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The characters all have pretty defining personalities, and you subtly hint at the general construct of the world without giving a full-on narration. I like the way the story paces itself. It's not too rushed nor too slow. Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable read! Good luck!


I am a big fan of Romance novel's, but this one is also interesting, I like the shades of lead character, she is strong and vicious but I liked it a lot. Keep up the good work.


I'm not good at writing reviews, every work looks.good to me. But I have to say the writing in this totally pulled me into the story and enjoyed the story development. ** hoping laoshu is really hot... I like hot and evil chicks 🤣🤣 just some unreal preference. I recommend this story to everybody that stopped by here after reading synopsis... Just go for it 🤗🤗


Teruskan tulis cerita ini..terlalu sedikit... Harap dapat keluarkan banyak chapter setiap hari..jalan cerita juga tidak menghampakan.......


As of currently, there is four chapters to this story. This is for a 'review for a review'. Be warned, I do long reviews. To start off the bat, I do enjoy the more hardy, more stern MC. It is still a bit early on but I do hope to see what sorts of developments the author will make with this woman. Not only that but I do want to see more development in the world itself. From the few cultivation stories I've read, I'm invested a bit to see where this story grows and how the author will make it stand out from the crowd. My main critique is that the writing is more so "telling" rather than "showing". I feel as though this story would benefit from having the plot be told in a more descriptive sense rather than it feeling like a re-telling of events. Don't be afraid to describe more of what the world looks like, what the main character feels, what they see from others. Rather than have it straight to the point, take your time to reveal what happens next. Do note that this story is a bit too early in development to make any solid opinions. However, the lead up so far is solid and it'll be interesting to see where the author will take the plot. I will admit, cultivation stories aren't my cup of tea. So take what you will with this review. Best of luck to you dear author.


Read the synopsis, it caught my interest, Read 4 chapters.. I can say that novel is pretty good till now. waiting for more. Story line is very interesting.. The characters development and the background is also good...it keeps you engrossed. I am going to continue reading it. Author..plz continue with the updates.. and do not leave the book in between.


Just from the synopsis you can measure how well thought must be the story and here come Mistress of Domination. I know its early review but gem should shine from the first early appearance, right? I can tell that author will keep his pace. Goodluck Author san


The plot seems pretty interesting. Though it's just has three chapters for the time being, but they seem to be promising. Except for the ****y tiny mistakes it has like a full stop missing (which can be ignored), I couldn't find any. Good work author 👍👌♥️♥️♥️


I've enjoyed these first couple of chapters, and the writing is solid. Couple of spelling errors here and there, but nothing that yanked me out of the story. Plot is interesting, and I look forward to reading more of where it'll go from here!


First chapter was great. Plot seems promising. I really do find the idea of a scheming Mc my cup of tea. Introduction to cultivation was ingenious, covered both a key point (dads crippled) and the context for the power in relation to cultivation level


As much as I want to make a detailed review, there’s only a few chapters available. Based on the synopsis, it was already enough to hook me in! The writing quality is great so far and I don’t think I’ve seen any errors. Additionally, the chapters released so far seem to have potential to be a great book. Kudos to the author for their hard work! :)


It is too early to form a proper review. However, the plot of the story seems promising enough, and with the grammatical errors fixed, it would be a really well-written story.


Hello fellow author, I really enjoyed reading your story. Loves how mc get revenge. I'm falling in love with the soul guardian. Hahahahaha. He has mystery vibes on him. I wonder who he really is?


The story is good and I like it. It's neither fast nor slow. You did well in laying down what the main lead's personality was. And the white lotus and ex-fiance, were a nice touch. I already hate the two already hahaha. Although I do wish, I mean for me, I wish there could be more description of their appearances, behaviors or actions? To make it easier or vividly picture the female lead in my mind. To imagine the scene. Aside from that, the flow is also good. Good work and continue writing more!