Marvel's Superman [Completed]

While playing an online game, after Luke bought an SSS rank gift card of Superman, he found himself in an unknown yes very familiar Marvel Universe. And with a twist of fate, the SSS rank gift pack has also come with him. After he started to do workout and exercise, he found that the loading screen to unlock the gift card was slowly increasing. However, after reaching 99%, it has stopped moving forward. And when he found the chance to get his hands on the Super Soldier Serum, will he take it? And will it be enough to push the bar till 100%? If no, then how will he survive in one of the most dangerous worlds? If yes, then will he be the Marvel's Superman?

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540 Chs

Chapter 522 | You're Too Kind. I Could Only Carry A Few Billion.

"As much as there is?"

"That's right!"

"Whatever I can carry?"

"Of course!"

"Then, Your Majesty, I'm not going to act polite."

"Don't mention it! Honourable guests, Wakandans are always generous and welcoming. The more you take, the happier we will be!"


Luke's lips smiled. He couldn't help rubbing the panther's head.

Feeling the smooth, well-groomed, smooth fur being rubbed around by that big, hateful hand,

Bast, the Panther God, was overcome with grief and looked at the King of Wakanda with even angrier eyes.

The latter's heart shook again as if a heavy mountain was pressing on his shoulder.

'Haven't I done well enough?'

T'Chaka was flabbergasted. He had already given out Wakanda's most precious resource, but he still couldn't make the Panther God happy?

It was important to note that the amount of vibranium exported and circulated to the international market each year wasn't necessarily significant.

"Tell you what, honoured guest, I think you might be tired of carrying it yourself, so how about we load a cart full of it straight away?"

In order to please the Panther God, T'Chaka gritted his teeth, stomped his foot, and made a huge concession.

A cartload of vibranium!

If it hit the international market, it could attract a large number of buyers that would pay a high price.

He would earn enough wealth for the rest of his life.

"A cart? Forget it, Your Majesty, I'm used to doing it myself."

Luke shook his head and refused.

'Are you kidding me?'

'A cart full of vibranium?'

'Are you pooh-poohing a beggar?'

"Ah, that ..."

T'Chaka paused, thinking that the other party was somewhat unappreciative.

'Isn't it easier and worthwhile to move a cart full of vibranium than to carry it on his own?'

The King of Wakanda hadn't yet realised the seriousness of the problem.

He didn't know that the young man standing in front of him could push an aircraft carrier by hand a long time ago.

Now he could even pull planets and celestial bodies.

He couldn't be judged by normal human standards at all!

'It seems that during my absence, everyone had gradually forgotten Superman and stopped paying attention to me. '

Luke silently sighed. If this had been in the past, King T'Chaka would have recognised his identity the moment he showed up.

Then obediently, hand over the vibranium; why would he need to talk so much?

"Since our Honorable Guests insist on it, then I won't force you."

T'Chaka suddenly felt the oppressive feeling brought on by the Panther God dissipate and spoke with relief.

"Then it's settled."

Glancing at the brash and very cheerful King of Wakanda, Luke couldn't help but feel the guilt of having cheated the rich lord's stupid son.

He had intended to take things slowly and reveal his identity later.

In this way, he could persuade T'Chaka to abandon its closed, conservative strategy and turn to active foreign exchange, becoming a trading partner of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, Luke didn't think T'Chaka would take the bait so easily.

Taking the initiative to send vibranium to the door while acting humble in vain.

"I didn't want to do this, but you're too kind!"

Seeing the King of Wakanda still talking eloquently, trying to gain goodwill from the Panther God, Bast...

Luke sighed. Seeing a crop that harvested itself and willingly stacked itself up with the other bunch was truly a once-in-a-century occurrence.

'I have to cherish this! I shouldn't cut it up all at once. It's all about cultivating the field slowly!'

Luke thought so.



Half an hour later, Luke arrived at the royal palace in Wakanda.

He settled the drunken Carol and continued to pat the panther's fur, who was squinting in enjoyment.

Bast's heart was now numb. He had figured it out. Since he couldn't resist, he might as well embrace his fate.

Besides, he wasn't a normal dimensional demon, and being petted by a Sorcerer Supreme was fine.

The likes of Mephisto and Dormammu would more likely be beaten to death.

"Honored guest, I wonder when you intend to visit the treasury to select the vibranium?"

King T'Chaka waved and asked the leader of the trade tribe to come forward.

"Any request you have, you can mention it to Elder Azuda, and Wakanda will absolutely fulfil it!"

The news that the Panther God had appeared had spread throughout the city.

Those believers were in high spirits. They all wanted to catch a glimpse of the god and perform devotional worship.

The chiefs of the various tribes discussed whether to have another, more solemn, formal ritual.

As for the two outsiders, no one cared.

Because for Wakandans, a problem that could be solved with vibranium wasn't a problem.

