5 The Education

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I bowed my head slightly to my newest teacher, Kiyi.

She nodded calmly and signaled me to look up, unfortunately, she was not as relaxed as my firebending teacher. Just a day after our spar with Mongke, other teachers started to flock into our house to examine me, see my standing in knowledge in power to create a plan for me.

Kiyi would teach me History for 4 HOURS!

Thank fucking God my father understood History wasn't that necessary so I only had 3 lessons with her, totaling 12 hours. I don't resent him though, this is definitely necessary. She is supposed to teach me history but lessons are mostly on traditions of different kingdoms. You know, not to expose myself as a firebender to Earthbenders.

She is basically teaching me how to act like a person from another nation, which is nice.

But it is really fucking boring...


4 hours later

As I finally left the small classroom we had (which is just a small and empty room decorated into a classroom yesterday) I yawned. Fucking finally, I have freedom for... 5 minutes.

At least the next lesson is on brawling which will last 2 hours but he is here every day except for sunday.

I drank the special nutrition juice chefs prepared for me, instantly regaining my energy.

It was basically energy juice but tasty and healthy.

5 minutes later I was once again bowing down to my next teacher, Bujing who would teach me some katas and spar with me.

I also had a swordsmanship teacher but I rejected it. I don't need to excel in everything. I am already a good brawler and firebender, wasting my time on another way of close-range fighting would be just wasting time. Maybe useful but no, I don't have all the time in the world.

Bujing was pretty satisfied with me, apparently, young nobles aren't really interested in fighting, what a biggg surprise...

I can understand them really, if I didn't have big ambitions I wouldn't bother learning any of these. You are a rich noble in the strongest country in the world. Why would you learn how to smash your fist into something and get hurt in the progress?

Anyway, Bujing was a really really good teacher. He took his job seriously. From my body conditioning to learning kata's, he planned everything pretty thoroughly.

Father was right, he bought the best teachers money could buy.


Have I mentioned about my Inventory? Another overpowered piece of this overpowered cheat that is known as the gamer system.

I can literally put any inanimate object inside it as long as they belong to me. I don't know how that works but it just works. I tried to steal a maid's panties it didn't work, but my own pants got into the inventory with a single command. Also, get this... time is frozen inside the inventory!

The issue with meals is gone! Well, for a long while at least. I have been nudging the chef to cook me more and more meals, overworking the poor girl. But at least she looked happy at how I appreciated her meal, that's good, right?

I have a shit ton of clean water, hot meals, cold meals, clothes... anything I can think of that I would need in the wild. I even bought an expensive tent.

I said I didn't need to practice swordsmanship, but Inventory changes things. It changes them A LOT.

Just when somebody thinks they got into my close quarters, BAM I can stab them with a poisonous dagger I pulled out of my inventory instantly!

And since time is frozen in the inventory, I can just put the strongest poison on them without any chance of deteriorating.

I checked my inventory one last time.


Inventory: One (1) piece of Wildfyre attribute (Wildfyre: Purple colored fire that never goes out unless the owner wills it so. +300% Effectiveness of firebending. Colour and attribute can be changed into Black or Green with higher mastery.

Black Wildfyre (Amaterasu): +20000% Power, -80% Speed. It even eats the light as a fuel, thus the color.

Green Widlfyre: -90% Power, +5000% Speed. Swift but less deadly.)

Cold Foods

Hot Foods


Liquids (not water)


Poisoned Dagger

Poisoned arrow

Poisoned Sword

Poisoned Spear

Poisoned food

Poisoned water


Poisoned gold

Poisoned clothes



... (click to see more)

[Click on them to open the tabs]


Yeah... I think I abused it a bit too much. Thankfully if something is similar to something that was already in the inventory, they will have their own little tab, so even when I have over 200 objects inside, they are all organized properly like this without overcrowding it.

Poisoned food, water, gold, clothes are just in case I see someone stronger than me and I have to assassinate them rather than just normally kill.

Honestly, I don't think I will even use them, ever. But it is still good to be cautious when you have an inventory like this.

If somebody kidnaps me, I can just change their food and water with my poisoned ones. Killing them despite being weaker than them.

I realize how my imagination has gotten really wild ever since I merged with that otherworldly guy, but I don't mind it. I am happy actually. It lets me see things from a different perspective.

[An: Timeskip incoming.]


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