Marvel comic's: I am the One Above All. Book

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Marvel comic's: I am the One Above All.


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The One Above All created the omniverse itself in the beginning of creation and after creating it, created the goddess Hera the Queen of the gods to oversee the multiverse and act as it's sole and highest authority as well as it's overseer. When the Black Knight died in his battle against her, she first appeared presumably as a mysterious, glowing white robed woman who then used her powers to revive the dead knight and his horse. When the X-Men journeyed beyond the planes of existence, they entered the realm of the One Above All where she was taking the form of Kelsey Impicciche. The One Above All appeared in front of a pregnant Jean Grey, who was fearing for her husband's death at the hands of the Phoenix Force gave her hope by healing Scott Summers severely damaged face and afterwards sent them home. She made another appearance as a homeless woman in the street and was advising Eddie Brock known as Venom to see his dying fiancee. She also comforts him that he should let her die because death is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, Venom does not take her advice. When Black Widow died, the One Above All appeared and congratulates the Avengers of Initiative for exploring the multiverse whom the latter promised extraordinary new wonder's in the later years and afterwards resurrected Natasha Romanoff. (The One Above All's power's and abilities.) 1= Resurrection: She is capable of resurrection. Such as when the Black Knight and his died she revived them soon afterwards. 2= Reality Warping: She can manipulate reality itself. This ability can be used for many things such as. Alter time, alter the elements, change probability, speak items into reality, create new items, or imagine items, give others new powers, randomize the universe and rewrite physics. 3= Omnipresence: Is the probably of being present everywhere, whenever, and nowhere at the same time. Revering to a unbounded presence. 4= Omniscience: Power to know almost everything in existence. 5= Healing power: She used it to heal Scott Summers severely damaged face. 6= Teleportation: An ability to move from one location to another without physically occupying the space between. 7= Omnipotent: She is immensely greater in power than all other characters combined, as they are all a extinctions of herself.. 8= She can completely erase things from existence.