299 Chapter 176

Lothaire watched Irene while asleep. Today, her skin looked much better. She was healing well. He was happy to see her recover and even left her to have some time alone with her family. Meanwhile, he watched her from The Eye. 

Euphorion came to see her now and then, and those were the times Lothaire couldn't bear to look into The Eye. He didn't want to see her staying with that water demon, talking and laughing with him. She seemed happy in his company. Maybe she was also slowly feeling beginning to feel the connection between them. Maybe she was never meant to be with him. 

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He reached for her face, letting his fingers slide down her cheek. Her beautiful face that now was covered with burns. She had been in so much pain but didn't complain once. 

He couldn't believe that he had been so close to losing her. They had missed the stab by an inch. 

"Irene." He whispered her name. 

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