11 Hire

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"Stop right there! Where are you from? Why are you so unfamiliar? Don't look around. I'm talking about you!"

At the gate, the officer-in-charge called out fiercely to Mas, who was about to enter the city.

Mas was also very tactful. He hurriedly went to the officer-in-charge's side and leaned over to his ear. "Sir, I'm a merchant who came to the capital city to sell goods. Look at my kind face. No matter how you look at it, I don't look like a bad person. Sir, you look talented and have worked hard for a long time to protect the country. To show our respect, this is a small token of my appreciation. Please accept it."

With that, Mas took out ten gold coins from the purse he carried with him and stuffed them into the officer's hands.

When the officer heard this, he touched the gold coin in his hand again. His stern expression immediately became overjoyed. "You're very good at this, kid. Judging from your handsome and kind face, you don't look like a villain who committed crimes. Go in."

"Hey, thank you, sir!"

Mas managed to get into the city.

After entering the city gate, Mas finally met the elf ladies and the beast-eared ladies he had always dreamed of.

The beast-eared ladies had all sorts of animal ears and tails, and all of them looked very cute and obedient.

On the other hand, the elf ladies had pointy ears. They were tall and had perfect bodies, and it was impossible to tell how old they were from their appearance. Their snow-white skin especially made them stand out and they were extremely stunning.

Although these two types of ladies were beautiful and cute, if someone dared to tease them in the capital city of the Storm Empire, that was absolutely asking for trouble.

There were outsiders in the Storm Empire's capital city because of the nature and laws of the Storm Empire.

The Storm Empire focused on business and trade. Of course, its military strength was decent too. Otherwise, how could it become one of the ten Great Empires?

Furthermore, the Storm Empire was a more democratic and open country. The Storm Empire did not allow slavery. Otherwise, these so-called elf ladies would definitely not dare to come to the Storm Empire's capital.

After all, in a country with slavery, other than humans, other kinds of demi-humans could only end up as prisoners. Those empires were like nightmares to the demi-humans.

"Oh yes, I still have to hire some servants to help me. Otherwise, my daily life would be a huge problem. Furthermore, the Alchemy Tower is so big that I can't clean it alone." Mas suddenly recalled this matter. It had been a long time since he had eaten a decent meal. He had spent quite a lot of time tidying up the Alchemy Tower, so he needed a few servants to help him.

Most alchemists liked to take in apprentices, and some alchemists could have dozens of apprentices but would not take in disciples. However, to be clear, alchemy apprentices were not equivalent to disciples.

The reason was very simple. Alchemists did not have to pay anything to recruit those so-called apprentices, and these apprentices were hardworking and disobedient. The alchemists also did not have to spend too much time teaching alchemy as it was all based on the apprentices' own intelligence and wisdom. Usually, the apprentices would learn alchemy by themselves. When the alchemist was in a good mood, he would occasionally give them some pointers, which was enough to make those alchemists happy for a long time.

However, taking in disciples was different. The alchemists had to teach them real alchemy and their own hard work. Most alchemists were alone. Unless it was absolutely necessary, they would never take in disciples. Having a disciple would only starve the master.

Now that Mas had a large sum of money from Mage Anthony, he did not lack money at all. Furthermore, having transmigrated from Earth, he would not do things like capital exploitation and such.

He recalled the days when he had just transmigrated and became an apprentice under Swoks. His main job was to sweep the floor and prepare materials. However, now that he had the Creator's Alchemy Platform, as long as he had alchemical materials and formulas, he could refine them indefinitely. There was no need for the early preparations.

Mas asked the local boss in the tavern. After learning the location of the local talent market, he rushed over immediately.

When Mas arrived at the talent market, he was stunned by the scene in front of him. All kinds of demi-humans were standing at the side, waiting for others to choose them like goods.

Orcs, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Naga, Beast-eared lady, Elves, Goblins, etc…

All of them had an extremely obvious common trait, and that was that there was a sign hanging on their chests which had all sorts of things they were good at written on it.

Upon seeing this scene, Mas felt as though he had returned to Earth's talent market. He was just like one of the company's higher-ups who come over to select newcomers who had just graduated from university.

When Mas saw the sign on the chest of an Orc that said that he was strong and had thick skin so that he was able to withstand punches, he laughed. Oh, please forgive his rudeness, because it was really too funny.

