Level-Up in the Cultivation World

He, who was once fragile and weak, now is holding sun and moon in both his hand. With a Level-up System aiding him, onwards to forge an undying legend of his own. Over coming myriad tribulations, here he stands with a sword in hand. An unknown soul of a distant world ends up travelling to a world of bloodshed and war. A world where heads start rolling for face and dignity. But where did all the start? Who was he before he became what he is now? Join us in this journey to find out about the one, 'He Who Transcends Nirvana'. Hello, dear Readers. I am Formless19, the author of the book - Level-Up in the Cultivation World. I hope you will enjoy reading my book because as the story progresses it will one get more fun. The initial chapters might be boring but give this novel a try, at 20 chapters, I am sure, you won't regret it. Also, check out my other book - The Cultivator's Odyssey. ----- Disclaimer: The image used as the book cover is not mine I fount it on Pinterest and if the creator of the image wants me to remove it, I will. Thank you.

Formless19 · Eastern
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20 Chs

Cultivation Realms, Mystery of the Slave Seal

"Um, can you perhaps tell me about it?", Di Tianming asked politely in a hesitant tone.

"Listen carefully, human. I am only going to explain it once as I myself don't know much about the Cultivation Realms of Humans."

Di Tianming nodded seriously and focused.

"The initial Realms of Cultivation for every Race is same - The Body Tempering Realm after that is the Blood Qi Realm, your current realm, both of these Realms are further divided into three minor stages - early, middle and peak.

Then, comes the Spirit Realm, this is where divergence occurs as different Races cultivate differently from Spirit Realm onwards, based on their body constitutions."

[Ding! Congratulation to the Host for gaining knowledge about this world's Cultivation system.]

[Host is awarded with 10 level-up points.]

[The User interface has been successfully updated. Try saying 'Status'.]



Di Tianming heard a mechanical voice in his head and a transparent screen appeared in front of him.


[Name: Di Tianming]

[Age: 16]

[Cultivation: Early-stage Blood Qi Realm (1/200)(+)]

[Cultivation technique: N/A]

[Martial Arts: N/A]

[Points: 156 ]


Di Tianming raised an eyebrow upon seeing the new change in his status.

"So I am a early-stage Blood Qi Realm cultivator, huh. That means Level-9 Mortal Realm corresponds to early-stage Blood Qi Realm. As for the Body Tempering Realm, it must correspond to Level-3 - Level-7 Mortal Realm."

Di Tianming had already guessed that it was just the names of the Cultivation Realms that was different and he was correct. This was indeed the case.

Seeing Di Tianming's serious look, the Tiger thought that he was listening attentively and nodded its head in approval in its heart.

The Evil-eyes Azure Tiger explained Di Tianming about the Cultivation Realms patiently.

"As for us, the Beast Race, Spirit Realm is divided into three minor stages - early, middle and peak. In this Realm, a beast is more commonly called a Spirit Beast and I, too, am a Spirit Beast of the Peak-stage."

However, when he heard the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger say that it was a Peak-stage Spirit Beast, he was shocked. Fear evident in his eyes.

"What!? Peak-stage Spirit Beast? How powerful is that!? Well, she was was able to kill Zhao Han so, at least, she is countless times stronger than me. Sign~ I am still too weak. I need to get stronger and I will!"

Despite having a calm expression on the surface, Di Tianming mind was in turmoil. He felt weak and helpless but had an unyielding will was burning in his heart brightly.

He swore to himself that never again will he allow himself to be at another persons mercy and will become an existence revered by countless and with the help of system, this goal would be achieved sooner.

Unknowingly, Di Tianming had taken his first step into forging a legacy of his own. An undying legend which will shake heaven and earth.

The Evil-eyes Azure Tiger noticed a sudden change in Di Tianming's aura and temperament. It was as if something inside him had been triggered.

"It seems that I didn't choose the wrong person after all."

She thought to herself and suddenly asked him a question.

"Though, I am curious about one thing human. How are you able to cultivate despite having a Slave seal imprint on you?"

"What do you mean?", Di Tianming asked in confusion.

"Don't tell me you don't know about slave seals too? Just how much of an ignorant are you?"

Evil-eyes Azure Tiger asked in annoyance.

"Of course I know about Slave seals. These seals represent our status in the world, a punishment give to one and its descendants, making their lives worse than death.", he replied with a solemn face.


"And? That' s it right?"

"Hah~. Listen carefully, human. Slave Seals are not as this simple. These seals have a meaning to it. A person only engraves its enemy with a Slave seal and these seals also pass onto their future descendants.

