Magic Swordsman In One Piece (D&D)

Two unfortunate boys, one from Earth and one from one piece. One of them wants vengeance the other wants justice. With the help of an omnipotent being, they become one. Let us see if their unfortunate lives are going to turn for the better or if it is going to be a life of misery and hardship. A/n: in this fan-fic, I am going to change people's age to fit my story. So it is going to be a bit of an AU. The system is not going the have an ego. The Sword Saint is a D&D magus subclass, and it is NOT a cultivation class. I am not going to follow D&D rules and class spells, Mc's class was inspired by D&D, but I can go beyond D&D rules and get spells from different classes or create other spells. I can only guarantee one chapter a week. Mc is not going to be a straw hat and not going to take a straw hat as a companion. Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece; it belongs to its respective author.

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Kreegan had been unable to sleep all night from excitement and anticipation. Darius, part of him, was excited because he would be beginning a grand adventure Kreegan part of him expected to give the pirates the punishment they deserved. He needed something to realize all his dreams and expectations, and that was to become stronger.

Kreegan said goodbye to everyone, and just as he was about to embark, Zoro came running with three wood swords in hand and shouted as loud as he could.

"Kreegan!! When I embark on my journey, I'm going to be more famous than you, and I will beat you!"

Kuina immediately interrupted and said

"No, I'm going to beat him."

"No, I will!"

"No, I will."

Zoro and Kuina got into a head-to-head fight, as Kreegan yelled, now with a vein on his forehead.

"You little brats! Both of you couldn't even manage to beat me one time, and you are declaring you will be more famous and more powerful than me."

He raised his fist to the air and shouted:

"Okay, challenge accepted. I will see you both in the open seas."


Kreegan was looking out over the edge of the deck into the vast blue, and he was filled with excitement. He had no plan in mind, and for a while, he wanted to go wherever the waves took him. Of course, he had to fight as many pirates as possible and become stronger and more experienced. Master Koushirou's six months of hell training had worked well, and Kreegan had gotten a little stronger. "status." he thought through his mind, and a transparent screen appeared before his eyes.


name: Kreegan Darius Wucrane

• age: 14

• lvl:0 Sword Saint

• stats

• str: 6.5

• dex: 6.8

• int:12

• wis:11

• Bound Swords: Ichinami (Skillful Grade) Chisanami (Graded).

• skills: none

• feats: none

• abilities: none

• Spells:

Cantrips: Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Jolt, Daze, Resistance, Touch of Fatigue, Light,


• Sword skills:

--one sword style

Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson (Lion's Song)

Sanjuroku Pound Ho (36 Pound Phoenix)

Hiryu Kaen (Flying Fire Dragon)

Ichigiri Toro (One sword: Climbing Tower)

Ichigiri Otoro (One sword: Tower Climb Return)

Tsubame gaeshi (swallow counter)

--two sword style

Taka Nami (Hawk Wave)

Nitoryu: Tatsu Maki (two sword style: Dragon Twister)

Nitoryu: Oni Giri (Two sword style: Ogre Cutter)

Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon

Nanajuni Pound Ho (72 Pound Phoenix)

Nigiri Toro (Climbing Tower)

Nigiri Otoro (Tower Climb Return)

Hirameki (flash)


Reaching the age of 13 and obtaining a sword had opened the sword saint class, but he did not know exactly how to level up. If he was to guess, he should have been in real fights because all the sparring ones he had with Master Koushirou hadn't earned any levels, and this was evident from the zero being dark gray.

Kreegan headed for the upper deck toward the rudder, but one of the sailors blocked him.

"Kid, you can't go up there. Especially with a weapon."

"Okay, but can I ask you a few questions?"

"What is it?"

"Where will our first stop be?"

"Kingdom of Goa."

Hearing this name, he immediately thought of three blood brothers. Kreegan wonder if he'll be able to see Ace, Luffy, or Sabo when he gets there.

"I have one last question. Are there any wanted posters of pirates sailing these waters on the ship?"

"Of course, we have them. Which ship would sail without them?"

"Is it possible for me to look at them?"

"Why, are you a bounty hunter?"

"I want to be a pirate hunter; bounties come as a bonus."

he laughed a bit and said.

"Wait here a bit, kid."

He went up to the helm and returned with a deck of cards.


He took the papers and started looking at the posters, and asked.

"Is it possible for me to keep those?"

"Keep it. We have a few more."

Kreegan tried to offer him money, but he said. "

"If you can clean at least one of those guys, it would be payment enough for us. Good luck, kid."

Some of the faces Kreegan saw here were familiar, and some he had never seen or heard of. Perhaps they could be from fillers or the movies, and Kreegan hadn't watched them because he didn't like any of them except the main story.

While he was turning the papers one by one, he suddenly stared at one piece of paper, and a wave of anger he had forcibly restrained was coming to the surface, almost like breaking its chains one by one. It was the wanted poster for the Arlong Pirates.

They worthed 42.500.000 bellies, the highest bounty in the East Blue. He just wanted to rip them to shreds, but he knew he was not strong enough. He wasn't even close enough to fight with the weakest one of them. Let alone take all of the group. He needed to be patient and take one step at a time.

Kreegan, lost in his own thoughts, was suddenly awakened by the watcher's frightened cry.


When he turned and looked in that direction, a pirate ship was approaching from the other long side of the horizon, which was rapidly closing the distance between them. All the passengers left the deck in fear and immediately locked themselves in their cabins. The captain shouted at the scout.

"Can you see their flag? Do you know who they are?"

He looked a little further through his scout scope and described the jolly roger he saw.

"There's a skull inside a crescent moon."

Kreegan immediately began to rummage through the papers in his hand and found one similar to the description of the jolly roger. "Crescent-Moon" Gally 5.000.000 bellies, his most distinguishing feature was his black crescent-shaped handlebar mustache. Other than his mustache, he looked like a generic pirate captain with an epaulette long coat and a bicorne hat bearing his Jolly Roger.

Gally pirates were gaining on their ship really fast. That was normal; these ships were not built for speed but for carrying capacity. Everyone onboard was fearful other than Kreegan. All he was thinking was that such a weak pirate crew would be a perfect first hunt.