"Well, let's see," Del opened the menu on his tablet.


[Killstreak Menu]

[Tech Level: 6] [Total Balance: 252,000$]

[Sentry Gun] [5,000$]

[Precision UAV] [20,000$]

[Precision Airstrike] [50,000$]

[Juggernaut Suit] [60,000$]

[Cluster Strike] [80,000$]

[Cruise Missile] [120,000$]

[Chopper Gunner] [150,000$]


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