348 Chapter 345 | Direction of the Script, Two Spies.

A beauty scheme against Superman began unfolding under Taras's careful design.

Leviathan, behind the Red Room, worked together with Hydra.

They set the stage in Moscow, and the show was scheduled for the 'Red Square Conference' a week later --

A dialogue between the Western camp, represented by the United States, and the Eastern camp, represented by the Soviet Union, about the Cuban regime.

At that time, Superman would attend.

It was the best time to carry out the plan.

Although actively provoked by Kang the Conqueror, the signs of the Cold War were a little earlier than before.

However, at this time, the Warsaw Pact wasn't officially established yet.

The Red Bear and Bald Eagle didn't completely fall out and enter a state of war.

The two superpowers, who could barely maintain basic courtesy, hadn't reached the point where they were about to fight, rolling up their sleeves.

In fact, the short-lived peace was due to the return of Superman.

It was he who acted as the boundary of peace between the eastern and western camps.

The White House was unable to use Superman as a strategic weapon to intimidate the East.

Despite many hints from the President, Luke remained indifferent.

For example, keywords such as 'world domination' and 'sole hegemony' were automatically blocked.

While the Soviets were wary, they could only keep trying at the edge of danger.

But they were too afraid to cross the bottom line for fear of provoking Superman.

If they followed this trajectory, they would continue to develop.

The sprout of a cold war might have been nipped in the bud.

Of course, the premise was --

Superman would always be around and wouldn't show any preference or position.

Unknowingly, Luke had become an important factor in the stability of the world.

"Clark Kent, welcome to Moscow."

A few days later, Luke walked out of Domodedovo International Airport, and the receptionist greeted him.

That's right, he wore those [Clark Kent Glasses] and automatically assumed a disguise - a brand new image of a tall, sunny-looking man with a pinch of curly hair.

His current status was Superman's secretary.

"Miss... what should I call you?"

He arrived in the capital city of Moscow in style as Captain America's colleague.

Because that face was too flashy, plus the extremely conspicuous American ass, exaggerated pectoral muscles...

They could only sneak in secretly and wait for a rendezvous.

"Dominika Egorova."

The blonde told him her name.

She was tall and beautiful.

There was a mature style in her gestures.

"Hello, Ms. Egorova."

Luke took a brief glance. The mature lady who came to the reception was wearing a beige trench coat, a winter hat, blonde hair, and beautiful skin, which was extremely charming.

'I wonder if she belongs to the Red Room or KGB?'

At the moment when Ms. Egorova appeared, he realized that she wasn't an ordinary person.

No matter how good the disguise may be, as long as they had been trained, it would leave traces.

So, in front of Luke, who had super-vision, Ms. Egorova had too many flaws.

The extremely flexible, charming body and the strength in her limbs couldn't be hidden from his eyes.

"You can just call me by my first name."

Egorova smiled sweetly as she pulled open the car door for Luke.

"Okay. Nice to meet you."

Luke got into the car and nodded with a smile.

"Who is this?"

He leaned back and found that the driver was also a woman.

Compared to Egorova, the other side looked a little more mature.

The brows and eyes revealed a charming grace.

Like a ripe peach, you can't help but want to take a bite and taste the plumpness and sweetness of the juice in your heart.


'Something isn't right!'

Luke's heart thumped. 'Where did my disguise go wrong?'

'I just got off the plane in Moscow and was targeted by two beautiful spies?'

'Excuse me, what kind of experience is this?'

'I'm just an ordinary secretary. '

If Luke used his real identity, Red Room and KGB would call up more than 200 beauties.

But he was currently Clark Kent, just a little handsome curly-haired man.

'There was no need to invest so much, right?'

"Hello, Mr. Kent."

The female driver's eyes were shifting, as if with electricity, causing a little tingling.

That's the beauty of a mature woman. All it took was a look, and someone could get a slight hard-on as a sign of respect.

Luke, a veteran driver who had seen a lot of scenes and was well versed in all kinds of positions, didn't lose his cool and calmly asked, "Before I came to Moscow, everyone said that the most beautiful scenery in the city was in the Kremlin and Arbat Street."

"Now, it seems that this isn't the case. I don't believe those two places could be more charming than the two ladies sitting in this car."

The female driver covered her mouth with a smile and revealed her name.

"I'm Claire Voyant. You can call me Claire."

She winked at Luke with a playful demeanor.



After chatting on the way, Luke roughly understood the surface identities of the two women accompanying him.

Claire was a ballerina and an internationally renowned collector.

