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LIFE WITH UNKNOWN is a popular web novel written by the author Kookie_Gee, covering LGBGTGLBLROMANCE, LGBTQ, SECRETS, MYSTERIES, NEWLIFE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 322.8K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 143 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I had been waiting for this adventure for so long! I didn't think it would be…. THIS!" Lia starts to panic; pacing up and down the enormous hall. | Lia Amble the introverted new exchange student gets introduced to a group of people with who she feels an unusual attachment. The group sticks together just to find out their bond is a lot older than they remember. | “This feels so familiar! It is going to drive me nuts!” | They are called to action while the dominating demons threaten to wipe out all of the species living on the floating island sheltering and protecting magic. Throughout the adventure, the group also goes into a spectrum of confusing love and misunderstandings. The years-old love breaks into pieces and new and forbidden romances roar. Was it all just tricks by the demons to slow the group down? | "We can't do this! You're dating my sister!" | Read on to know how the group survives and if the love and friendship triumphs over Demons!


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Hello, whoever is reading this review. If you're debating whether to check this story out or not, I say you should do it. It's fun, imaginative, mystical, full of great scenery, and a handful of subplots are developing that are woven in nicely. I'm going to attempt a bit of a breakdown of my personal opinion (but I've only read through the first 19 legit chapters + auxiliary once, so keep that in mind): I like the characters. They are diverse in their looks and personalities, which is always a good thing. None of them irritate me (there's a difference between a character who is supposed to have a few irritating moments and when a character is irritating fundamentally) , and none of them seem inhumanly perfect. Penelope and Jack especially piqued my interest in the beginning, but as the story went on I became more interested in Lila, the three R's, and our protagonist, Lia. I'll admit that in the beginning, I didn't get much out of the protagonist. I think there was just so much action going on that there wasn't much room left to make the POV feel personal. But as things progressed in the story, that changed, and she felt like a character (and a good one at that) and less like a mere narrator. It becomes more clear WHY she's the main character when you get to the middle of the story. The settings are great. Not only are they themselves beautiful (and great at reflecting the mood of the scenes that happen within them), but I think the author does a good job of describing them so it's possible to picture them in your head. The plot is overall good and paced pretty well. Things were a little bam-bam-bam (fast-paced) in the beginning and I sometimes found them hard to follow, but that issue quickly disappeared. I like how mysterious the main story is, with this new world that Lia is rediscovering, and the memories that are surfacing. But I also like the subplots (although the triangular tension between Lia, Jack, and Conall seems a tiny bit cliche - but hey, nothing wrong with that), and I like the way that the author gives each character their own time to shine in their own respective chapters while keeping the plot going. I also find the lack of chronological order fun. As long as the author maintains the clarity in the time-jumping, things shouldn't get confusing. The updates are stable and frequent so far, which is impressive. And the writing style is nice and easy to follow, but the words themselves are convoluted at times, which I think could be fixed with reviewing the punctuation. And remember that each time a new person speaks, you need to start a new paragraph. Overall, it's a worth space-consumer of WN. Readers, please give the author some feedback! Even the small things seem to go appreciated by her, and she wants your suggestions, good and bad. She takes criticism well. Anyhoo, I'll be coming back when there's more stuff to see. :) Keep up the good work.


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I really love this story. The scenes that the author gives is captivating. The plot of the story is good too. I just want to say that you can improve your writing by giving us more details. But this story is worth reading. Will definitely wait for future updates💜💜


I read the first few chapters of your book. It was very impressive. I liked the writing plot. The suggestion I have is describe ur character a bit more, like her hair or looks, to make readers imagine the character.


i really like the first few chapters. They are quite good. The plot is also impressive. The synopsis is a bit lacking. Keep going. and don't give up


So I read the first few chapter of your book which was very captivating, Your book was very unique and the plot was great! Your writing style is different and I like it. But I think that you can make your synopsis or description of the book a little better so you can grasp more readers attention. Keep writing and don't give up!


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Great story. I really like this one. It has a strong sense of mystery to it that kept me reading for a good bit. I highly recommend it.


Really good story and plot. The first few parts somehow reflects reality. I feel the MC about being a transfer student. It was quite interesting to read how she gets acquainted with the other characters. I like how magic was integrated into her life... keep writing! best of luck!


Wow! I can really say that the plot was very interesting. I really like the MC. The book really entertained me all through my reading experience. I hope to see more of the book in the future! Keep it up author!


Although this book is slow on update, please be sure to read this book, it's a good one. I liked it personally. I have read 9 ch. and liked it. I think you will also.


The story is nice actually... The start was good... I was like 'hmm??' Yeah overall nice story. Author keep up the good work you are doing.. 😎


The story development is so good. I really enjoyed reading the chapters. The character discription, story discription are really good. I'm looking forward to read next Chapters.


I read the first chapter and i have to say it's gonna be interesting. The writings are so perfect and all the characters are fun one. I would highly recommend this book. Author has done a great job.


i've read it all and it's amazing even just 2k words it already tell a really long and good story i really² like it. good job and keep writing 😄


The synopsis needs to be modified a little bit other than that awesome story. I really liked your description. I think you can write quite well so keep on writing and update soon.


The book has a really interesting plot and the characters are quite mysterious making one want to know more about them. But it would be even better if you could fix the text style, meaning it would be better if the paragraph started from beginning not in the middle. But you can see potential in this novel and can't wait for more chapthers[img=update][img=recommend].


The writing quality and the story plot is very nice. I got very interested just after reading the first chapter. The scenes can be better expressed such as dialogues and scene-setting details, if they can be incorporated this story will look even better.


this story is very interesting! it really got me hooked from the very first chapter! and im looking forward for more chapter because its really a great book!


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