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With a faint ripping sound, the cloth was torn into shreds and scattered on the ground. The sight came into Xuanyuan Mo Ze's full view.

His breath turned ragged, a dim light floated at the depth of his eyes, and he couldn't help gulping. His scorching gaze fell on her chest without being able to move away for a long time.

"So beautiful…"

His voice was raspy as if his breathing was suddenly clogged. His whole mind and being were in a state of agitation. He had a ferocious impulse to have her.

However, he once told her that he would keep their most beautiful night for the wedding night, so...

Her enchanting face was looming before his eyes: her sloping eyebrows, the slightly slanting corners of her eyes, her curved lips. She exuded an alluring charm that attracted people to sin.


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