Marvel: Group Chat

Note before reading Synopsis: at first, Mc is ruthless and cold, tortures enemies, and didn't bother to help others. But after certain events, he changed and becomes an antihero who is trying to save Mutants. Mc is still a Cold and ruthless hero. Doesn't hesitate to take the difficult decision to save people. He still needs Character development. No harem, but 2 girls love him. ---- *~Ding* [ Group Chat activated..., Administrator confirmed. Promoting the individual known as Rudra to Group Admin.] [Sending an invite to random Multiverse People. ] [The Good Slime has joined the Group chat] [The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat] [The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat] What the... [Messages have arrived!] [Welome, to the Group Chat] Who would've thought...A Magical Group Chat that allows you to communicate between worlds. [A Quest has arrived!]

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45 Chs

1. All Mighty Truck Kun

MC pov

I am Rudra. Well, I am a just normal College student who is living his normal life. I don't have friends or a girlfriend. I don't think any girl will fall for a boring character like me.

Rudra's name means drives away evil; one who is praiseworthy. My grandfather is the one who gave this name to me. I look boring and I am average at studying. I think I am a random NPC.

I have difficulty communicating my intentions to others. If someone doesn't talk with me then I don't talk with anyone. This is my problem.

I am a man of culture and I am OTAKU. I read and saw many anime, novels, movies, etc.

They are the greatest things that made my life boring to interesting. I must thank those creators for creating this fiction for People like us.

And just like every day, I went to college, and after doing my part like a student. I went home.

At midnight I went for a walk and threw garbage in the garbage bin. While I am going back on my way I heard a noise.

*Beep beep

He turned back to see nothing. He felt something is off. Then he resumes his walk.

Just as he was passing by a crosswalk, he noticed a light speeding into him, he squinted his eyes and saw it was a truck, he clenched his fist and as the truck got closer, he jumped to the side, he successfully dodged the truck,

"I may want to reincarnate but as a cultured man, I waited for this day to face you. I won't go down easily!" he roared.

No one gets a chance like this, to face The Truck Kun.

The truck that he dodged stopped and turned toward him. Now it was aimed at him, Rudra said,

"Oh? You're approaching me?"

*Beep *Beep

The truck answered, then it charged at the young man, the truck is moving at a very fast speed, Rudra also started running, he run into a wall and turned around, he raised both of his hands saying


the truck didn't shy away and immediately charged at him.

Rudra turned his body and jumped away, but the truck wasn't able to stop and crashed into the wall,


Rudra started laughing, if some were wondering why an otaku could dodge a speeding truck, the reason was the young man was trained and his body was fit, he deemed his body was necessary to get what he needs, mainly to face truck kun.

Rudra wasn't able to celebrate for long as another truck came out of nowhere, he became confused, another truck was coming and he looked around, the first truck also now aiming at him, he was trapped, he doesn't have anywhere to dodge as he was blocked by two trucks and he was in the middle,

"Both of you came at me," he roared at them and started to run.

He dodged the first truck from behind but he failed to notice the second truck. Second truck said

"1st Gear! Truck God's Final Attack! Get Isekai'd B*tch!!"

Before he can do anything, the truck hit him with Godspeed. When the second truck hit his head he immediately lost consciousness.


[Marvel world.]

We can see a young man who is sleeping on the ground, suddenly waking up.

Where I am? What is this place? He thought about so many questions after he saw an unfamiliar place. Then he saw a poison bottle near him. And he saw a letter. He grabbed it and started to read.

[ I am sorry Mother and Father. I know you guys cut off ties with me. Because I became a Mutant. I don't have much to say. This society will see me as a monster. So I decided to die. Maybe in my next life, I will have a good life. Love you, mom and dad. Goodbye.

Eren Maxwell. ]

What the hell! Wait! He said mutant. I know this word is used in Marvel.

Then I saw the TV news and old newspaper.

I am in marvel world. Tony already became Iron Man and Magneto started the Brotherhood of Mutants. He attacked many places. X-men and mutants school are present. And recently A flaming skeleton roaming around at night.

