122 Olivia Clarke

Chapter - 122

A palpable tension hung heavily in the air, suffocating the waiting room that stood sentinel outside the foreboding gates of the Intensive Care Unit. Rick's eyes, laden with worry and desperation, fixated on the blurry, transparent window, each passing second stretching like an eternity, his vigilance unwavering, as if fearing to blink and miss the faintest glimmer of life that might emanate from beyond.

Within the sterile confines of the ICU, Emily lay ensnared by an intricate web of medical apparatus. A sinuous tube, akin to a lifeline, snaked its way into her pallid countenance, orchestrating the laborious rise and fall of her chest. An invasive IV needle punctuated the delicate skin at the crook of her elbow, a slender conduit leading to a trio of translucent bags suspended from an unyielding stand.


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