Level Up in Earth Evolution

Update Time 00:30 UTC +8 ____ The Earth's Evolution begins with the first phase, Monster Invasion, and everyone receiving a system. The system allows them to choose classes like RPG games: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Healer, and many more. ____ Li Wei and Li Xin are both stepsiblings and shut-in gamers. They were bored with life and yearned to live as if they were in RPG games when the world started to change suddenly like they wanted. Li Wei chooses a special class, "Jack-of-all-Trades," because he desires to master everything. Everything seems to be going well when he is suddenly forced to accept the quest to kill gods and with the upgrade of his system. Little did he know that he was chosen mistakenly because of his bad luck. However, every time Li Wei kills a monster, he gains more XP and rewards than a normal person, making him stronger. ___ When the second phase of Earth Evolution starts, everyone becomes stunned because it begins with 'World Rebuilding.' The Earth begins to absorb nearby worlds, changing the whole map of the Earth and adding dungeons and spawning monsters. The Earth is changing, just like an RPG game. ____ When Li Wei and Li Xin discovers a new world that has merged with their own. They register themselves as adventurers and create a party to fight monsters and level up. *** Author's Note: No NTR, No Yaoi. I am just a new author so don't hope too much. The story is slow paced, MC is overpowered and there is a lot of romance. Warning: R18

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Fighting Monster's

"Be ready; the slimes will attack us," Li Wei reminded them after arriving on the lower floor.

Everyone nodded and became prepared to attack and defend while turning their gaze toward monsters.

"There are really many," Alice murmured with a stunned expression when suddenly all the slimes turned to look at them and started to move towards them with funny sounds.

*Pyong! Pyong! Pyong!*

The funny sounds made everyone relax a little, and everyone felt at ease.

Li Xin looked at the cute slimes who were coming to attack them, "Brother do we really have to kill them?" she asked with a little reluctant face.

"Yeah, they are kinda cute," both Alice and Elva nodded and agreed with her.

Li Wei shook his head at them; he knew girls loved the cute things, but it is not time for this.

"Yes, we have to kill them; if not, they will attack us. Not to mention, it's a dungeon; we might even get skill crystals," he replied and turned to look at the incoming slimes.

"There are fire, water, poison, and earth slimes, all level 11. Also, be careful of those Vinecreepers; they are level 12 and can attack suddenly or lay traps even if we are far away from them," he warned them again, after checking their levels with his Analyze Eye.

The slimes looked normal as they shined with their elemental colors, but the Vinecreepers were different; they looked more like a tree with vines growing on them.

"Okay, brother, we know," Li Xin nodded at him with Alice and Elva.

Li Wei became surprised when she answered.

'She is answering on behalf of them. Well, probably they are all girls around the same age and feeling easy to talk,' he murmured in his mind and checked the status of monsters.


**Analyze Panel/Start**

Name: Earth Slime | Type: Normal

Rank: E | Level: 11

HP: 2000/2000 | MP: 250/250

Strength: 85 | Agility: 53

Intelligence: 51 | Endurance: 70

Spirit: 60 | Luck: 28

Skills: Stone Spit-6, Rock Harden-5, Crumble Strike-7

Special Abilities: None

**Analyze Panel/End**


**Analyze Panel/Start**

Name: Vinecreeper | Type: Normal

Rank: E | Level: 12

HP: 2400/2400 | MP: 305/305

Strength: 75 | Agility: 63

Intelligence: 61 | Endurance: 60

Spirit: 65 | Luck: 12

Skills: Entangling Vines-8, Thorned Lash-6, Tangle Trap-7

Special Abilities: None

**Analyze Panel/End**


As he checked their status, the slimes came closer and closer to them.

Watching this, he reminded, "XinXin, Elva, be ready to attack."

Elva and Li Xin both nodded with an okay, knowing it's their turn to attack first with long-range skills.

Li Xin held her wooden staff with a tight grip, ready to attack anytime, while Elva took out more arrows from her item box and became ready to attack.

*Pyong! Pyong! Pyong!*

The slimes came towards them, jumping, as they were not too close to them.