This world is a mix of comics and movies. Rdj is Tony. And I don't have any extraordinary superpowers, I have regeneration ability. Because of this ability, the owner's family left him and this boy committed suicide. Idiot, do you know how many people are dreaming to become a hero?

I left hungry so I went to buy anything to eat.

Looking outside gave me quite a shock.

The number plates didn't start with TS, instead, they were colored orange and blue. A cool breeze hit my bare chest,

My previous brown hands were now white.

I have black hair and black eyes with an average face. But a bit better than my previous face. I think I am 19 years old same As in My past.

But I am weak now, all my trained body gone. I should start doing push-ups.

After buying a few eggs and bread I went my way back to my apartment.

I am looking forward to Christmas. This is my first time in a different place.

But I feel sad that I can't see my mom and dad. How did they react to my death? To be honest I feel painful to imagine their faces.

I should keep moving forward and I should survive in this new world.

I don't know where this journey will reach.

I was barely 5 minutes away from my apartment before I got dragged into the back of the VAN. Before I could even register what happened I was knocked out.


3 days later

When I woke up, a lot of thoughts cascaded through my mind;

I was in a dark room. This looks like a jail.

Why was I kidnapped? Who kidnapped me? Did this body owner do something wrong? Shit, why didn't I get any memories of this body? Damn it.

These were all thoughts that plagued me for a while before assailants came into my room. The moment I saw them I had a sinking feeling in my gut.

They look like a villain.

There were two men and a woman, all of them seemingly in their 30s. They wore black-themed soldiers' combat gear with daggers strapped to their sides and military-issued semi-rifles in their hands.

They are discussing something then the woman and man are left with angry faces. The person who left behind had a huge smile like he got a diamond.

No matter how much I looked at them, they didn't look like ransom-asking kidnappers. They had high-leveled military training that even a rando like me could tell.

Please god, they shouldn't be THEM. Please god, they shouldn't be Hydra agents.

Then I saw the Hydra symbol on his back.

… God! This was much worse than I imagined. I could feel myself choking as I came to that conclusion.

This WASN'T supposed to happen!

Don't tell me they are going to brainwash me like in fanfiction novels.

"Hmm, you finally woke up da," that man said and came near him.

"D. Eren Maxwell I presume?" He asked, more like said, as he continued his studying of me.

Eren shit! This body owner's name is Eren Maxwell.

I couldn't even form coherent words so I just nodded my head as the sinking feeling grew.

"Now now. Don't be scared, I haven't even done anything to you… yet."

Oh, shit! Are they going to torture me?

"W-What are you going to do with me? "

"Well, your case is different. We got Omega Level signals when you awakened your mutant powers. So we can't effort to lose such a tool right? So we want to use you for Hydra goals by ERASING your memories and we will train u into a Hydra agent. Luckily Xavier went to another place so he didn't find out about you. So we kidnapped you. But when we checked your level, we found out you are a weak ass shit. You don't have any powers. Even the Caliban clone was shocked to see that you don't have any mutant powers except healing. What a waste. We made a fake death of yours and many others, but what we got, was garbage."

"Then our higher-ups decided to dispose of you, ... "

Are they going to kill me?

"But I stopped them and saved your ass da"


"Hehehe, I did this because I want to do a few experiments on you."

I don't have a choice, Do I?

"If you endure them then I will let you escape from here," he said with an evil smile.

Does he think I will believe that lie? Maybe kids will fall for that. But I don't have any choice.

"I will do"

"Good choice son. I will make sure you won't die."

My situation is fucked up.

" Oh, where are my manners? My name is Hector Bellucci, and I'll be your supervisor. From onwards I will do experiments with you."

Rudra watched him go.

'I don't know how, but I will watch you die first.'

Then he turned his head and glanced at the ceiling.

'And everyone in this place.'



After he came out of Eren's room. He covered his face with his hands.


"After All, Mutants are Monsters"

He went to arrange his tools to Torture His new toy.