1 Introduction

Hello readers this is me Arpita trying to write a true story of my close relative when her life has become a total mess in just a short span of time and everything has turned up to be like a drama which when we will see them now it will feel so dramatic. I hope I can write a small story of her life relatively. After reading so many novel from webnovel I even have that urge to compose a true based story of her which includes me also in her story. Please try to accomodate with my story and give me comments and vote further..

A 10 year old girl, healthy in appearance, chinky eyes, curled hair, and a smile so mysterious,who was studying in her 5th standard in her sweet small village with one younger sister who was 6yrs of age and her mother and father where mother was a house wife and a father a multi talented worker who did all sorts of work like electrician, politician, farmer, carpenter, priest in Roman catholic church. Her life was so perfect with a good father to lean on and a good mother to take care of. She was living a carefree and happy life in her small village with lots of play mates . But this happiness was not meant to be in her life. In this world which is full of sins, fear,sadness,jealousy, her small world of small happiness was shattered at one go which made her life a dramatic and worst life a girl should expect.....