Love System: Changing Destinies Book

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Love System: Changing Destinies


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Jae, a 28 year old man, always dream to become a writer. Or an actor. Or a doctor. Sigh. That is it. All he does is dream. After graduating with a second degree honor in Creative Writing, all he does is sleeping, playing games and dreaming at home. Where does he got the money? His much older sisters will provide him with an allowance every month, a measly 600 dollars, for meal and lodging. He seems to be content with his life, but deep down, he is suffering. He would have suicidal thoughts, multiple times in his life, but he never follows through. Until one day... ---------- "Welcome, host." "Wait, where am I? Am I dead?" "Yes, host. You died a minute ago." "But... I didn't..." "Anyway, welcome. You has been selected to receive the Love System. Take it as a chance to change destinies. Would you accept it?" "Yes, of course!!!" ---------- Follow this young man journey on changing destinies. But not his, others. "You lied to me!!!" "I never said it was your destiny, host." "Arghhhh!" Can he do it? Will he somehow achieve his goal and his dream? Wish him luck. ========== This is a BL novel with a full on smut. WARNING: Don't read in public. RECOMMENDATION: Read this at home on the comfort of you bed, so you can roll around and giggle or scream your heart out. If you have roommate, muffled your voice with your pillow. ( " - " # ) UPDATE SCHEDULE: *This author is having a small, extended, hiatus. Will be back soon. APPRECIATION: Thank you those rotten readers out there. Rottens (fujoushi & fudanshi) unites!


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