Livestreaming? Yeah That's How I Level Up

A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them. Where are they exactly? "Hey! Welcome to the stream! Your emperor appreciates the attention. Guess where I am?" AzurePrincess has donated - $3000 "Woah, that's a huge donation. Are you sure you were trying to give me that much?" AzurePrincess- This is just pocket money. I could give you more. RichGirl21 - has donated - $5000 RichGirl21 - You don't need to give him money. l can support my husband all on my own. DiamondQ - has donated - $10,000 DiamondQ - You might need to get your eyes checked. Whose husband are you supporting? "Oh boy..." First World - Marvel Warning: MC's world is loosely based on the real world, but there will be changes because it is my story! Updates: Irregular/ 5 per week/ May have less or more depending on work. Disclaimer - Images used aren't mine. They are just used for representation. I will remove it if need be.

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"There, I've chosen a name." Emil nodded with satisfaction.

("How original. I never saw it coming.") Mona said, clearly being sarcastic.

"I couldn't think of anything else." He groaned, shrugging his shoulders.

When creating a name for his online persona, he used several different generators to help create one. However, no matter how hard he tried, he always came back to one name.

Star Emperor.

It's the name he used in all of his games, and he's grown quite attached to it over the years. He knew that most people would find it cringe, but at this point, he was numb to such sentiments.

("I'm not judging you at all.")

"Oh yeah? Somehow I don't believe that." He replied, rolling his eyes as he continued to create his profile.

The streaming website he chose needed no introduction as it remains the number one place to watch content live.


No one could contend with its incredible interface and its user-friendly platform. The sleek yet simple design kept people returning to use their platform for content creators.

There were, of course, other websites, but Liberate was the best for live streaming, and it was simply a no-brainer.

(A/N: If curious, I based it off Twitch which is a shame because of what they are doing right now. I could use the name, but I don't want to, so there's that.)

After deciding on his name, finishing his profile was relatively quick.

This is what he had at the end.

ΠLibertate ProfileΠ

Name: StarEmperor

Email: star************

Age: 21

About You: I'm the emperor. That's all you need to know.

("It's...pretty bland.")

"Well, that's all I got now. I'm new to this." He frowned before letting out a sigh. He was still skeptical about all of this, but he had already decided and needed to follow through.

However, there is a problem he hasn't properly addressed.

What was he going to stream?

More importantly, how was he going to stream?

Simply put, there are two types of streamers, no matter what category they fall in. The first type is considered to be "normal," which are the ones that show their face to their audience. It definitely comes with some pros and cons, but that's the case with anything in life.

The second type was the no-facers, streamers that never show their face so that they can keep their life relatively private.

Or at least until there is a slip-up or a face reveal.

In his current state, Emil couldn't imagine being the first type until he fixed his appearance.

'It will take a while for me to get myself together, so I can only be the second type...but that also comes with its own set of problems...' He thought, palming his face.

Despite the first type being "normal," the second type is actually the type the platform has more of, and that's an issue in itself. He needed something that could help him step out of the crowd, something that would catch the public eye.

It certainly wouldn't help him retain watchers, but at least getting to his stream would be simple.

'Wait, there is something like that!'

Emil remembered there was a type of streamer that was becoming more popular by the day, so much so that they were popping up seemingly out of nowhere nowadays.

A V-tuber.

He's been told he has a nice voice, which would make being one a perfect idea. However, getting an artist and rigger to make him a model was next to impossible because of one thing.

'Money...it always has to be money.'

Of course, if Emil had the money, he would gladly pay for it because that's their livelihood.

'But someone as poor as me could barely get by, and now I have no job...' He sighed, slumping his shoulders in defeat.

There were cheaper options, such as pre-made ones, but he couldn't imagine using one.

'With a name like StarEmperor I can't settle for anything but the best...right?'

Unfortunately, even if he had money, having a decent model would still have taken time, time that he just didn't have at the moment.

"Ugh...am I just fucked wherever I go?"

("I'm surprised you haven't thought about using my gift. I'm so sad.")

"Gift?" Emil raised an eyebrow. "What gift are you talking about?"

("Boohoo, my host is so evil. He doesn't remember that I gave him something just MINUTES ago.")

"O-oh, the ring?" He glanced at the golden ring on his finger. The ring was definitely incredible, he tried putting items into it as a test run, and the process happened so fast that he thought it was magic.

'Well, it is magic technically...but Mona said qi and magic were two separate things.' He thought as he thought back to her explanation.

Qi is the life force that is found in all things, even manufactured objects as tiny as a pencil contain qi. Qi users can directly tap into that life force, changing it into anything that suits their needs. With enough practice, he could practically change stone into gold with a snap of his fingers.

It reminded him of a particular anime about alchemy.

Unfortunately, with his pitiful amount of QI, he's unable to do such a thing.

On the other hand, Magic taps in a different type of force called mana, which is simply a byproduct of qi. Mona could have explained further, but there wasn't a point if he could use something better.

Mana, however, is easier to use, but with that, one sacrifices the power and flexibility that qi provides.

In simpler terms, qi is like electricity, while magic is like a battery.

(A/N: I know much of this stuff is probably bullshit, but LET ME COOK!!)

"Still though...I don't know how the ring would help me—wait!"

[Eye Of Theia: A skill empowered by the goddess of sight that allows one to see objects truth. Increases vision by 20%]

One has to know that despite his circumstances, Emil was pretty intelligent, which is why he's been the guild leader of his small group of friends.

Although he can't be compared to geniuses, he had a gift for analysis.

So when all the information was laid out in front of him, he could come to a conclusion rather quickly.

"If the ring allows me to see the truth of objects, then that means it allows me to see qi."

It was a bit redundant for someone who can use qi, but there is a difference between seeing and using qi. There are different kinds of qi ranging from elemental to even death qi.

So one could imagine if one started to mess with qi they didn't understand, they could possibly kill themselves and thousands of others.

"But with the ring...I can see the truth, meaning I can differentiate which qi I interact with despite my low level." Emil smiled at the realization.

"It's like adding a cheating device."

("Hehe, now you're getting it. You should praise me for giving you such a gift."}

"I'll thank you after I do what I think I can do." He sighed as he typed away on his keyboard.

Everything in his head was just speculation if he hadn't done it before, but first, he needed to gather some things.


Several hours later, Emil finally gathered everything he needed.

The first thing he needed was a digital art app which was quite simple to find. A simple search and a click were all it took.

Thankfully there was a free trial.

The second thing he needed was a program to rig a model. Finding one was a bit more tricky because he needed one simple enough to understand.

He watched quite a few videos on the subject and narrowed it down to one that does a lot of the important stuff for him.

And finally but not least, the last thing he needed was a picture.

Finding a decent picture was particularly hard as he needed something to act as the base of a model.

Emil went through hundreds of pictures with the tag emperor or king until, eventually, he settled on one.

If things didn't make sense now, then one had to be a bit stupid not to know what he was trying to do.

"I'm going to make my own v-tuber model...saying it out loud didn't make it any less crazy." Emil sighed.

("Although it is a given that you need to be careful, I would also like to point out that intent is important.") Mona stated.

"Intent..." Emil repeated as he gazed at his computer screen.

After a short moment of silence, he then took in a deep breath before exhaling slowly to calm his nerves.

It was time to begin.