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America has lived a long hard life, when she was twelve her mother was killed in a bank robbery, leaving her father a drunken shell of a man. The only parental figure in her life is her sister, Brazil. All her life America has used fantasy and fiction as a crutch, a getaway car from life. But when her dreams to be an actress lead her down a life of torture, suffering, and horror, how can she go on? (updates 3 chapters every week on Sunday, except for on breaks, I am a student so there will be some variations with updates.)


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Okay, so here's my review! :) Minor errors in grammar, but that is simply a room for improvement and it can fixed easily. Other than that, this story has a good potential. I can't exactly good yet, cause it's still lacking in chapters and I have to get a clearer picture of how and where this story is going to go. Even so, when I read the story, it felt like I was reading a book. It was nostalgic for me, so I'll give this story a 4/5. I hope you the best of luck in finishing this story, and thanks again for kind review and ratings! Have a nice day! :D


Way too early to leave a review but I believe you truly deserve it. First, the storyline. Too early for me to have an idea of the storyline's direction. So, I will come back to this in the nearest future. For this, 4 stars. Might be higher or lower later in the future. Second, the characters. I believe your characters are proving to be reasonable ones so far. I don't know if it's a single FL or two FLs, but I like them. 4.5 stars. Third, the writing quality. excellent use of the words in English. 4.5 stars. Fourth, the worldbuilding. Too early. I don't know the setting of your world yet. I will come back for it. So 4 stars for now. Fifth, update. I give you 5 stars. Great book so far, keep it up.


I like the way the protagonist scrutinizes her own life and strives for perfection. You show, not tell that the protagonist is a perfectionist. This also reminds me of how I don't miss school at all. I did "AP Everything" as well and had a lot of doing it, but I'm glad I get to do what I want now. I wasn't focusing on grammar, but I didn't see any errors.


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Eye catcher from the start. Even tho the intro/prologue is short , it suprised me on the following chapter. You have to imporve more about: Your development Minor errors This is great novel i hope you still updating until the end and never stop writing novel until it will be the best^^~ -luciel_707-


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