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Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

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I've read the mtl of this novel before and trust me this is at the very least a decent read but for me personally, this novel is great. The mc is clear headed plus (if i recall it correctly) no racism nor nationalism. The mc and other people in the world got transmigrated into a world based of a game that exist in their original world and become lords. Mc spawned in literally the worst possible spot only because his own personal/lord talent makes him suitable in the desert of death and no other player was summoned there. (u could imagine the desert of death is a forbidden place because of certain reasons I won't tell) Thankfully, his own talent allow mc and his citizens to live there cause without it then ur playing hardcore mode and also it means mc have monopoly on the desert of death. The mc have a golden finger(not his personal/lord talent) that comes from a cheat in a different game (made by mc friend) with the ability to upgrade a spawn/troop buildings by sacrificing similar rarity/level buildings or certain items.(note with a limitation that each building have a cooldown timer before mc can upgrade them again) mc cheat is not too exaggerated but it did give mc an edge in spawnable troops compared to other players. this novel have a lot of untapped potential but overall i enjoy it

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As per usual, my last review got censored by webnovel and I have no idea why. Thanks webnovel. This is a review as of around chapter 250 from the mtl. Early stars review (C1-C50 or so) Translation: Since I read the mtl, I naturally don't know. Default number, 4. Updating stability: Not bad. Updates every day. 4. Story development: Very interesting. Desert vibe is interesting, as well as the dynamic between mc and his citizens. 4. Character design: Could be better. We don't see much uniqueness in his units or his citizens in terms of personality, only in terms of what they can do. 3. World background: Not bad. The idea of getting a system his friend designed for him is interesting. 4 Later stars review (C51-C250+). Translation: Again, can't say. 4. Updating: Not changed, 4. Story development: Awful. He's literally fighting angels and gods when he's still a little mortal. It doesn't make sense, and it's not good. Character development: Awful. Everyone is 1 dimensional. His citizens are completely incompetent, praising mc like a god. All of mc's units have become obsolete. Everything seems to float to mc when he needs it. 1. World background: There's potential, but pretty much all of it has gone unused. Things like the company that a merchant's from, various gods, or the background of one of his citizen's famous clan exists, yet the author only dips his toes in. 2. Long, casual review. At first, I gotta say I really liked it. The main character was really charming and not overdone. The cheat wasn't game breaking, and there was a bond between the mc and his citizens that was very interesting. His citizens even had a special trait thanks to him, which let them live better in the desert. Honestly, I loved the thought of that, and what could be done with it. In the early chapters, I guess my only complaint is that there isn't enough of the citizens, and that his units don't really express uniqueness(despite having it) to make them interesting. Another complaint would be how he doesn't interact with other lords at all, but that's very common amongst these novels. Sadly as of chapter 250, a lot of that's changed. The mc, Richard, has become ridiculously overpowered. It doesn't make any sense, and it's not enjoyable. He has no opponents. When he fights, you already know he's going to win. You need to understand something, this is a novel about a LORD. The lord's strength comes from his units, not himself. The author sees that, goes woopsy, and completely blows Richard's strength out of the water. It's to the point that his unit's become almost completely obsolete as Richard does all the heavy lifting himself. When his strongest unit, an A-class(keep in mind there's no S-class, at least not yet) dragon hero dies, it's literally only a sentence or two. There's no tears, no frustration, no nothing. His strongest unit dies, just like that, and he acts like it didn't even happen. Maybe it's because he just so happened to build a hero resurrection building, but still. He doesn't even revive his dragon once he gets back to his territory even though he could, but waits like a week before doing it. Worst thing, he revives the unit off screen! The author doesn't even care. When he does get new units, they only shine for 1 or 2 fights. And by shine, I just mean the author actually writes about them fighting. It's not a cool, well written fight, but just saying what they do with no extra detail. It's almost like a turn based game. Every fight is the same. Nothing unexpected. His units are practically not even part of the story anymore. There's even a huge arc, like 50 chapters or so, where his unit's only show up for the first 3 then disappear for the rest. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice arc, but still. Even when his unit's do fight, they just unite under the sentence "Richard's units fought the enemy." None of their unique gimmicks, different styles, no nothing. The problems don't end there. As I mentioned, Richard is ridiculously overpowered. When he's level 9, he's dealing with level 20s. An angel is level 21, and an average dragon level 18 for reference. When he's level 13, he beats a demigod with relative ease. When he's level 14, he, no joke, fights 3 evil gods, defeats 2, and escapes from 1. Gods are supposed to be level 30. By the way, level 30 isn't level 14 x 2, but more like level 14 x 10 000. It's exponential, yet he deals with them like it's nothing. He's not even in the same league as the other lords. Despite that the author made a whole arc about how every single lord get sent to a championship type thing, and it's whole point is to pretty much just butter up the mc. The mc is also very weird in odd ways. When the novel first begins, he's described as handsome. Ok, whatever, pretty much every author does that. 100 chapters in though? Boom! Richard is literally described as having a face sculpted by god. What??? Ok fine, but if he's so handsome why isn't everyone falling for him?? He's also got a pseudo harem as well. Basically everyone that surrounds him is a girl(strong men don't exist. besides him) yet the author is too scared to actually commit. It gets worse. He's supposedly smart yet he's so smooth brained in the weirdest ways. Remember those 3 gods he had to face? All 3 of those fights were completely avoidable. For 2 of them, he saw the danger, yet dived straight in. The third? He broke the gods curse on one of his citizens that somewhat randomly became his. Ok. He, a level 14, broke a god's curse. Whatever. But how did he not expect the god to get mad at him??? He's supposedly a genius, yet not even 1 brain cell in the year or so he had to prepare to break said curse said "Hey, what if the god gets mad???" The worst thing is that he completely wipes the floor with that god! It's literally only hard enough to make Richard seem cooler or whatever. Oh, and his citizens! They're completely useless! All they ever do is come back every 50 chapters for their pov that's literally only talking about how great and godly the mc is, and how proud they are of their city. They even keep saying that they're willing to die in battle for their city. Cool! What's the problem? The problem's that they can't even swat a fly!!! They're completely filled with hot, delusional air! They keep saying these empty words, but don't even try to get stronger or invent something special to actually be of use to Richard! Even when something does get invented, it's this random kid in a sewing shop who just did it by accident! By accident. Perhaps that's one of the biggest themes of this novel. He just so happens to get exactly what he needs, right before he needs it. The hero resurrection statue just before his strongest unit dies. A goblin that just happens to know how to breed an ultra special rabbit. Some special honey, one of a kind honey that he gets right before a merchant arrives. The kid who invented something and became a hero unit, just as he happened to need heros. A random statue that just so happened to be the perfect weapon against an evil god. A very strong and old dragon corpse that happens to basically be 99% off that he needs. A level 20 power suit that he can somehow pilot with his level 10-14 reaction time. Spring water fountain fragments that he just so happens to need, from a guy who just so happens to be so desperate that he's willing to be extorted by mc. I could go on and on. There's so many of these weird coincidences, or power level thing's that don't make sense. Level 14 fighting gods? Ok. Fine. Whatever. The gods are weakened on the "main plane" that Richard's on or whatever. But that level 9 fighting level 20s? It doesn't make sense. They weren't sealed, weren't injured, no nothing. Yet he escapes from right under their noses. God. There are so many problems that I have with this novel. However, perhaps the biggest one is disappointment. As mentioned, I was legitimately interested in this to begin with. Unfortunately that interest no longer exists. So yeah. End of review.


