41 Peaceful Smoke and Fire

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The heir was stunned and did not turn around.

The surrounding elites looked at Austin's back in shock.

Of course, because of Hika, no one was willing to stand up for this heir.

Not mentioning the Faye City Chamber of Commerce behind Hika, just being a tier-three magister was enough to hinder anyone from offending her.


Hika cursed the rich second-generation heir angrily as she picked up her small bag and chased after Austin.

The elites of Faye City were dumbfounded again.

At first, they did not believe that it was Hika who was chasing Austin.

Now it seemed that the possibility was very high.

Outside the magnificent Liboli Hotel, Hika caught up to Austin in high heels and grabbed his hand.

"How can you just leave like that? You're too hot-tempered."


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