2 Hospital

Veronica found herself lying in the hospital bed, her full body aching, slowly opening her eyes. Looking around she cant see clearly as her sight is still fogged, but she can feel people around her, their stares on her. Some one is sobbing endlessly near her bed, when her sight clears she saw it is her mother. When they noticed she is awake immediately rushed to her asking if she is fine, how did she end in that place, what happened, when did she come back. But she herself was not clear with these questions.

In the meantime doctor arrives, and check her up. She still is in blur, cant feel anything, as her whole body is aching. But she is confused why she is back to her native town not in B city, where she is currently working. She also confused as to see the people around her. Her parents, sister, brother and other family members are there fine, but why are other people such as her sister's in-laws and few of her village people are there, she is not aware.

When she feel is little better to see and here, she is trying to talk only to find her throat is completely dry and she is thirsty. She looks around for water and immediately her mother understood and gives her some water. After drinking the water, she tries to talk to her mother but her mother only sobs, sighing she looks around to find answer. But she know something happened to her and her life has took a drastic change. Then slowly realization dawns to her. She was kidnapped... then her tears starts to fall... she starts to feel shame when she realized she was raped. Her body is tainted. Her life is over. Slowly her breathing increases, when doctor noticed her his eyes widen a the sight of her as she goes into hyper.

Immediately her room was emptied, doctor and nurses started working on her, helping her ease her breathing, giving her sedatives, calming her down.

She then calms down due to the sedatives. But her tears doesn't stop. She can hear her family and relatives talk from outside.

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