The MC is alone on his island, without company, and he summons monsters that allow him to defeat other humans who are neither friend nor foe, they simply exist somewhere outside. His only company are the invocations and strange voices. How do you know if the author of this story isn't describing a paranoid delusion in his own head? If there is no ending, we will know that the author, a poor sick soul, died of hunger in his delirium.


it's a bit early to write a review, but some readers didn't really see the story and strategy of the story. like reader write "The MC is alone on his island, without company, and he summons monsters that allow him to defeat other humans who are neither friend nor foe, they simply exist somewhere outside. His only company are the invocations and strange voices" well you are very wrong my friend, if you read the potential and how the story is writing, you maybe will see your mistake. the MC Richard, is not alone at all, in the beginning he has already have a company of 100 resident that he can talk to, and there no. will grow a lot in the future, what you read until now is only the start, and if you read the Synopsis of this amazing novel, you will read a few of the characters that will join him much later in the story like: Desert Pharoah, a Demonic Scorpion King, a Mechanical Giant, a Demon Baron, a Blood Archduke, a Five-colored Evil Dragon, and a Fallen Angel. in my opinion the Author, and the translator and editor add a lot of heart, thought, planning, and hard work in to this novel. we didn't read a great story(novel). i hope it will be pick up, even if not it is a big lose for us, we can see how hard work the translator and editor pot in this novel. thank you so much guys :)


this is free on MTL with a bunch of chapters .................................................. ............................................


Story is alright. Nothing crazy, but enough to pass some time without thinking of pulling your hair out. The translation on the other, complete garbage. In chapter 77 for example, one of the lairs is upgraded from rare rank to rare rank. Yes folks, that's not a typo, it's mentioned multiple times in that chapter that the lair upgraded TO THE SAME RANK. I can only offer the middle finger to the translator and bail out. Good luck to the fellow readers sticking it out with all these a*s translators and translation groups.


