Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife
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Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife


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What is Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife is a popular web novel written by the author anjeeriku, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, COOKING, FACE SLAPPING, CULINARY, ORIGINAL, FOOD, GOURMET, FEMALE PROTAGONIIST, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 23.2M readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 4221 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 652 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Status: Completed] “You’re not taking me to bed. Ever.” “Who said it had to be on the bed?” “What?! You wouldn’t dare kick me off the bed, and I will not share it with you!” “The only reason I would force you out is so I can have you on the floor.” She gritted her teeth and glared at her grinning husband. “Go fuck yourself!” she hissed. “Only if you show me how,” he winked back. Once the tabloids released an article claiming business tycoon Shen Yi was gay, his family forced him to date and seek a relationship to stave off the false accusations. After many failed encounters, Shen Yi came upon Lu Xinyi. Orphaned since childhood, Lu Xinyi had no safe haven left the moment her boyfriend and her best friend betrayed her. Losing her only treasures left, she felt like dying inside as soon as she boarded that ship. However, after a week-long cruise with Shen Yi, she struck a deal with him. Now the Young Madam of the most powerful Shen family, Lu Xinyi turned into a better version of herself. She would not only fight back against those who had hurt her, but she had also taken a shot at accomplishing her father's broken dream. Attending the country's most prestigious culinary school, Silver Leaf Academy, Lu Xinyi was compelled to compete not only for herself but also for her husband’s pride. Through Shen Yi's love and support, she dreamed to emerge victorious one assault after another from a family that she had long abandoned. Oh, but love for food can be a dangerous thing! As Lu Xinyi and her friends struggle to survive the competition and schemes, more and greater challenges await her, putting her love (for food and Shen Yi) to the test. --------------------- Little Miss Series (1) Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife (completed) (2) Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel (completed) (3) Little Miss Sunshine: Conquer the Emperor's Heart (4) Little Miss Trouble: The Emperor's Rebellious Consort (5) Little Miss Heiress: The 30 Days Free Trial Lover (6) Little Miss Fae: Banshee in the Modern World (7) Little Miss Immortal: The Nine-Tailed Imperial Consort --------------------- My Other Books (1) PS I'm (Not) Over You (2) Gourmet Empress: Hubby, Why's Your Name on the Menu? (3) Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns Official Website: https://www.anjeeriku.com/ Join our discussion on discord: https://discord.gg/DjFUwGK Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/anjeeriku Donations: paypal.me/anjeeriku Follow me: facebook.com/anjeeriku instagram.com/anjeeriku Little Miss Devil Book Cover by Bizzybiin/ copyright 2019 anjeeriku


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I’ve been on Webnovel for years. This is my second time ever to write a review. I’ll just get to the point, this novel deserves the five stars rating. Unlike most novels the romance starts right away without the main protagonists waiting hundreds of chapters to realize that they “possibly” like the other protagonist. It is like a breath of fresh air. Although it’s part of the stereotypical CEO Genre, it stands on its own and is quite different from other novels whether they are original or translated. The female lead isn’t dense or pointlessly stupid and hopeless. She doesn’t wallow in self pity or wait for the male lead to come save her. Their interactions are shameless and funny, in my opinion they act like most people in real life would. The male lead is interesting as well. I’ll leave it at that, you gotta read about him to understand how glorious he really is. Constructive Criticism: ( This is not meant to insult the author. This story is currently my favorite one on Webnovel.) Although I give the novel five stars. There is one thing I noticed that definitely needs improvement. Whenever I read chapters, I notice multiple times that words are misspelled. Or there will be sentence structure that is incorrect. It’s a consistent problem. If it is one or two typos or “weird” sentence structure I wouldn’t mind. I would actually prefer a slower release rate if these can be fixed. But then again I am fanatical about grammar and such. It’s a habit of mine I guess. All in all I would say that this novel is worth five stars even with the grammatical errors I notice. The story would benefit from a proofreader and editor. However that is the authors choice. Personally I love the novel enough to overlook the mistakes I notice. Summary: Give this story a chance. It became my favorite novel on Webnovel. I think it is better than the translated ones.