Her husband, an aviator, was killed in a rocket test.

In this Red Square Conference, Claire was the organizer and was responsible for the reception, so she worked as a driver for Luke.

And Egorova's origin was even more remarkable.

Her uncle worked in the Foreign Affairs Bureau, studied piano at St. Petersburg State University, and had held several concerts.

'It feels like the Red Room's routine.'

Luke secretly lamented while chatting and laughing.

This accidental encounter was like Taras's tailor-made script.

Before he left for Moscow, S.H.I.E.L.D integrated all known information about the Red Room and submitted it to the desk of the Director.

One of the most impressive was the master spy, Taras.

This guy was a self-proclaimed 'director' and would write a 'script' each time he targeted someone.

In his words, it could arouse the emotions of prey and make them slowly walk into a trap.

'But, shouldn't Taras's goal be Superman?'

Luke was a little confused.

'What about Superman?'

The two women sitting in the car didn't look like 'sparrow' spies that were casually developed.

The way they talked, their temperament, looks, and appearance all belonged to the top list.

The two dangerous bombs wrapped in sugar-coating were used against a secretary, wasn't it a bit excessive?

In the midst of his thoughts, Luke arrived at the hotel where he was staying.

Before he could say goodbye and bid farewell, the two ladies who accompanied him stepped to his left and right.

"The reception team is also staying here, so Egorova and I will show you to your reserved room."

Claire ruffled her long hair and walked inside while holding Luke's arm.

Egorova followed suit with a shallow smile on her face.

The group of three attracted a lot of attention, from envy, a surprise to speculation.

'This is simply blatant seduction. '

Luke was a bit speechless and began to consider whether to be a carefree man or to keep to himself and lick a bit of the icing.

Although the purpose of this trip was to infiltrate Hydra and rescue Bucky in the process.

However, having wonderful encounters that occurred during the trip was still acceptable and reasonable.

"Sweet dreams, Mr. Kent."

He went up the elevator to the 22nd floor and walked all the way to the door of the room.

The two beautiful ladies, who were overly enthusiastic, finally stopped.

One leaned against the wall, her hands behind her back, and the beautiful legs with stockings gently touched the carpet.

Her beautiful eyes blink as if releasing some kind of signal.

Who could stand it?

Luke was determined to sacrifice himself and feed the tiger.

'To find out Bucky's whereabouts, there was always a price to pay. '

He said to himself.

"Would you ladies like to come in for a cup of coffee? Or vodka? I'm new to Moscow, and I don't have any friends here."

Luke was straightforward with his invitation.

Men and women from all over the world who were planning to have 'in-depth communication.'...

Their common opening line would be 'Do you want to come over to my house for a while?' or 'Come over for a cup of coffee.'

This was a non-technical and relatively straightforward invitation.

But Luke tried to act like a rookie, his eyes darting as if he was embarrassed.

Perhaps it was the incidental effect of the glasses that fooled the two female spies, who had been professionally trained by the Red Room.

They were secretly laughing at the bottom of their hearts. It's been a long time since they had met such a naïve man.

Thinking of what the instructor, Taras, said, in order to complete the mission, they had to do whatever it took.

The two felt that the rookie was new to the country.

They didn't even need to sacrifice their bodies, just give him a little sweetness...

And he would reveal everything he knew.

"Egorova, what do you think?"

As a mature woman, Claire didn't directly respond but kicked the question to her colleague.

Before getting down to business, they needed to whet the appetite of these men and arouse their inner restlessness.

In this way, the men would take the initiative, and they would have a better chance of achieving their goals.

"Mr. Kent looks a little nervous. I think I should talk with him."

Egorova wiggled her waist and strolled into the room.

Claire pretended to hesitate and waited for a few seconds before following.

"Thank you for your kindness."

Luke turned on the heating and lighting. The spacious and comfortable suite soon warmed up.

He fumbled out a bottle of vodka from the wine cabinet and began to pour it for the two ladies.

A trace of contempt swept under the latter's eyes.

They couldn't remember how many times they had met this kind of routine; Getting drunk and doing whatever they wanted.

Alcohol immunization was one of the training courses in the Red Room.

Not to mention a bottle of vodka, Claire and Egorova wouldn't feel the slightest bit intoxicated if even more alcohol was poured into them.

'Get this guy drunk and throw him to the KGB. '

'If necessary, you can give him a taste and let him volunteer to become Red Room's spy. '

Two female spies inadvertently looked at each other and exchanged ideas through their eyes.

In their view, everything was under control.



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