MHA: Jaeger

Desiring powers gone wrong, a man died before he could use it. Though a higher power thought his unfortunate circumstance entertaining. With the omnipotent Murphy making things harder. His wish becomes fulfilled, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

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Prologue: I Didn't Sign up for This

At a mundane office, one particular dude who looked shredded was quivering in excitement.

'Finally... This evening, I will be 30 years old.' He nodded sagely as he fixed his glasses, making it gleam.

And he practiced that move for months. "Hey, Alex! Want to have some drinks later? You always, go home right after work, please?~" A cute brunette asked him.

"That's nice of you to ask, but I refuse!" He slowly raised his head at her and the women in the office awww'd in tandem.

He then left the office without much fanfare. "Why does he keep refusing to go out with us? It's such a shame, look at that ass. And that tight shirt, ahhh. Shix pack." One of them drooled.

"Hey, contain yourself. Stop being a creep." Her co-worker nudged her.

"Shut up, look at me in the eye when you say that. Not on his thicc buns." She retorted and they giggled.

"Hmph, I have no time for hoes. I am a man of focus and sheer fucking will." Alex returned home and he opened the lights in his garage.

He quickly changed his clothes and turned on some music in his personal gym.

"Gotta get muscle. Please, that's all I need!" He began pumping iron.

"I'm like Oo (You're getting it!) Ha (You're getting it!) Please give me muscles soon!" Alex flexed his hard-earned muscles.

"Hip raise! Side bend!" (Flexing my 6 pack every chance)

"Dumbbell curl! Hammer curl!"(Biceps harder than rock or steel!)

"Push up! Bench press!"(Gotta work those enormous pecs

"You can do it too! You can do it too! Let's train muscles, me and you!" Alex finished with a double bicep and a side chest.

"Ahhhh, damn that's a good pump. I'll show them... A nerd will become the strongest!" Alex was determined.

He then started grumbling that mean kids calling him a nerd and giving him wedgies would rue the day they crossed him.

"Gotta relax a bit then." Alex booted up his console and started playing beast hunter world.

"Ugh, stupid monster. What's with these hit boxes?" Alex clicked his tongue.

A door bell then resounded and he went towards the door.

"Keep the change man." He took the cake he ordered and the pizza.

"Kukuku, now it's almost time." He looked at the clock and it will just take 10 more minutes.

He went towards his front lawn and looked at his watch.

"Five, four, three, two, one." He closed his eyes and he clenched his butt cheeks.

He waited for a good minute. But nothing happened.

"I always knew that it won't work." He got depressed.

He made a call. "Hey, Trish. You guys still at the bar?"

"Huh? Oh yeah! You coming!?" The woman was ecstatic. Alex was going for a debut in the dating scene.

"Yeah, prepare yourself. I'm going to clap them cheeks." Alex ended the call and Trish just froze.

"Girl, what got into you?" Her co-worker shook her.

"Alex's coming, quick! Does my butt look big in this?" She shaked her hips.

"What!? Ladies! We'll be eating good tonight!" They cheered.

Alex was currently driving and his face was crestfallen, like a certain elf in the morning.

"Hah, I guess magic is just a far-away thing, just fiction." He sighed heavily.

"I should be in Hogwarts right now, dunking on some punk-ass kids, hitting them with an imperio and showing them the fist." His delusions involved beating up british kids.

"Maybe, a phrase will help? Fireball!" He pointed his palm in front.

But nothing happened. Though after a second, sparks started to appear in his hands.

"Haa... Ha! I did it! I'm a wizard! Fuck you Harry, you bitch ass nerd! Real combat mages fight with their fists!" Alex was hyped as hell.

But his hands suddenly started blazing with fire.

"Wait... Fuck." Alex remembered his phrase for the spell. Then boom, his car exploded due to the fireball.

"Haaa! Whu? Where am I?" Alex suddenly sat up and he patted himself all over.

"You died." He heard someone and Alex froze. "Damn, just like that? I was supposed to be a wizard! I waited three decades for that!"

"Tough luck, kid. Life has no checkpoints." The entity shrugged.

"Wait, so you're God or something right? Is this an isekai story?" Alex's eyes lit up.

