Maze of the Forgotten Masters
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Maze of the Forgotten Masters


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What is Maze of the Forgotten Masters

Maze of the Forgotten Masters is a popular web novel written by the author SeverusMagicus, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, MAGIC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 33.7K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 63 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Before the maze was constructed, there was the ancient empires known with their magnificent powers. When the ancient empires were being weakened day by day with their continuous wars between them, a man who called himself as dark emperor showed up and declared war to every empire. Many empires and kingdoms fell in the wind of war that caused by the dark emperor. While the hopes for the peace were almost lost, Forgotten Masters constructed a maze to protect people from the war of the ancient empires. Maze succeed to protect the people from the war of the ancient empires and even from the dark emperor himself. Years have passed but the history never changed. When the people started a new war inside the maze, Arthur woke up in a dark dusty room and just managed to survive somehow but with a problem, who was Arthur? This is the story of a man, who tries to learn his past while the bells of the war is ringing.


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This story is really well written. Main character is well designed. When you are reading, you are thinking what will happen in the next chapters. You should give it a try.


guys read this fucking amazing, absolute, perfect, excellent, great, fantastic, wonderful, fabuluous, gorgeous, epic, legendary, extraordinary novel.


book is great but there is a few misshapen with words which can be confusing. Character wise they where properly flashed out. But did leave out some backgrounds detail unlike the first chapter where I can imagine where Arthur have been and his condition.(** got to this book through the friends invite page.)


Hello everyone! I’m editing some chapters to fix the missing details of the story and also creating some connection between the chapters. Have a nice day.


This books has quite a stable unstable update when it comes to adding chapters, a flaw when it comes to super deatiled books. I can say the quality of writing is pretty good, especially the usages of proper grammar and vocabulary. Problem is the characters don't have much of a perspective, no lore nor backstory, the characters are just placed there like from a writer's view than a character's view. Detailing is good when it comes to actions, emotions and expressing volume. Background is decent yet rather small for now, Can do better. With this I can say, this is impressive. Keep up the good work ! :D


Wow!!! Stunning cover page! Very original and catchy. I miss in the synopsis a few more sentences (about the plot and the main character). From the beginning of the story, I can see that you have a concept for the whole plot, but inside there some things (like short explanations, descriptions that would give more light to the plot and characters, etc.) are missing. In general, you're doing great!


the grammar can use a little tweaking, some words are in the wrong tense, like past tense and so on, other than that well done, it is very good


This is such an interesting story. The characters are all nice on its own. The storyline is amazing. The characters also are very interesting and the writing is great. It even has constant update. Nice work 👍


The start was hooking and each chapter was mysterious enough that made me got chills. A great read with a nice story, nonetheless. Kudos and Congrats to your wonderful work!.......from review swap thread. Hope you also check out mine.


I just started reading the book, and I'm so hooked.. The plot is so interesting, each chapter leads to a new mysterious path .. I'm so in love with this so far ❤


I really love how you introduced your story! I can't wait to be able to read the rest. The amnesia though, I've never read a story like that before. I have seen movies, but never a book. So, that is definitely unique on your part. I honestly think it's a good book, just looking at the first chapter. I will hopefully make another review after I finish it! Can't wait, keep it up, love the plot. Overall amazing!!!! Happy Writing!!!


I thought I am going to read one or two chapters but I am going to continue after leaving this review. I like the story. I like the world background of the story. Maze and stuff. To me, it is something new and I want to know more. I am a beginner author myself so, I cannot say much but I saw quite a few small mistakes here and there. Overall, I love the story. I am adding this to my library :D


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