13 Sour? Salty?

**Day House**

Everyone was enjoying the gathering. All the parents were having a good time in the living room, while Clara was helping Evelyn in the kitchen.

"Never knew you could cook?" Clara's full mouth babbled. Her mouth was coated with chocolate.

"I was abroad for as long as I can remember so ya.." Evelyn shrugged her shoulders. Seeing Clara enjoy her homemade chocolate filled her heart with joy.

Clara took out a new piece and ate it till her delight submerged her heart in a blanket.

"Keep your stomach empty." Evelyn restored as she added the spices in the food.

"Don't worry, I can eat a whole bunch of food after this..." Clara was embarrassed.

How many chocolate cubes has she finished?

"Miss," Clara was interrupted by a small voice. Both Clara and Evelyn turned towards the voice.

A maid was standing in front of them with a smile pasted on her face.

"We have one more guest." She blushed. She was a young girl, and the new guest was just too much for her eyes.

"Who?" Evelyn was confused. All the people she invited were already present here. So who could it be now?

"I don't know, but he is outside with everyone."

'He?' An unpleasant feeling surrounded Evelyn. Is today a bad day? I keep on getting this uncomfortable feeling.

"Look after this, I will just come back in a minute." Evelyn handled the spoon to the maid and instructed them about the further steps.

Evelyn and Clara went out of the kitchen, one after the other.

A tall man was sitting with the others with a drink in his hand. He was wearing the same clothes from the morning but still looked fresh.

"Alex..." Clara called out loudly in surprise.

She had asked the Knight's, but they said Alexander was busy with work and won't come today.

"You are here," Clara exclaimed.

"Yes," Alexander laughed at his friend's overexcited behavior. Clara was always thrilled to see him at unexpected times.

His eyes trail towards the figure standing at the corner.

She was dressed in a long sea-green pleated skirt and a white top with a halter neck. She was not showing skin, but her elegant look was disturbed by a pink apron with bunny ears making her look cute.

A smile settled on Alexander's face without him noticing. She was beautiful to look at.

"It looks like you are cooking Miss Day." Alexander brows knitted.

'Can she even cook?'

"Yes, of course," her voice was filled with frustration.

"Are you sure you could cook?" Alexander ran a hand through his head.

Evelyn narrowed her eyes. She scowled, but then she smirked as if challenging him.

Alexander's low husky laughter filled Evelyn's ears, making her stiff.

"Then, I am looking forward to eating some delicious food, Miss Day."

"Sure, I will make sure you won't forget this dinner." An evil smile formed on Evelyn's face.

"Call her Evelyn, Alexander. Miss Day sounds too business type." Mr. Day said

"Miss Evelyn, then."Alexander smiled while Evelyn gritted her teeth. Truth be told, he wanted to call her Evelyn, but it was not time yet. They do not know each other that well yet.

"And do call me Alexander, it's only fair" Alexander was enjoying the look on Evelyn's face. If looks could kill, he might have died a thousand deaths.

"Clara, you wait here and give your friend company. Dinner will be served in the next 10 minutes." with this, Evelyn left without replying to Alexander.

All moved towards the dining room while the food was being served.

The starters were served on plates and brought outside. All the elders were sitting on one side and enjoying it while the younger generation was on the other side of the table.

"The food smells so good, Eve." Clara said while she dived on the food.

'Eve' Alexander remembered Clara began calling her Eve. His eyes filled with frustration as his fingers tightened around the spoon.

Evelyn giggled. Clara was like a child shown candy. "Eat it slowly."

Everyone was eating and complementing Evelyn apart from Alexander. His face was pale while his eyes blazed with anger.

"Mr. Alexander, you didn't like the food?" Evelyn asked innocently, her eyes were stuffed with expectation.

Clara's eyes moved toward him in anticipation. She wanted her friend to enjoy this wonderful meal.

Evelyn was enjoying the look on Alexander's face.

He was stiff, while his eyes narrowed. His ears and nose were red.

Looking at Alexander's red ears, Clara assumed he was blushing, so she resumed her eating.

"It is really wonderful." He managed to say without choking due to the quantity of heat.

Was Evelyn trying to kill him for questioning her cooking skills? There were high chances of this to be true.

He looked around, and everyone was smiling and enjoying the food, and he looked at his plate full of spices. He wanted to burn the food up. Maybe dump it somewhere deep. Was this safe to eat?

He saw Evelyn smiling gently and eyeing him from across. The lightly red lips looked like sweet cherries tempting him now more than ever.

After drinking a lot of water and struggling to swallow the food, Alexander moved towards the main course. As it was served, Alexander was fearful. Was Evelyn planning to make him taste all five flavors?

His brain started working. What would be next? Sour? Salty?

"Do eat, Mr. Alexander," Evelyn stressed on his name.

"Why are you not eating?" Clara asked curiously, the taste in itself was good. Warm like home, "It tastes like heaven."

Looking at Evelyn's charming face, no one would believe that she might do evil. But Alexander knew better than to assume it.

Evelyn was challenging him, but will he fall for it again?

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