These Slave seals are their to restrict and prevent a person from cultivating and preventing any sort of future revenge."

Di Tianming was shocked to here this, he had seen numerous people with these seals and guess what they all had common. Yes, they were all beggars.

"In other words, every person who carries these seals are descendants of cultivator and have potential to become a powerful expert but can't due to these seals restraining them from cultivating."


"That...that's too cruel!"

"I know. To make it so that even your descendants can't cultivate, its very sinister. As expected of you humans, befitting of your cunning and treacherous nature."

"Tell me about it.", Di Tianming chuckled lightly after hearing what she said.

"No wonder that Zhao Han went after me so crazily. To have the ability to cultivate despite having a slave seal is a big deal. I must hide it at all cost in the future."

"That's why I wanted to-"

Meow! Meow!

Evil-eyes Azure Tiger was about to continue when she suddenly coughed a mouthful of blood.

"Looks like I can't hold back any longer."

"Senior! Are you alright!?", Di Tianming was shocked to suddenly the tiger cough blood. He went forward to support it when he heard a voice inside his head.

"Stop! Don't come near me. I want to spend my final moments with my child."

Di Tianming halted midway and looked at the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger before nodding and leaving the cave.

A strange emotion welled-up in his heart. One that he had forgotten long ago.


Letting out a deep breathe, Di Tianming walked out of the cave and looked at the moonlight.

The serene atmosphere around here was beautiful.

Di Tinaming sat down on the ground and looked at the moon, high in the sky.

"I can't believe I survived a year in this dangerous world. However, after my encounter with Zhao Han has made me realize how weak I am. All the while killing the Mortal realm beasts, made me feel invincible yet today I was chased like a dog. I wonder how my parents are doing? How much time had passed their? Will I ever be able to return home."

He was lost in the sea of thoughts, reminiscing about his past. When he came back, it felt like a lot of time has passed. 

Standing up slowly, Di Tianming walked inside the cave.

There lied a huge tiger, cuddling with its baby. Its breathing had stopped.

Di Tianming took a deep breathe and closed his eyes in silence for a minute to mourn.

He opened his eyes and looked around, spotting the beast core near the dead body of the Azure Tiger, however, he ignored it and walked towards the cub before picking it up.

The baby cub, just like its mother, had azure fur with black strips. Currently, it was sleeping peacefully.

Di Tianming, suddenly, lifted his hand and looked left and right. His left hand, then, slowly moved towards the cub's legs.

He slowly separated its back legs and gazed in between for a split second.

Yep, there it is! It's boy!


Coughing lightly, he shook his head.

Putting the cub in another corner of the cave, Di Tianming walked towards the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger. He lightly touched her body as drops of tears fell down his face, once again, going silence.

He slowly picked up the beast core lying beside her body and suddenly a system notification popped-up in front of him.

[Detected Beast core of a Peak-stage Spirit Beast. Does the host want to absorb it?]

"Yes.", Di Tianming calmly said. For some reason, he didn't feel surprised at all.

[+30,000 points.]

"!!", Di Tianming was shocked to see the amount of points he garnered just by absorbing the beast core of Evil-eyes Azure Tiger.

"30,000?...30,000!? I am rich."

Di Tianming mind spinning and his heart was racing. Even if all the points he had grinded so far combined wouldn't amount to 30,000 points.

"With this many points, I wonder how strong I can get."

He felt excited at this thought. However, before that he wanted to bury the body of Evil-eyes Azure Tiger and pay his proper respects.

Di Tianming picked up a nearby stone which had a flat edge and stabbed it into the ground and then, pulled it out along with some mud.

He repeated the process again and again, until a hole big enough to bury the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger was dug.

He, then, jumped out of the hole, and wiped his sweat formed on his forehead.

"Hah! Hah!"

Di Tianming huffed and puffed, his torso heaving up and down.

He glanced at the cub and found that it was still sleeping so, he walked to the dead body of the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger and tried pushing it.


Groaning, Di Tianming put both his hand on her body pushed it with all his strength but the tiger's body didn't even budge an inch.

Helpless, he put both his hands on his waist and looked at the tiger's body, thinking what he should do.

It was then, he saw the purple-black wound on her body, blood slowly flowing out of it.

Di Tianming bent down and touched it.

[Detected blood essence of the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger. Quality: Spirit-grade. Do you want assimilate with it? Cost: 20,000 points.]

In one day, how many shocks can a person survive?