Mistreated, Abused, and Unloved- A Luna's Tale

Author: Maja_Synovic
Fantasy Romance
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What is Mistreated, Abused, and Unloved- A Luna's Tale

Read ‘Mistreated, Abused, and Unloved- A Luna's Tale’ Online for Free, written by the author Maja_Synovic, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Tazanna Hilton lives with her father, Wilson Hilton, the Alpha of the Steel Tail pack. Nothing has been the same since h...


Tazanna Hilton lives with her father, Wilson Hilton, the Alpha of the Steel Tail pack. Nothing has been the same since her mom was killed by rogues. Ever since she has been abused by her father, older brother Max, and the entire pack. 18 years old now, this has happened since she was 3. The 15-year-long constant verbal and physical abuse left her a shell of the woman she should be. She is forced to do all the pack’s housework; cooking, cleaning, tending to the young, and having to deal with a once loving pack has not only physically drained her but mentally as well. The only hope she has of escaping all this pain is school. Since they can't stand her, they send her to a public school, not the pack school. In school she tends to keep to herself, spending all her free time reading. The many mental adventures are the only reason she is happy. They allow her to be transported into another world, one without pain or torture. One with love, kindness, and most importantly, a happy ending. She gave up hope of ever finding a mate. The pack has drilled into her mind that no one will ever love her. Phoenix, her wolf, is the only friend she has and helps her through everything. Late at night when everyone is sound asleep, she lets phoenix take over and they run. That is the only time they can finally escape the horror they live in. What will happen, when one day this all becomes too much for her to handle. Will she leave the pack? Will her mate love her? And will she ever live a better life?

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