"Well, you basically lived life as a monk. Eating meals just enough to sustain your body, working out every single day without dabbling in temptation. So you're actually quite a pure soul." Alex remembered his life.

It really was quite mundane. He just worked out, went to work, played some games from time to time.

"So uh, what's gonna happen to me?" Alex asked.

"Well, you either reincarnate. Back to the cycle of life, live as a cricket or something. Or I throw you somewhere for entertain- 'cough.' I mean, for an adventure." The entity showed his true intentions for a moment.

'This suspicious guy definitely had a laugh or two as he watched me kill myself by my first spell...' Alex went quiet.

"I did not, I have better things to do than that." He retorted.

"You did! You ass!" Alex was outraged, this guy just watched him kill himself. Not even giving just a little miracle to offset the fireball for all his good deeds as a devoted person.

"Ahem, so... Pick your poison." The entity revealed a red pill and a blue pill.

Alex deadpanned at him. He then took the red one.

"Great! You can choose a wish. It would make things more inte- ahem, I mean. Easier for you for being such a good boy." The entity smiled at him.

"You were definitely going to say interesting... Anyways, I prepared for this eventuality. Call me Manbat. Wayne, Bruce." Alex started cackling.

"I wish for all the things I wrote in my diary!" Alex started laughing like a maniac. He really was prepared for this.

"Done, go along now " God shooed him away and Alex was perplexed.

"Huh? Wait, nothing? No complaints? No saying that it's bullshit and I can't do that?" Alex was confused as hell.

"Who said that you only have one diary?" The God grinned at him.

'Initializing system... 10%, 50%, 100%! All systems nominal. Hunter system installed, booting.' Alex heard a robotic voice inside of his head.

"That doesn't sound that bad." Alex suddenly passed out and his body began dematerialize.

"Let's see here, kekeke." The God was reading a notebook and there lied Alex's desired powers.

And he has totally forgotten about it. Making the thing when he was just a teen. And teenagers are quite... Over the top.

"An affection meter type of system that grants you powers when you gain a certain amount of affection huh? I hope your rizz can carry you, young man." He gave a thumbs up at Alex's shameless desire.

"Honey... Did I just hear you give someone a perverted system?" He heard a stern voice.

"N-no! It's based on love, look." He wimpered and his wife saw it.

"I'm watching you." She gestured with her fingers.

"Damn, now I can't watch him fumble with the ladies. I was hoping to see him act like a dumbass." He groaned, deciding to just wish him luck.


Alex suddenly sat up and he breathed in heavily. Like he was holding his breath underwater for some time now.

"Am I alright? Did I just have a fever dream?" He patted himself all over.

He then gasped. "M-my hard earned muscles..."

Alex immediately stood up and went through doors to get to a mirror. And what he saw made his spirits go down the drain.

"I look like a bitch-ass nerd..." He was back in his teenage body. Lanky, short, and definitely not swole.

"Damn you, God. I will have my revenge, just wait." He squinted his eyes.

"Wait... I did get a system right? The hunter system it was called?" Alex blinked and a screen appeared in front of him.

Relationships: Maidenless

Transformations: None

Harem: Do I even need to say it?

Title: You're a wizard Alex.

Shop: It's a shop, what else do you want?

"What the hell is with this system?" Alex frowned heavily as he tapped on his title.

*Acquired for being a monster virgin that hasn't touched a woman for decades. Does nothing.*

"Noooo!" Alex did an orz in despair, he at least thought that he would be having magic. Like a proper delusional idiot.

He then cried tears of blood as his sacrifice ended up into nothing but a title that does nothing.

"Wait... There's this thing too." He looked at the relationships and transformations column.

But it was just blank. He was a proper nerd though, so he looked for the FAQs.

A question mark was at the top right corner and he tapped on that.

*Relationships; lists the women that you've made sweet love to. Every successful man has a pillar of support behind him. Unlocks a transformation per lady.*

"So I have to get them to like me first? This is a nightmare! What do this thing expect from a virgin wizard like me?" He dealt emotional damage to himself.

*Transformations; it says that a woman changes you. And in this case, literally. Gives you traits based on the monsters you've bought ans gained.*

"Huh, so the shop is where it's at?" He blinked and he tapped on the shop.

