Marvel Gacha System

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39 Chs

Chapter 1 prologue

"Ughhh!?" a figure stood buck naked in the middle of a dark and narrow alley in the bustling city of New York, but the pedestrians seemed to be alienating the alleyway as if going in would be tantamount to handing over their lives to the reaper.

"For god's sake! Where the hell am I?" Tom spoke in confusion as he ran his hands all over his body, through his hair, which he remembered were much smaller, not finding any clothes whatsoever except for the briefs on his body, and the garbage bags he was standing upon.

Tom couldn't put his mind on what was going on as he hissed due to the cold encroaching upon his body, looking around he came upon a rough looking blanket, after much hesitation, he finally wore it around himself to get rid of the cold.

"Just...where am I?" Tom asked no one but himself as he slowly dragged his worn out body out on the streets, although he moved away from the dark alley, he didn't know where he was or what he was doing, the only thing on his mind being how to survive as he traveled a bit far.

Under the constant gaze, if contempt and disgust mixed in with a bit of pity for the pedestrians, Tom moved through the city like he knew like the back of his hands, as if he had done so for a long time.

It didn't take him long to finally arrive beside a giant worn out apartment complex that looked shabby as hell, barely standing as several young guys smoked outside.

"Yo! it's Tom, the drunkard," one of the young guys said as he took a puff.

The others also noticed him but didn't say anything, Tom didn't say anything as the constant cold air was still aggressively acting against him, biting away at his already depleted strength.

He didn't know what happened to him or where he was, or whatever the hell happened, he just walked as his body led him all the way from the dark alley way to this shabby apartment with bugs crawling around, mice and cats running around, the place looked more like a made up habitat of wild animals rather than someplace to stay.

Arriving in front of a door that seemed all too familiar yet foreign to him, Tom pushed open the doors that opened without any effort whatsoever as he slowly made his way inside looking for any source of heat.

Tom noticed a rather well kept bed in the shabby room and immediately made a run for it as he snuggled inside covering himself in the thick blanket from top to bottom and fell asleep.

Although he knew he was in a strange situation and his circumstances were rather weird, the condition of his body didn't allow him any time to see through the strangeness as the dream realm took a hold of his mind, so he went to sleep.


"Haaaaa." Tom yawned as he slowly pushed aside the extremely heavy and bulky blanket off of him and jumped out of the bed.

"How long have I been asleep for?" Tom wondered as he took a look around, the severity of the situation finally kicked in as his body was now much better, and his mind now at its most optimal.

"Wait! How was I able to even go to sleep knowing I have just appeared in an unknown place. Better yet, HOW DID I MANAGED TO FIND THIS PLACE?"Tom took a deep breath as he sat down on a slightly broken sofa that had its stuffing coming out of it like a broken pinata.

Just as he was about to go back into the rivers of madness and lose himself, he heard a sound that was foreign to him.

[Ding! Congratulations on surviving through the night, Gacha system has been activated.]


Before Tom could question, he fell face first onto the floor and fell asleep as a notification rang out.

[Memories being uploaded]


"Hugh! Oh man, what have I gotten myself into this time?" Tom asked no one as he rubbed his temples which were pounding in pain as he slowly stood up from the floor and dusted himself.

He had just been memories that were foreign yet natural to him, a life in another world that was similar yet different from before.

"Can't believe I am in the Marvel world, or is it the MCU," Tom.


After some time of research and eating the small amount of leftover noodles from god knows when, Tom finally came to terms with his new reality.

"It seems this guy…or me didn't have much of a good life, normal life, until his beloved parents died, his relatives stealing his inheritance leaving him to rot, the guy, or me in this case could only drink away his sorrows with alcohol, which lead one thing to another and here I am," Tom said to no one in particular as he concluded with a sigh.

'Well, let's see if that system thing was genuine or just an imagination!' Tom thought as he called out.



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Gacha in marvel and multiverse