Little Girl (Eng Ver) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Little Girl (Eng Ver)


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A dream marriage that he had dreamed of since childhood, in fact reality forced him to accept what God had destined for him to live. It wasn't the good fortune that everyone was grateful for, but the grim destiny that he tried to ignore. Moreover, the annoying man figure also disturbs him who is busy as a brand ambassador of various high-end products, torturing him slowly with the presence of disgusting women every day in his mansion. Hey.. who doesn't feel uncomfortable with the presence of other women in his household even though he doesn't like his own husband? More precisely, she hates the handsome man who is destined to follow her life's journey now. “You think I would be attracted to a lowly woman like you? Do not dream!" It was always the word that swirled in his mind when feelings started to flow from his heart. Then what should he do to get rid of that bastard's words that had already led too deep into his memory? the setting, time, or the similarity of the name is purely the author's accident... that's all and enjoy :V


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