*Buy monsters with your maidens' love. Too bad, you have no bitches.*

Small monsters: Velociprey, Velocidrome, Genprey, Giaprey, Bullfango, Bulldrome, Jagras, Jaggi, etc.

Large monsters: Dodogama, Legiana, Yian kut-ku, Tobi-kadachi, Rathalos, Rathian, Diablos, Monoblos, Daimyo Hermitaur, etc.

Elder dragon level monsters: Rajang, Deviljho, Espinas, Akantor, Ukanlos, Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos, Gore Magala, Molten Tigrex, Deadeye Yian Garuga, etc.

Elder dragons: Kirin, Teostra, Lunastra, Chameleos, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Valstrax, Velkhana, Namielle, etc.

1st class dangerous monsters: Fatalis, Alatreon, Shantien, Disufiroa, Safi'jiiva, Dalamadur, Dire Miralis, Shagaru Magala, Merphisthopelen, Duremidura, etc.

"Woah... I can get the traits of these monsters!? Doesn't that mean I'm OP as hell?" Alex immediately looked at the elder dragons and 1st class monsters.

But then, he saw the prices of them. "The 1st class dangerous monsters are locked behind titles..." He scratched his head in annoyance.

He double checked the traits he would get from the others first. The elder dragons and monsters at that level were still a pipe dream.

*Low-class monsters will give superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Depending on the monster. Raising your level to the point of being able to destroy walls easily.*

*Large monsters are exactly that, their transformations will give their special abilities and traits. Able to power through large rock formations and boulders with ease.*

*Elder dragon level monsters are those with traits that can either cause natural disasters, or keep up with them. Monsters of this level can easily lay waste to entire city blocks in minutes at minimum.*

*1st class dangerous monsters can herald the end of the world if left out of control. i.e. Disufiroas live in a locale called the world's end. A habitat the size of a country that does not have anything in it due to Disufiroa's extreme temperature changes.*

"Of course they're locked. Those things can destroy entire countries just by sitting there." He remembered the Dire Miralis.

It's emitting so much heat that the sea it dips into boils and all marine life explode. Painting the waters red with their blood. Oh, and its favorite past-time is sinking islands.

And it isn't even the strongest 1st class monster.

"Those are off limits for now." He definitely wouldn't even find the chance to use them.

"So... Where the hell am I anyways?" Alex looked around and he saw his papers.

"Alexander Godfrey, so my name's still the same. Time to look at the internet I guess." He saw a computer in his room and he checked things out.

"What? It's the 23rd century? And a 3rd world war happened more than a century ago?" Alex bugged out.

"This... Quirks?" He saw that humanity evolved with traits or powers called quirks.

And some of them are overpowered as hell. "This Cathleen chick in America is broken! What the fuck?" Alex looked at blog posts about the number 1 hero of America.

"Heroes are a thing here too? Well, I guess it makes sense. People are already assholes without powers." He shrugged.

"But man... This girl, Star and Stripes is a reality warper? How can you even try to beat that?" He was amazed.

But her quirk is extremely special. It's even being talked about by scientists as blurring the lines between quirks and just plain supernatural powers.

He then looked outside his window and saw some signs. "Japan? Shit, this place sucks ass for work."

Japan is great for tourists, but for residents there? Not so much.

"I guess being a hero is the only choice then? It is illegal for civilians to use quirks without a permit... Damn, I guess I need more data." Alex cracked his knuckles and looked at his computer again.

"But... After I buy some food and supplements. My gains are gone! The lord of muscles will be displeased if I don't do something about this." He checked his wallet and there was a note there.

*I gave you some money to spend, you did explode splendidly. Thanks for the laughs, mister wizard.* A smiley face was at the end.

"Tch, bastard. I'll do great! Watch me." He grumbled and checked his phone for his bank account.

"I'm sorry, thank you very much for this wonderful gift! I will offer prayers every day!" He did a 180 as he saw his bank account. And boy was he loaded.

He then started shopping, intent on making a better gym set up than his original one.


Monhun is my favorite game. And I like MHA's characters a lot. You'll see just how much, kekeke.

Thanks for reading everyone, chu~