Loving Mr. Bully

Loving Mr. Bully Since elementary Tammara Naomi Faulkerson is one of favorite target of bullies. Much worse when she is in high school. She is fat, nerdy, and she has no interest in making herself beautiful. For her, study is more important than anything. When she is at grade 9, they have a new classmate, transferee from other school. Raiden Rio Archer is a heartthrobe type of guy. They have a different kind of attention that everybody give. At first she thought he is nice, but to her dismay he is one of those bullies. He always like to make her cry infront of many people. She handled it until she finish her grade 10. Because at her senior year, this guy is disappear without notice. She hear that he goes to abroad but she didn't know why? Instead of celebrating that one of his bullies far away its contradict what she feel inside. Because even he treated her that way instead of feeling angry or hate him, she secretly admire him. That's why she feel down, she love him without her noticing it until his gone. Then one of her unxpected day, she is riding her motorcycle. She pass by in one of the dark street, she hear scream of pain. She want to ignore it but her instinct said otherwise. She was fighting to save him whoever he was, that they were punching. When she's done helping him, she decided to take him to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital, she saw his face clearer. Its him, the one who admire her the most. Until today her very love...

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Chapter 5: What are you doing?

Raiden is the one who avert his gazed and bid goodbye to them and the only thing they did is to follow him with their gaze until they can't see him. Kyle just only shrugged and they go back to their bet.

When the punishment of being a loser in this game they both feeling nausea and want to vomit. Now they are serious this time. Neither of them don't want to loose this simple game. Kyle don't like to eat that 'dirty sphagetti', Tammara don't like to ride that 'monster', Roller coaster that get your soul up and down and make it swirling all over. Thinking of that they feel their body want to shrink at that thought.

"Lady you are the first one because I'm a gentleman." She rolled her eyes playfully. They have five darts every game, now she's focusing on the balloon, she inhale and hold her breathe for a moment before she throw the dart in the balloon. Bulls eye, the balloon is popped already. She throw the other four dart in the balloon. All the dart is landed luckily in the balloon that made it all popped. The triumphant smile is now crept in her face mocking Kyle.

Kyle pointing his eyes with his two finger and then pointing at her like "watch me". She only laughs at him. But she's sure he can do it because he is skilled in targeting something.

Kyle smirk at her when he throw the first dart in the balloon, bullseye indeed. The second one also, the third, the forth but to his dismay the fifth dart is not popped the balloon. He didn't notice that the dart is broken in the edge. Now he's feeling that his stomach having a rumble inside, only the thought of eating that black sphagetti.

Tammara only laughed at his expression. She didn't know that this day would come. She is so happy when she's with Kyle her heart is feeling at peace. She's not that bad so she suggested that its okay not to do the punishment. But for Kyle bet is a bet.

She just shrugged. Their next station is in bump car. She smiled happily she don't want to end this joyful night. She didn't aware about the sour face of the operator, he thinks that it may be broken. When Kyle notice it, he give him a death glare. For unknown reason, the operator shivered.

After bumping each other joyfully in the bump car they buy some snack and ate. They feel tired, they agreed that they last ride is the ferris wheel. It is big, when you are at the top of it. You can see the beautiful and colorful lights of every street and every house. Its looks captivating in the eyes. Even the colorful lights of the ferris wheel is alluring in the eyes.

"Is this okay?" Tammara asked him worriedly. Because she feel afraid again. She think the worse. What if I ride in this it may fall because I'm heavy? and what other people will say? Its embarassing.

"Yeah don't worry its okay. I'm here don't worry about other people say about you or what are they thinking about you." Kyle said then he hold her hands to assure her that everything will be fine. Again his famous death glare is landed in the operator of the ferris wheel. Who stared at them but when he saw the death glare he mind his on business manuevering the machine.

It started going up slowly for the passenger who ride the ferris wheel. Until they reach the top. Tammara is amaze at the sight of the lights everywhere, it twinkled. Its peaceful and serene that her heart is swelling in happiness and it is calm at the beautiful sight. Then she look at the beautiful starry night, it make her smile. While she's busy looking the beautiful sight infront of her. Kyle is busy looking at her with admiration in his eyes. They sitting adjacent to each other.

His secretly amaze in her beauty, that only him can see the true beauty within her. It feels deeper each passing time. Before, he only treats her like his sister but now, he don't anymore. It is something that he can't describe fully. He know what it is but he deny it because he don't like the idea of changing their status. He is afraid and mostly she is to young for a relationship. For him it is to early because he wants Tammara to grow and develop herself in a way that achieve what she want to be.

He's trying his best to divert his gaze and start a conversation with her to shake it off what is his thinking.

"How's your study lady?" he asked while looking at the other side.

"Like the other time, nothing new." she said uninterested because she's still gazing at the night sky.

"Are they bullying you again?" He asked concerned. He suggested that she needs to report them but she didn't like the idea of that because it happen again even they report it. Most of the parent on their school is many connection. She want a peaceful life even it is not.

This time she looked at him with the smile on her face even her feelings is contradict on her smile.

"Yeah but it's okay I can handle this, don't worry to much on me. How 'bout your study?"

"Stressful, I wanna go back to my grade school. The ambiance there is chill, not in college everything is always on rush. It draining my energy." He said.

She laught because the stress is evident on his face. "It's okay you can get through it. Don't give up for your future and for your passion." she encouragingly said.

They didn't noticed that the ferris wheel is stop already and the other passenger is going down already. When their is the time to go down. Kyle is the first one who go down and assist Tammara carefully. Tammara felt a little bit dizzy because of the ride. Kyle support her and lad her to sit in the near bench.

"Are you okay?" She only nooded. "Okay wait for me here, I will buy water." He did not wit for her answer. He go to a near store to buy a bottled water.

To Kyle surprise, there is someone beside Tammara. The guy they met a while a go giving Tammara a bottle of water. He walk fast until he is infront of them.

"What are you doing?" Kyle asked angrily. When he see him wiping the dripping water in Tammara's chest...

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