I have been reading this novel for months since there was only a few chapters back then, but I'm mostly a silent reader (only occasionally give comments) and after 600 chapters, I decided that it's time to give a review. From the long time I decided to follow this novel, I think it's clear that I really love this novel... wait, let me rephrase it. I'm loving this novel so much that I continued to follow it until the newest chapter. 💙 This novel mainly tells about Lu Xinyi and Shen Yi. Their relationships started off pretty quick, yet it was fairly realistic. At the same time, their interaction was humorous, funny, and at the same time, very interesting. However, this novel is not one where the FL can't do anything without the ML. She had her own charms and obviously, she's very mischievous too (Which is clearly stated in the title too 😂). The way she behaved would surely make one laugh a lot. I have a good share of laugh over the time I spend reading this novel. The most important thing in this novel is not just about the couple's relationship, it's FOOD. Yes, there are so many foods here that one will definitely droll at the description. (Though, listening- I mean, reading the way it was made, I'm 100% sure that I won't be able to make it irl. I'll just be a good girl and read the delicious food served while snacking 😂) Lu Xinyi is really a good chef and the way The author has been telling how she cooked, the struggle she faced and also the reason why she picked the dishes, all were very compelling and interesting. I'm not a good chef, so can't say much about it, but I know that I drooled over the food (several times) *cough* Let's move on before I reveal more of my embarrassing moments when I read this novel 😂 (mostly just drooling, though, eh- *cough* move on) Aside from cooking, there are a lot of good face slap too. Lu Xinyi has a lot of enemies, especially her families (I really wish to skin them alive when I read what they did, especially to her cousin... I won't go into detail as it'll be spoiler, but believe me that the description alone would make you wish to enter the book and slice their necks). Just like what Lu Xinyi said, if only she wasn't a young miss from this backstabbing family, she would have danced around and throw a party to celebrate. Anyway, I have talked a bit too much... O.o I'm not even sure anyone will read since it's really... long haha. Overall, it's a good and enjoyable read. Anjee (I hope you don't mind me shortening your name, Author) is really a good author who can catch the reader's attention. I love this novel very much and wish to see it to the end. P.S: for those wondering why the score is not a perfect one (If they decided to read this long review), I docked one star from the stability of updates because there's a period of time when the updates is not stable due to the author's health :( (Wishing you good health always, Author, especially during this time when covid-19 is wrecking the world and make a lot of people sick) Thank you very much for the lovely novel 💙. With love from one of your silent readers, Sorahana 😊


I can't wait for the updates..Dear author aside from Spinny you are my favorite author 😘😘😘😘...please have some daily updates for this..I really hope to read more from your work..can't wait for more of this..the teaser seems like interesting..Keep it up dear author..😘😘God bless!!!!Cheers!!!


I love to read this author stories cause every of her stories has their own uniques plot and it succesfully make me eager to read more and more. Can't wait for the new updates ! Keep it up dear author ! 🌸


I have read the teaser and I'm satisfied. Even the synopsis already left a good impression to me as FL's and ML's interaction towards each other seems quite hilarious, ah I love it!😂 the title of this novel also had prove that FL was quite mischievous and ML might face some difficult time to control and win her heart, I guess. Knowing the author's writing styles and how she plotted every story definitely has caught my attention especially in ** I'm (not) Over You; ay I'm so addicted with this novel! So I expect a new great story from the author because she never disappoint me with her amazing work! Good luck dear author!


Love this genre.romcom always make me smiling without I'm realising it.i hope that i can control myself when I'm reading this genre since it was romcom and i really love your work.how you make the character alive in **.keep up good work.


M desperately waiting for this........ I just hope author Sama will post more chapters in the later days after the completion of ** m not over you...... Can't wait for more chapters...... Anyway thank you for your hard work... N please don't dropped this one.... Onegaishimasu... 🙏


Didn't Read but DAMN!!! They're fvcking a lot of Girls on Qidian more than I expected! Well almost all of the guys here are perverts (that includes me) its rare to see a novel with a massive Female Fanbase. (It's either I'm a fvcking idiot or I just read too much xuanhuan and cultivation novels but fvck me) For all the People who miraculously read this comment (especially Females) *tips hat* *cool and charming voice* Good Day M'lady. *disappears like your Dad*


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Sounds like a really good novel so I am adding this to my library. I hope updates will be generous to satisfy our cravings. Im giving 5 stars. Cant wait for you to start this novel.


Omg.. The is legit lit. I read the description and fell in love with this stuff. I was very reluctant at first, but its really good. Im glad i started reading it.


Added to my library... The story is interesting.. Wish it will update daily.. Hahaha.. Can't t wait for other chapters to release.. 😍😍😍


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Reveal spoiler


The story builds up patiently in a way teasing the readers just as Shin yi teases Lu...falling in love with the pair...The sweet gestures made by SY to LX warms up your heart....The small moments between them are so natural and normal making their entire time with each other so special.....The level of understanding is deep engraved


This novel is so fun! Shen Yi and Lu Xinyi are such a fun characters. Story development is interesting showing sensitivity in the handling of the couple times. Recommend it to others who are interested in romance without the angst.


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Reveal spoiler


What happened to updates in this novel......it's been too long and I think am missing some dog food and the human food why are there no updates it's really disappointing this novel was doing really good...


I don't like love stories much. But this one seems to be good so far. Just waiting for more chapters per day. I really like the ML and FL. At least they are not very impractical and the author has tried to nake the story to appear more realistic. Though it's near to impossible to find a guy like ML , billionaire. ;)


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