Mated To A Vampire
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Mated To A Vampire


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What is Mated To A Vampire

Mated To A Vampire is a popular web novel written by the author DIVINE, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 97.4K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 78 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 20 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Alpha Axel has just lost his Luna to the Vampire King,he craves for revenge but he can't help but feel lonely sometimes. One day everything changes when the moon goddess (His best friend),takes pity on him and decided to give him a new Luna,one who matches his character,and the only lady fit for this job turns out to be Sydney,the daughter of the Vampire King.How in the world does Selena expect Alpha Axel to accept Sydney as his mate?.Will he learn to forgive her father's crime and accept her or will he make her life miserably as payback for the murder of his previous mate?,let's find out........

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I honestly like this book, the story line literally flows easily coupled with the simple use of words. The character formation is so creative. Can't wait to read how this book ends cuz you literally got me at the synopsis. Wonderful job. Well done.


Axel is the type of leader who always stands upright for the safety of his pack, that is an admiral trait for an Alpha to have. The author has brought the supernatural world into life in a creative way. Love this story


The way the author writes her story is just so unique to me. I'm so intrigued by this book. The background is described so exceptionally well. And the Author is so consistent with her update schedule. The story seems to be developing really well. I love this book. Keep up the good work Author!


Wow, I don't really freak vampire stuff, but I'm seriously freaking this. The author has a power of words that cast spell on the readers' emotions, as you can't help but continue reading. Great work, perfect structure.. Very commendable to be recommended as a good read. Kudus.


You can't skip this book, no sir. The world of Alphas and vampires never fail to give us some drama, suspense and of course romance uwu. Don't forget to read this amazing work!!!! Keep going author!!!!


I'm not really a fan of Supernatural genres of novels, but this one hits different. The perfect use of words. The Author's writing style emphasizes the story line even more!


I'm intrigued! I love me some werewolf and vampire mate story. The kind where two different beings put together for life. I like the premise and all. I'm willing to dive into it. ❤️❤️👏👏


I ready to face the story head on, I love the plot the way it is about revenge and about Love. Like a hate-love-revenge relationship and that is truly awesome. Can't wait for more.


to be honest, I usually don't read vampires stuff. become some might say its usually cliche. But then i give this a go and i was wowed with it! definitely unique in every way! Axel personality and his role as the lead is well made! its hard to make a character this lovable by their readers! Author really knows how to make the readers keep scrolling! altho i just read the first few chapter, i dont think ill be able to stop now. Kudos to the author! Recommend it 10/10 for sure!


O.M.G !!! Beautiful. the world background is displayed just the way I like. the characters are just beautiful and the story development just has you drooling for the next chapter. I absolutely adore this book. it's a vote from me.


I am impressed with this effusive way of describing the world of wolves and vampires. It's unique! The plot is very intriguing: a leader who loses his beloved. How to find a replacement that is part of the fault? It leads us to want to continue reading ...


Woah.. I love alphas and vampires.. This story has a different plot.. everything is well portrayed.. I love it....looking forward to it...keep it up a/n


I love this like in literally hooked onto this story, it's taking all my will power to stop reading just to give a review What can I say this work has an underlying beauty, axel, Sydney Selena huntert and the rest solt have their individual attributes ehich them who they are. The author has definitely done well with this one


this is a nice story for some good novel.... Axel is a strong mc lol... But anyway this is a good story... Hope the author continues the good work.


not really a fan of vimpire stories, but just from the synopsis I could tell this was something so different and unique. The choice of words from the author and how the plot was developed is truly captivating. interesting novel can't wait to read more


I am screaming right now!!! I love stories like this, supernatural love stories are the best! Such an amazing plot author so looking forward to the end!


Amazing plot! It's unique for my eyes, and I like where this will be going. I love it! Should wait for the next chapter! [img=recommend][img=update]


Love Axel, he's my type of male lead strong, powerful and caring to those he values. The world background is creative and imaginative! keep up the great work author!


Wow! Impressive! The synopsis raise my curiosity to read this story. After one chapter only, it catch my feelings to read further! In order to resolve my curiosity I read it more and more! The story is intriguing me! I'll recommended this story to readers out there, mostly to the one who really like this genre and also who interested in vampire and werewolf! That's so cool! I love the lovelines between Alpha and Vampire.... Well done! Keep it up!


Love the synopsis and the way the author devopped the story. From the concept which is my fav werewolf (stories) I'm completely bound to this book. To say among all the books that i read on werewolves, I'm in love with this one. The writer did a wonderful job😍😍😍😍


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