If he had great strength, he could do some manual labor, but being able to withstand punches was also considered his specialty?

Mas pondered over what he really needed at the moment. He felt that he urgently needed talents who could purify minerals and engrave magic runes to help him.

Mineral purification was to improve the quality of the existing ores. For example, previously, he had used inferior red crystals to make the Red Crystal Gargoyle. After purification, the inferior red crystals would become low-grade red crystals or even higher grades.

Also, magical engravings were extremely important. The mess that Swoks left for him had yet to be resolved. Those rune turrets were still empty shells. Only magical runes could fully utilize the power of those rune turrets.

Of course, the treatment of magic rune engravers in this world was not very good. This was because some alchemists and mages would also do this work, which became their major source of competition.

More importantly, the magical rune materials circulating on the market were very expensive. The materials needed to carve magical runes required precious magical beast blood, and the failure rate of carving magical runes was extremely high.

That was also why Swoks sold all the magic engravings in the rune turret in order to raise gold coins to buy those rare alchemical materials.

Mas walked slowly through the talent market, looking around, hoping to see someone useful to him.

Suddenly, an unsociable jeer came from the crowd.

"Heh, Walter, you trash. Even if you wait here for decades, no one will need you, trash. Recognize the reality, you are a trash that no one wants!

Have you forgotten President Belek's orders? If you aren't willing to work for the president, no one in the entire Storm Empire will dare hire you!

Do you still not understand? Are you still waiting here like a fool? Don't make a fool of yourself. "

Mas looked towards the source of the voice, and what came into his sight was a thin and handsome Western aristocrat dressed in white. He was looking down at the Dwarf Race squatting on the ground and sneering coldly.

The white-bearded man seemed to have heard this conversation countless times. He completely ignored the skinny youth in front of him. Instead, he directly turned his head to the other side.

Mas also noticed the sign hanging on the dwarf's chest. It read, "Skilled at ore refinement and purification."

"Oh, I didn't expect that I didn't have to search for the talents I need. Instead, I walked into him." Mas looked at the white-bearded dwarf and walked over with a smile.

"Hello, respected dwarf, my name is Mas. May I ask if you are good at ores refinement and purification as written on the wooden tablet?" Looking at the plain-looking dwarf in front of him, Mas did not show any contempt.

Upon hearing Mas's question, the white-bearded dwarf looked up at him and nodded. "Yes, this young man. As a Technical Dwarf of the elves, I swear on my honor that I possess advanced ore purification techniques and master level ore refinement techniques!"

"Is it that powerful? Then what price do I need to hire you for?" Mas asked.

Before Mas could finish his sentence, he was rebuked by the thin, white-dressed youth beside him. He threatened in a deep voice, "You want to violate President Belek's order to hire him? President Belek has already ordered that whoever dares to hire him will become President Belek's enemy!

You have to consider it carefully. It's not a wise choice to make an enemy of President Belek in the Storm Empire. Young man, think twice! "

Mas glanced at the other party and treated him as a clown. He sneered and did not respond to the well-dressed youth.

"Have you thought of the price? Name a price. If I think it's suitable, I'll choose to hire you." Mas looked at Walter with a fervent look.

"Thank you for your good intentions, young man. You heard what he said just now. In the capital city of the Storm Empire, it's best that you don't offend President Belek." The white-bearded dwarf pointed at the well-dressed youth, then pointed at himself, and then shook his head, expressing his regret.

"I'm not afraid of President Belek. Just name the price you like. The choice is mine. Answer me and let me know if you're willing to be hired," Mas replied calmly.

"Thank you very much for giving me this precious job opportunity. I want to request 10,000 gold coins per month as my salary. Can you accept it?" Walter said slowly, uneasy and flustered. He was afraid that he would lose this precious opportunity if the price he offered was too high. If this young man in front of him felt that the price was high, he was ready to lower it at any time.

It was fine if his salary was lower. He needed a decent job now as he needed to support his own child.

"That amount of money is nothing to me. You don't need to be so uneasy. As long as your craftsmanship is strong enough, so what if I give you another ten thousand every month?" As if seeing Walter's uneasiness, Mas extended his hand and smiled at him.

As an elf, Walter firmly believed in the existence of Gods. Many years later, when Walter boasted to his descendants, he said, "That day, it was he who extended a helping hand to me at my most helpless moment like an angel!"

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