15 Bishounen

Mineta must admit his change was pretty big, but at the same time, even if everyone saw his change, they would realize it was him.

Charm: 7

Physical ability: 7

Intelligence: 8

Quirk: "Pop Off (Intermediate);" "Speed Augmentation (Intermediate)."

Points: 2000 points.

Money: 406,500 yen.

"It's amazing..."

He murmured and was amazed by his change.

After his "Pop Off" Quirk became intermediate level, he had lost the ball-like shape of hair on his head. His hair was like any other. Besides the purple color, his hair was like how the majority of people were, but it should be softer and longer.

"Should I cut it?"

He thought when he saw his long hair, but suddenly a big question came to his mind.

If he lost the ball-like shape of hair on his head, how was he going to use his "Quirk"?

The answer was simple.

He could release his "Quirk" from any part of his body.

His "Quirk" had made an amazing development since he could release an adhesive substance from every part of his body.

"If I have to say, it is like a spider's silk?"

The only difference was that it had a purple color, was more stretchy, and was more versatile since he could shape this substance into many different forms.

He thought for a moment, and somehow he was able to form a Gatling-like weapon in his hand. If he wanted to, he could shoot a bullet made from the substance of his "Quirk," and by adding his "Speed Augmentation," it had become an amazing technique.

"...It's amazing."

He must admit that his "Quirk" had become more powerful, yet at the same time, he knew this wasn't the most powerful "Quirk," and he needed his head to develop this "Quirk" further.

In other words, he needed more creativity.

He sat on his bed again, thinking about how to develop his "Quirk" further, forgetting the hunger and painful feeling he had felt before.

"Let's start with the basics."

The main property of this substance was elasticity, which was even better than any rubber in this world, and an adhesive ability, which was better than any glue in this world.

Secondly, he could also change the viscosity of the substance.

"The combination of elasticity and adhesive, huh? I can also change the viscosity."

He thought for a moment and thought of one thing. "It's like mochi?"

He thought about the traditional food from this country, which was known as mochi.

The mochi was sticky, stretchy, thick, and extremely viscous, but if it was left outside for a while, it would slightly harden.

The substance from his "Quirk" was like that, but it couldn't be hardened.

"It's amazing, but..."

However, he must admit, it lacked firepower or attacking ability.

After all, this substance couldn't harden, and it would still be soft no matter how long it was.

If it could harden, it could be used as a blunt weapon or made as a sharp spear, but since it couldn't, all of those things were impossible.

Yet he knew this ability had much potential.

In other words, this was a powerful ability.

"Right now, it is only intermediate, but once it has become expert or master..."

He could imagine how he transformed the entire Kamakura into his sticky-like substance, trapping everyone, and became the strongest man on earth.

"Well, it is hard to say I can become the strongest one."

His ability was powerful, but it was hard to say he could become the strongest man on earth with this ability since there were many unreasonable abilities in this world.

Still, entering the ranks of the top ten most powerful people would be possible for him.

He then checked his system, opened the store, and easily found the "Hardening" ability.

If he had the "Hardering" ability, his "Quirk" would be more deadly.

The combination of elasticity, stickiness, and toughness would bring an amazing change to his ability.

"When I am finished fixing my height and that "thing."...."

While having a powerful ability and becoming the strongest was tempting, his system would become stronger as long as he had more girlfriends. Hence, the first thing he had to enhance wasn't his "Quirk" or physical ability.

Instead, it was his appearance!

While he didn't intend to become the most handsome, having a pleasant appearance would give him a plus point.

Yet he must admit having 7 points on the charm was good.

He might not be the most handsome, but he was quite handsome.

If he had to describe it in words, he was low-key handsome.

Yet, even so, it was rare for a man to be as handsome as him.

After all, unlike a woman, a man couldn't use make-up, and they had always used their natural appearance to get close to a woman.

Most men in this world had 5 or 6 points for their charms.

As for someone with 7 points, only 10% of the population had such a charm.

As for the 8 points, only 3% population had such a charm, and for 9 points, it was even smaller since only 1% population had such a charm.

As for the 10 points, it was already the most handsome man in the world.

It was also the reason why buying one point on the charm was expensive.

His skin was fair, white, and smooth, but the most noticeable change on his body was his height proportion.

When his charm was only 5 points, his legs were short, but his body was quite plump, and his head was huge, but when his charm became 7 points, his head was smaller, and his legs were longer. His body gave a pleasant and balanced feeling.

"Is this the reason why my body was hurt before?"

When he thought about the pain he had felt previously, he couldn't help but shudder.

Still, he looked at his 2,000 points on the system and decided to buy two centimeters of height. As expected, his bones hurt, but he became taller. The original 108 cm became 110 cm.

While he was confident that his height would increase to 120 cm before, it seemed 108 cm was his maximum height, which made him sigh.

Fortunately, he had a system, or else he would stay how he was.

After he felt better, he sighed in relief and thought his painful journey was about to start.

Still, he must admit that he was cute, and if a group of young mothers saw him, they would like to pinch his cheeks or hug him without a doubt.

His mood was good, and he thought of visiting the beautiful young mothers in the neighborhood, but suddenly, he heard his mother's voice from downstairs.

"Minoru, are you in your room?"

"I am in my room, mom."

While it was awkward at first, he had memories of the previous Mineta Minoru, so his relationship with his parents was relatively smooth. Still, when he walked down, his mother was dumbfounded and stood there in a daze.

"What's wrong?" Mineta was confused.

His mother didn't say anything, but she grasped his face, rubbed it, and pinched it several times until she was satisfied.

"........." Mineta.

His mother let out a satisfied sigh before she asked, "Did you get plastic surgery?"


Mineta felt quite strange by the change in his mother.


In the morning, Mineta waited for Ibara at the place where he usually waited for her, but when they met, she was dumbfounded and looked at him for a few seconds in a daze.

After Ibara confirmed it was him, she asked unsurely, "Mineta-san?"

"It's me."

Mineta nodded and felt normal by Ibara's reaction since his mother and father thought that he had done plastic surgery secretly last night.


Ibara touched his head, rubbed it gently, and didn't feel the ball-like shape of hair on his head anymore. His hairstyle was no longer a mohawk. Instead, his mother cut his hair into medium-length scruffy purple hair. It wouldn't be weird to call him a "bishounen" now.

(He's like Finn Deimme in Danmachi with purple hair and shorter height).

Still, hearing her question, his explanation was simple.

"It seems to be the effect of developing my "Quirk." Mineta pulled Ibara's hand naturally and held it gently. "I will tell you while we walk."

Ibara nodded since she was curious!

The two walked together while holding hands while he told her how his appearance had changed.

However, unlike Ibara, who understood the cause of his change, his two best friends, classmates, and many others were dumbfounded when they saw his change. They rubbed their eyes several times before they confirmed that this "Bishounen" was Mineta Minoru, which shocked them even more.

However, after a momentary shock, there was only one question on their minds.

"Do one become more handsome when one gets a girlfriend?'

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