"I thought it would be better to make a day of it and just get it done today."

Luke smiled and petted Bast. He had no intention of staying in Wakanda for too long.

After taking enough vibranium, he was going to leave. Various issues concerning the Secret Invasion of the Skrulls, and S.H.I.E.L.D., were still waiting for him.

"No problem. Elder Azuda, you will lead this Honored Guest to get the vibranium."

The King was full of ideas on how to strengthen the royal family's authority through the appearance of the Panther God, to care about the vibranium.

"Let him take as much as he can carry, don't be stingy! We, the Wakandans, have never been stingy!"

Elder Azuda heard the words. He glanced at the tall, well-built and slender Luke, then slightly nodded.

Even if the other party was Hercules, what could he do? Wakanda had numerous veins of vibranium underground.

It was inexhaustible, even if it was mined indiscriminately with the help of various machines. Not to mention taken by hand.

"Honored Guests, please come with me."

Elder Azuda walked ahead and acted as a guide.

"There are some smelted and processed vibranium in the warehouse, so you can take as much as you like."

Luke's eyes twitched, and he absently asked, "Is this the way to the warehouse?"

"Yes, the vibranium mined in Wakanda, apart from the shares of other tribes and the portion supplied to the outside world, the rest would either go into the factory or be sent to the warehouse."

Luke seemed to drift off and nodded.

And then, as if unintentionally, he said, "Can I have a look at the underground mine?"

Elder Azuda slightly frowned and felt puzzled.

'What's the point of going to the mines?'

They were all raw, unprocessed ores. They were certainly not as valuable as the processed vibranium in the warehouse.

"The mines are restricted and can't be open to the public ..."

Subconsciously, Elder Azuda tried to refuse.

Luke slightly smiled and pinched the panther in his arms.

Bast, who suffered from pain, quickly glared at Elder Azuda.

The latter hadn't finished his words when his entire body was trapped in the midst of powerful, intimidating pressure.

He looked at those deep pupils shining with golden light and sensed the emotions conveyed by the Panther God.

'Say yes to him!'

Elder Azuda wiped his cold sweat, retracted his refusal and said, "Of course, that's only for ordinary people. You're the most honoured guest of Wakanda and can go wherever you want."

'This black panther is, indeed, the god we worship!'

Elder Azuda, who had doubts, was now fully convinced.

'But, why did Bast, the Panther God, favour an outsider so much?'

'Letting this guy keep touching him, like a pet.'

The thought flashed through Elder Azuda's mind. He shook his head vigorously to shake off the disrespectful thought about the god.

'I must be mistaken!'

He thought so, reassuring himself.

Within a short time, Elder Azuda led Luke to the underground mines.

Through the efforts of several generations, Wakanda had built a complex and complete transport network.

On the spiderweb-like network of tracks, dozens of trains whizzed by.

"Further down is the core of the vein."

Elder Azuda explained.

"Honored guest, if you like the raw ores, feel free to pick a few, and I'll have them packed into the cart."

Luke lifted up his head and scanned the vast area.

He dropped the black panther in his arms and smiled, "I'll do it myself."

"Don't you need help?"

Elder Azuda asked.

"I'll carry a few billion, and I'll still be fine. I don't need help."

Luke responded with a gentle smile.

The bio-force field slowly opened up.

Like invisible ripples, it swiftly swept through and wrapped around the massive underground landscape, resembling a giant dragon.



"Major problem!"

A guard burst into the King's chambers, looking panicked while stammering, "Your ... Your Majesty! The vib... vibranium... vein ... has been taken!"

Upset at the lack of composure from his men, T'Chaka shouted, "Is the sky falling or is it an earthquake? Look at you, panicking at the slightest thing, you're a disgrace! How can you be a royal guard? How can you maintain the dignity of the royal family?"

The guard took a few breaths and spoke with a trembling voice, "Your Majesty, that ... guest, he emptied the vibranium!"

T'Chaka didn't seem to get the meaning and laughed, "It's just a bit of vibranium. Why are you so nervous? Let him take whatever he can carry, even if he empties the warehouse!"

The guard gulped and said, "It's not a warehouse, it's a whole vein of ore!"

"What did you say?!"

T'Chaka paused. This time he heard it clearly.

"That man lifted up all the mines ... Your Majesty, quickly to the courtyard. See it for yourself!"

T'Chaka's expression froze. He looked dumbfounded, unwilling to believe it.

He quickly ran out, no longer caring about royal etiquette or manners, and rushed out into the open courtyard.

The place was crowded with guards and maids, all of whom held their heads up.

As if they saw some kind of surprise, their mouths opened wide, and their bodies shook.

T'Chaka involuntarily looked up and saw a huge shadow in the sky not far away, as if a dragon had appeared in the sky.

'That's .... a vibranium vein!'