197 Chapter 198 - The mediator

The four of them settled down in the outskirts of the town with a simple tent. On the outside it looked like a small survival tent but on the inside, it was very luxurious and had two rooms with a full-size bed.

Mu Zheng first settled down the kids. Bai Wren was more than willing to bury himself in the bed sheets while Wen Ro hugged him tightly. They both seemed to be in a low mood.

Mu Zheng did not know how to comfort them. He gently covered them with a fluffy blanket and walked out.

The rain was pouring down, making a loud pitter patter sound when it hit the outer leather layer of the tent. It was loud, but very calming.

Mu Zheng sat down next to his mate on the bed. "why did you make us stay? It's better to leave."

"you know why I did it right?"


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