Mo family's daughter-in-law Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Mo family's daughter-in-law


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A story about..... Yun Xi, an orphan but beautiful, suave and smart to the core. And, Mo Shan, rich, handsome but cold. ***** After the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law, Mo Shan decided to adopt his 5 years old nephew. His only goal was to raise his nephew properly and make him his heir. Being an orphan, Yun Xi's only wish was to have a stable life and a peaceful, happy family. But, after being pregnant out of wedlock, her life took a sharp turn. What will happen when these two meet and what sparks will it create in their life? ****** EXCERPT: "Careful! You will hurt my child", Mo Shan shouted. "I thought the child was mine?", Yun Xi mumbled. "But you both are mine now.", he replied hearing her mumbling. 'But I was just bending to pick up the file. How will I hurt the child?', she thought in her mind. ****NO RAPE OR ANY MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING****