Magic and Martial War God

Check out: Crazy Monk Also Dual Cultivates? Check out: Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates? Humanity coexists with monsters, a young warrior walked out of Antarctica, with magic in his left, martial in his right, and spear in the middle; cough, cough; with a spear in his hands, he slaughtered his enemies. He is the one who inherited the power of Supreme Dao, he is the one who holds the sword that slays gods and demons, he is the one who controls Eight Extremes and Single Chaos. But what is he in reality? Was he chosen by heaven or his fate is related to someone else, all of these mysteries lead him out of his universe. What does he want to find? What will he find? Why did all of those Supreme Treasures choose him? Whose inheritance has he been inherited till? Was he the only one with such fate, or there is someone other peoples? Let's find out the truth with adventures, action, magic, martial art, dao, sect development, little here and there, to finally reach the end. :::::::: Check out my Instagram: sabin_948 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/fJ9MFTGW2j

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Mutated Earth

In 2420

Earth changed, every country on earth changed. Earth became a cage and a different future for the next generations. People need to depend on the strength or people with the strength to survive.

Earth got mutated, magic and martial arts were created. Now only three countries are ruling over six continents in our world. The United States of America united with Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European countries to form the United Nations.

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and other African and South American countries formed Amazon Nation. Finally, China, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, and, Korea, and other Asian countries formed Dragon Martial Nation.

Small countries got sacrificed in battle with mutated animals. Only a few families of small countries were able to survive. Due to mutation, many people got different heritages of ability according to their past, luck, destiny, and faith.

On this earth, only the English language could be used now. This generation of people forgets their mother tongue even though, only 150 years have passed after a catastrophe. That's wasn't their fault because, English being influencing in almost every country, people got no choice but to accept it. Some countries like China, France, Japan, Germany, and Russia were fully against it but due to some unacceptable facts, they got no choice but to accept it.

This catastrophe happened because of Dark energy in the universe. In the year 2210, mankind step out of the solar system, they traveled to the edge of the solar system and found a barrier that could stop living organisms to pass. This barrier was invisible.

With no choice in hand, they started various experiments. Finally after fifty years, in 2260, they managed to make a big crack in that barrier. When the barrier was cracked, a gust of invisible energy blew and entered their solar system. At that time, there were seven astronauts on the scene when they cracked the barrier.

This is energy was none other than dark energy from the universe. Even until then, they hadn't had any research on it. Now not only them, but the whole solar system was infected by the massive amount of dark energy.

Dark energy successfully entered earth from its atmosphere and the whole earth was mutated especially because of dark energy ravaging the body of less conscious living being such as animals and plants.

But at the same time, seven astronauts body starts turning blue as if they were dying by mutation. Then they realize, dark energy entering their blood veins which caused this reaction. When they felt, they were dying, a miracle happened a human stepped into their solar system from the crack, search for them, and put a medicine like a tablet in their mouth.

Among them two were women and five were men. When the seven of them felt relief in their body, they saw another human in front of them but this human had one difference, he got blue pupils instead of the normal black pupils.

They introduced each other and felt shocked when they heard, this human was out of their solar system. He said, he was a martial artist and currently felt the space-time barrier crack. But unfortunately, he wasn't the only one who felt it, another race called a demon race also felt it.

They broke this barrier and entered their solar system. Fortunately, this man brought an army of strong magicians and martial artists to stop the demons. After the introduction, seven of them felt very powerful energy in them which caused a huge change in their strength.

With outer humans, they suppressed the earth animals and outer demons. But they were a little late, they found many small countries have died while big countries survived. They decided to change everything. They formally established the Seven Human Emperors System and also merged different countries from three nations.

Because the language spoken by outer humans was English, they declared English as the only language on earth. This does cause some turmoil but with their strength, everything was under control. Each nation concluded with two human emperors and the last one created a powerful organization called Power Training Camp.

This organization trains awakened youth to become a pillar of world strength against mutated animals. About sixty percent of the land area got cover by animals and half of the total population died. Outer humans taught lots of different knowledge to each nation's peak level person, then that knowledge was passed down.

Seven Human Emperors got their title: Thunder Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Snow Empress, Fire Emperor, Asura Emperor, Dream Empress, and Light Emperor.

Among these, the thunder emperor was strongest because he controlled rare thunder magic and also became a martial artist. Magicians awaken elements of energy and Martial Artists awaken spiritual energy, which is used to practice magic arts and martial arts.

Humans and Animals signed a treaty of peace until the next thousand years but in some places, they still fight each other. More than 150 years have passed and humanity develops itself and technology to a whole new level. Animals were breeding triple of their population.

Of course, for training people, many academics were also opened. In some places, they are called Academy, some people call them a Sect, and some people call them Cultivation Organization.

In Dragon Martial Nation

City of Blue Dragon

This blue dragon city is very big at least compared to an average-sized country. On the east side of the blue dragon city, from the door of the yellow house, a youth wearing a green T-shirt and blue jeans walked out. He had average look, black pupils and hair, a little long nose, and 6 ft. tall.

In this generation, height between, 6 to 7 ft. is considered normal. He was holding a bag in his back. He looked inside the house and saw a middle-aged woman with a pink T-shirt and blue skirt. He then smiled and said "Bye, bye mom, wish me good luck"

The middle-aged woman smiled and said "Of course my son will have the best talent in blue dragon city"

Hearing his mom, his face twitched then thought of his father who is Magician Junior rank seven, and his mom his Martial Junior rank eight. His mother was a little taller than him and her name was Jane Fenton. His father was even taller than his mom and his name was Jack Fenton. He also had a little sister nearly at the age of 12 whose name was Jessica Fenton and finally his name was Johnny Fenton. This was the Fenton family with no ancestors at least that is what he knows.

Magicians were divided into Junior Magician, Magician, Magician Master, and Magician Grandmaster. There were still realms above it but Johnny wasn't aware of that. Similarly, Martial Artist was divided into Martial Junior, Martial Artist, Martial Master, and Martial Grandmaster. All of these realms were further divided into nine ranks.

Today was an awakening day at the academy. Today Johnny could awaken either magic or martial. This year, Johnny turned 16, and only reaching 16, youth is allowed to awaken. This is a rule set up by Power Training Camp. He is walking towards his academy on his foot.

His family earning is $5000, which is the earning of the average family. Of course, if his mother had also joined the military like his father then they might be earning more but she had to take care of Johnny and his sister, so she could only live at home.

Average cars in today's generation are banned; all fuel using machines are banned. Electricity is a source of everything. Now electric car speed has risen to 800km/hr. which shows its worth that can't be bought by the average family.

So almost every average people walk on their foot and there are fewer people here because many people have joined the army to protect humanity from mutated animals. These animals' power sources contain a huge amount of dark energy which can be extracted for cultivation, which is also why many people choose it. After all dark energy was the source of their strength.

The academy he currently studies is called Blue Dragon Academy. This academy has developed three systems to follow, Basic Education System, Magic, and Martial Education System, and Advanced Education System.

Those who finished the Basic Education System are allowed to awaken after they turned 16. Now whether they awaken or not, decides their future.

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