Love at First Night Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Love at First Night


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Just when you think you loved the wrong person, you meet the right one who reminds you what love truly is. And just like that, the fairytale begins. ———————- Lily's life was apparently perfect, she had a good work that kept her occupied for the majority of her time and a husband she deeply and devotedly loved. The women in the city enviously hated her for having the perfect life they all dreamed about. Until the workaholic girl's perfect life image falls apart when her husband leaves her at the altar and confesses he cheated on her, in front of everyone. After that day, her life doesn't appear so perfect to the women in the city that now laughed behind her back. The poor Lily never felt more pathetic in her life and she wished the ground would swallow her down for the embarrassment she felt in the second he declared he had seconds thoughts. The same day, three hours and about four drinks later, Lily was enough dizzy to finally rebel against her (almost) husband's despicable gesture. She wanted to prove to all the people who called her perfect and who said she would never do something aberrant and crazy by having one night of passion with a mysterious man at the club. Little did she knew that the man was none other than the richest man in the city. Cover was commissioned! Do not use! Join the server for free coins -> Discord server: https://discord.gg/FpMxgdeAf7


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