Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel

Being taken away of all his freedom, Noah was thrown into the jail accused of a murder he hadn't committed. This incident broke his personality permanently, getting out of the jail Noah started living as a shut-in giving up at everything.  Noah read novels as a mean to pass his time, while reading novels an particular novel caught his eyes, it's name was 'the hero of velveric fights the demon lord' 'It's a harem novel......' That was what Noah had thought in the beginning but, it all changed at the end of the novel.  'What the Hell's with this crazy novel!' The protagonist and all his harem members were killed and in the end the demon Lord took over the world.  It was then, after finishing reading the novel, Noah started coughing out blood and succumbed to his lung disease. Opening his eyes Noah found himself in a body of a 8 year old kid of the Melvix family which appeared in that crazy novel. He was known as the garbage of the Melvix family by all the knights and family members but that didn't matter to Noah. What matter is that- 'It's impossible to survive in the novel if you are not strong enough......' ********************************************** The cover used for this novel isn't mine. if you are owner of it and want to remove it please inform me.

chaotic_1 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
252 Chs


In a dark room where there wasn't even a speck of light, the sound of someone typing in the keyboard of a computer ran out. 


Sitting in front of the computer, a man read the novel which he picked to pass his time as usual. 

The person sitting in front of the computer was named Noah, he had black hair and brown eyes. His face was normal, not too handsome nor too ugly.

"Sigh....what is with this novel? Really, these days people like harem novels a lot, don't they?"

As Noah lived alone there was no one to hear him so it had become a habit for him to speak out loud sometimes. He wore a disgruntled expression as he looked at the novel in front of him.


Breathing out loudly he continued reading the novel in front of him. There was nothing else for him to do anyway.


Noah's parents had died in his childhood, when he didn't even know how to speak properly. 

After the death of his parents he was adopted by his parents' relatives. They looked at him as if he was nothing but extra baggage for them to carry. 

He was still four year old then so he didn't know about the thoughts of his relatives. 

His parents' relatives took care of all his needs as long as it wasn't anything excessive. 

As days passed by when he was in his first grade, his height had increased by little as he had turned 6 year old a few months ago. 

Noah had already adapted to his current situation in these two year. A lot of things have changed in this time, he has started calling the relatives of his parents as 'aunty' and 'uncle'. Though they don't take care of him much and ignore him, he was grateful for them for taking him in. 

He even had a brother and a sister but of course they are not related by blood as both of them were his uncle and aunts children. 

They weren't rich nor were they poor, it was a middle class family but there was no problem taking care of 3 children. 

His sister, Maria was 9 year and his brother, Ronald was 11 year old. They also didn't like Noah the same as their mother and father. 

Without any parental love or anybody to take care of him in his teens, his communication skills were garbage as he would always stutter while talking to someone. 

It went on like this until he started middle school, he had become a 10 year old boy now. 

Being in solitude for 4 year had made him learn a lot of things. Without socialising it would be hard for him to live a stable life so he had practised by talking to his neighbours or people in the park. 

After Practising so much, he was confident that he would be able to make a lot of friends in his middle school. 

But, it didn't go as he planned as all of the children in his classroom had already formed groups by then. 

Looking at them, Noah was frustrated and depressed. Whenever he tried talking they would try dodging him with a creeped out look in their face.

After trying for a few days he gave up trying to become friends with anyone. He searched for things that could be used to distract his attention. 

Noah was attracted to anime as it is the best thing to pass his time. 

After a few years, he began his high school but now he had already stopped talking to people unless it isn't necessary. His build was in the normal category, not too long nor too short. 

The anime that he had begun seeing to pass his time had become something more than that. 

Noah loved the world of anime more than reality. as time had passed he had even started reading manga and some novels which he got interested in. Even when he did all this it didn't affect his school grade by much, he always got a good grade and never failed. 

But things didn't go as smoothly as it always did. 


Someone banged the the table he was sitting on with his hand.

Lifting his head, Noah saw there were three people standing in front of his table Haughtily. When their eyes met, three people in front of Noah started laughing. 

"hahaha, listen up you smartass, just shut up and follow us"

That was the moment from when his school life was destroyed. These people would normally be called bullies. 

They tried making Noah do some small errands and make him bring them food with his own money. 

When he tried to resist them by saying 'no', it just got worse. they would draw all over his desk with paint which he had to clean later. 

Sometimes they would steal his shoes from the locker and hide it or sometimes just tear it. 

This didn't stop even in the last year of his high school when he was 18 year old. Things have gotten worse in this year's, they would slam him against the wall and catch his collar as if trying to tear it apart.

They wouldn't try to beat him but pull out pranks like this often as time for his graduation came near. 

It isn't that Noah hasn't tried fighting back, he has tried so many times that he almost gave up fighting back and just waited to finish his high school. 

There are a lot of reasons he couldn't do anything to these bullies. First, he wasn't very athletic enough for him to defeat them in a fight. 

Second, as the bullying continued his uncle and aunt were a lot displeased by him.

As they tore his shoe or damaged anything that was his, they would have to pay for this so they would always scold him. 

['aren't you ashamed of yourself for not being able to fight against some bullies? ]

[' tch, tch, you are going to make problem for us till the very end aren't you? ]

Instead of helping him they would just berate him more and make his head that was already complicated a mess. 

When he found something to distract him from reality, he was really happy just living his whole life like that. 

But, right when he thought that 'it would be alright to live just like this' reality came and hit him as if giving a wake up call. 

With his depression that was just growing more and more, he thought of a way to escape from this situation. 

'I will have to be independent'

That was the only answer, but he didn't have any bright ideas from which he could make money in a stable way. Thinking of this, he thought of the things that he has been doing for a long time. 

'that's right, I can try writing novel'