My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104. This is my confession. If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead– murdered by my brother-in-law, Hank Schrader. Hank has been building a meth empire for over a year now, and using me as his chemist. Shortly after my 50th birthday, he asked that I use my chemistry knowledge to cook methamphetamine, which he would then sell using connections that he made through his career with the DEA. I was... astounded. I... I always thought Hank was a very moral man, and I was particularly vulnerable at the time – something he knew and took advantage of. I was reeling from a cancer diagnosis that was poised to bankrupt my family. Hank took me in on a ride-along and showed me just how much money even a small meth operation could make. And I was weak. I didn't want my family to go into financial ruin, so I agreed. Hank had a partner, a businessman named Gustavo Fring. Hank sold me into servitude to


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I'm actually enjoying this very much. For this type of novel, its done well enough. And I recommend people to read it! Positives: This novel takes care of its numbers well such as troops, resources, system stats. Its a kingdom building story with a game like system. Although its a game type system, its actually real life. The power ups and gradual improvements aren't bad. The game like events for the billions of players are pretty entertaining. MC's cheat is not that strong, in fact his strong point is the location of his territory which synergies's with his talent alone! There are no harems so far (Ch 329), in fact no relationships of any kind at all so far. But this is good since its just been 3 months in the world so he still needs to keep building instead of being distracted by unhelpful love drama lol. His character is to be reasonable, rational in risks vs rewards, attempts to be self sufficient in the desert, kind and fair to his people as normal earthling, not a perfect human since he forgets some things sometimes or needs other citizens to fulfill tasks he can't. Negatives: The mentality of players is weird, since they don't treat natives like living beings or even care properly about their lives. Almost crazy tbh. For MC's progress there are some well reasoned situations, however there are also a bit of blatant plot device based situations which might irk some people lol. Too much luck of course makes it unbelievable and can turn people off, but its an okay amount and not too intense imo. Another thing is that there are too much high level maps/dungeons around his territory that he can't touch yet, essentially made as a set up for the future. But this seems to be constantly happening. In recent (300th ish chapters) MC's growth has been slowed down, no idea why author still kept him at his level. He still hasn't found a reliable way to keep his agricultural area safe, not idea why author doesn't just build a wall and arrow/watch towers? There are of course times like that when common sense is missing or over used words like 'supremely' lol. All in all its defo worth reading. The small nit picks are easily ignorable when you look at the whole picture. You will enjoy the other aspects pretty well. Currently i've read till latest 329 ch and its great. Its not perfect if thats what you think, but better than most when it comes to kingdom building game like novels. I would rate it 4.4/5.


Sloppy TL, with plenty of grammar mistakes. Story is cliche, with extremely predictable scenarios. For serious reading, 0/5. For casual, braindead and passtime reading, it's 3/5.


I'm really enjoying it for the most part, but the MC is a typical bully the weak, cower to the strong lower, and as most similar novels, only think about killing everything and not getting more troops or residents for is land, other then the weaker ones he can bully, sad really and kinda irritating.




if only this novel had a half decent translation then it would have been awesome but it is ruined now all the troop level and potential all mixed up 😞😞


A nonsense ranking system. A B-Rank skill that was immune to curses etc.. Etc... My brain can't comprehend this ranking nonsense.


I didn't expect this to be decent. I halfheartedly read this but find that this novel is quite good. Even though the translation deteriorated as chapters released like a second hand faulty phone. Well we can't forget the greedy translators chopping chapter up to 4 or 5 chapters even though in the original it's only one chapter. Overall there's no problem with the novel but the webnovel itself.😑


全球领主:开局成为沙漠领主 author bubble carp gen sci-fi , time travel Ongoing 491


Found it quite boring.... as simple as that. Found it quite boring.... as simple as that. Found it quite boring.... as simple as that. Found it quite boring.... as simple as that.


honestly not a bad read but in serious need of editing.


Reveal spoiler


would say I like this book so far, I am almost cought up to daily updates and the book gets better for sure, tho translation is very poor in some areas, as when you have a rare troop evolve into a rare troop and stays that way, so its confusing when reading, its a problem, also author tends to forget what character has gotten he has gotten a floating island with unlimited water and just hasent used it yet, IN THE DESERT, almost like author forgot character had it, or dosent want to acknowledge he has it. its also rough when pronouns are just switched every sentence, from he to she, makes the reading very inconsistent. but other than some continuity errors and bad translation/grammer, its an awesome story so far. so if you can get over those 2 things I would definitely pick it up