48 University Rules

Max arrived at the university dorm and was stupefied by the sheer enormity of the structure. 

The university itself was built on a large floating Asteroid orbiting a red giant, In a neighbourhood Asteroid belt to the tier 1 planet DewStar and was considered to be a part of a ' Wild - Zone ' by the system. 

The location of the university made it a safe environment for studies, however, to have the students not feeling like they were living on a rock, it had all the modern amenities imaginable.

This was evident by the dorm area as there were seven, 30 storey buildings running in a straight line for over 3 kilometres as dorm wings labelled A to G 

Beside the residential wings, there was an equally large food and mess hall that could seat upto 50,000 students at once and beside the mess was a large sports and recreational centre. 


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