1 Chapter 1

I looked around..white, white, white everywhere.

I'm getting a familiar setting here, did I die?

Let's see...hmm, I'm walking on the road and...and I saw a kid that's about to get hit by truck-kun, so I pushed him away? Am I stupid or what? Why can't I just pull him away so both of us can survive? I guess I don't have time to think about it and move on instinct ehhh.

"Hmm?" I saw a young man with sharp features sitting on a throne...must be 'God'

"Child, you should be familiar with this already...the kid you saved is the one who's going to develop a medication that can be utilized for various illnesses so you indirectly helped a lot of people, providing you a high quantity of karma. Well, that kid is not supposed to die anyway. A world glitch just occurred but you saved him so I'll just compensate you "

'God' said, never thought that a world glitch could happen.

I wonder how much karma the kid I saved will earn, unlike me who did it unintentionally by saving him, He will directly save people using his inventions.

"What do I get for it? A wish? Am I going to reincarnate? Transmigration?" I asked one by one

"You're going to reincarnate in the Ninja world from the Anime Naruto with your memories intact as compensation. Normally you will only reincarnate in a random world without any memories, using your karma to decide what kind of appearance, talent, IQ, and life you're going to have. Wait for a bit, let me read your folder and calculate your karma...hmm where is it? Answer my questions. Name?"

"Luna Twilight" me

"Gender?" god

"ahh..Female" me

"Age?" god

"18" me

"That's enough, I found your folder..."

"I thought 'God' knows everyone in the world" I said

"Nah! Just some baseless rumor, Why would I bother to memorize the folder of Billions of people when I can just read it anytime" makes sense but...

"What about making your clones do it, you know, like Multiple shadow clone jutsu then absorb their memories, I'm sure you have plenty of energy to use"

I gave a suggestion, It's easier to talk to God than I thought.

"The clones mirror the original, Why would the clones do something the original doesn't want to do..hmm?" He reasoned then looked beside him so I followed his eyes

Someone seemed to be  tearing the space beside the throne and someone who looked identical to 'God' came out, the only difference was the robe they were wearing

The 2nd God looked at me and whispered at the 1st God then tore the space again as he disappeared through the void

"Hmm...so child, the one earlier is another me from a different timeline, the kid you saved has grown up and lived a fulfilling life. He gave you a message from the future, thanking you for saving his life, and said that he never forgot it so he gave you almost all his karma since you're the reason he managed to do all his accomplishments and then chose to reincarnate naturally. He was left with enough karma to be reborn into a loving family and have a normal life.

Let's see...with the karma you and that kid combined, I'll exchange it with wishes so you'll get a total of 3 talents, 3 skills, 3 justu. A system with Status, Inventory, and Skills, 2 extra wishes that you can add to your system "

Well..thank you kid for the karma.

"That's more than I thought. Can I choose my appearance? gender, age, or maybe race?" I've always wanted to be a male and I like cats so...I wonder if I can become a male cat beastman.

I'm sick of suffering from having a female body. Gotta deal with the monthly period, It's hard to run because my chest is heavy.

Can't roll properly, Can't bow without your guard up or a pervert might peek into your chest.

Gotta always keep your image good or 'you'll never get a good partner' they say.

It's the worst for someone lazy like me and I like wearing simple clothes, a shirt, pants, and rubber shoes.

I mean, how can the other girls be confident wearing dresses while I feel shy showing my thighs? How can you walk fast when wearing pointed heels? I also feel heavy on my face every time I wear makeup while I never liked fake eyelashes as it was uncomfortable.

Besides, in a world where battle is inevitable, a woman's body is a hindrance.

'God' was looking at me so I looked back. It lasted for 3 seconds before he talked again

" Yeah sure...I'll just add a 'basic reincarnation package'  to my compensation to you since you died 63 years earlier than your supposed death date, I'll give you an hour to think about it" god

"No need, I already know what I want" me

"Hmm...go on" God

"Can I be a male cat that can turn into a human freely?"

"..I want my normal appearance as a human, with black hair with silver highlights, together with silver eyes.

I want to have Uchiha blood, When I activate my Sharingan, my eyes will have black tomoe with my hair turning completely black."

"When I turn into beastman mode, my eyes will turn into a slit, like that of a cat. My hair will completely turn white and grow longer, you know, to look cool. And also, my ears will turn into cat ears, I will grow a phantom tail that can be tangible if supplied by chakra.

My Cat eyes will have a thermal sensor and be able to see chakra. And lastly, I can turn into a cat. It is too much? I can change some if it is" I requested to God, I hope it can be done.

"It was indeed too much for the 'basic reincarnation package' as It was basically creating a new bloodline but well, you're greedy...and brave" God commented.

"Greedy? I'm well aware. Brave? What do you mean?" I ask

"I can use my power to help you with it since you're interesting, what age the human body will be?" God said, ignoring my question.

"Well anyway. Make it 5 years old, from the same timeline as Naruto" So I have enough time to get stronger and do what I want to before the start of the canon.

"As for the wishes. For my talents,

1. A large chakra pool

2. Quick Mastery

3. All element attributes including yin, yang, time, and space.

For the skills,

1. Basic Weapon mastery (basic)

2. E and D rank Ninjutsu

3. Seal Creation

For jutsus,

1. Multiple shadow clone jutsu

2. Hiraishin no jutsu

3. Creation of all things Technique

For my 2 extra wishes,

1. A shop where I can buy everything using coins I get by completing a mission, Leveling, killing, achievements, and converting real money.

2. The benefits of the player's character, a gamer's body that can adjust to anything, and the gamer's mind that can always make me rational.

Is there something not allowed that I need to change?" I wonder if I'm too greedy.

I mean, I already toned down the skills. I got two reasons for it tho,

1st is I'm afraid I get denied because I got too greedy,

2nd is I still want to feel getting stronger in combat, not just straight up to the top.

"It's about the same as the limit actually but the 3rd jutsu will be sealed until the requirements are met, Get ready in a minute, for your first world travel will be a sick ride" Good thing there's a reminder, unlike the other unlucky transmigrator.

I made myself ready for possible pain or anything like that during the trip.

3, 2, 1 wooshhhhhhh

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