Mated To A Vampire Book

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Mated To A Vampire


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LONELINESS...... HATRED...... REVENGE..... those were the emotions Axel felt when he lost his mate to the cold hands of the Vampire King. His best friend and moon goddess, Selena takes pity on him and decides to assign him a new mate,one who matched his charisma and character. Unfortunately for our Alpha Lord, the only lady who fits this trait is Sydney, the only daughter of the Vampire King. Axel was never going to accept her. How could he accept the daughter of his worst enemy as his mate?. He was never going to shower her with the love/ attention an Alpha gave his Luna. All he longed for was to see her life as miserable as possible. He was going to make her pay for the sins of her father. And so, the first page of their book opens.........