Li Wei and them didn't move forward because they might get entangled with vine plant monsters and also chose to stay just a little distance from the stairs to retreat if any other high-level monsters appeared abruptly.

"Now, attack!" Li Wei instructed when the slimes reached the area of their attack range.

Hearing him, Li Xin didn't hesitate and pointed her staff toward the slimes.

"Frost Nova," she chanted softly.


With a sound, a freezing wave swept towards the incoming slimes, and within the area of effect of the skill, all the slimes became slow, feeling the cold chill.

Watching them slowing down, Elva didn't let the chance go.

"Elemental Arrow," "Rapid Shots," she chanted hurriedly, and her passive skills, "Bow Proficiency," "Eagle Eye," "Aim and Precision," activated automatically as she prepared the bow.


She formed a fire arrow out of thin air and shot it towards the incoming slimes. With her rapid shot skill, in just a few seconds, she shot ten arrows.

*Puff! Puff! Puff! Sizzle! Boom!*

With a puffing sound, those ten arrows split into twenty, and then forty, landing on the slimes with sizzling sounds.

*Pyong! Pyong! Pyong!*

The slimes panicked at the incoming attacks and tried to dodge, but it was futile as Li Wei made his move next.

"Frost Nova," "Divine Protection," "Footwork," he chanted strictly and attacked with Frost Nova, much stronger than Li Xin's, as it froze the water slimes for a few seconds.

While his Divine Protection skill created a holy barrier on all of them that could resist poison attacks, his Footwork skill also activated, and his body howled like the wind as he headed toward the slimes with a sword.

This time he didn't use any skills and directly slashed at the Earth slime with his power.


A clanking sound echoed as he destroyed the Earth slime into pieces.

[Ding, Congratulations for killing a Level 11 Earth Slime. You gained 275 XP.]

He received the XP split with his ten times bonus, but he couldn't waste time pondering on it as the monsters' attack came.

Watching that their kind getting killed, the slimes didn't hesitate and launched their attack with fire, poison, stone, and water spit.

Li Wei looked at the slimes' incoming attack calmly.

"Arcane Shield," he chanted, and one more layer of the shield formed on him, deflecting the coming attacks, while Divine Protection neutralized the poison.

"Charge," "Divine Smite," he used the skills again, charging towards the slimes with a calm expression, dodging their attacks, and once again slashing at them with the sword covered by divine aura, increasing his attack damage.

[Ding...] [Ding...] [Ding...]

He directly started massacring them as he saw them attacking while trying to hold them, but still, a few escaped behind, heading towards Li Xin and the others.

"Be careful, some are coming towards you," he reminded with a worry and continued to kill.

Alice, Li Xin, and Elva weren't just watching.

While Li Xin and Elva used their attacks to slow down the slimes, Alice entered stealth and attacked the slimes that came towards them coldly and ruthlessly.

The slimes continued to attack as they tried to reach them, but it was all futile as both Li Xin and Alice attacked them with their close combact skills, while Elva focused on long-distance attacks, making their advance slow.

But they were all having difficulty as their mana didn't recover at the rate they were using it.

Li Wei also noticed their situation and frowned.

"We have only killed about 20 slimes, and there are still more than 100. Looks like we are still too weak, but I have already leveled up, and I can overpower them, reducing their tension and giving them enough time to recover," he pondered, as he thought of a way.

"Frost Nova," he chanted loudly.


This time, a bigger and more powerful freezing wave came, directly stopping the slimes' advance.

Li Wei didn't let the chance go and attacked fircsely.

"Fireball," "Fireball," "Fireball," he chanted rapidly, firing fireballs at them that took 10 MP, but the damage increased because of high intelligence.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The booming sound echoed, with the fireballs evaporating water and snow.

"Fireball," "Elemental Arrow," "Rapid Shot." Elva and Li Xin also used their skills to attack, keeping only a little MP.

Alice just stayed there in stealth, killing any monsters that were attacking them with cold expression. She knew with no MP to spare, they definitely wouldn't be able to fight.

*Pyong! Pyong! Pyong!*

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

Li Wei, who is ahead, tries his best to kill them, not letting them go behind.

"Fireball," "Frost Nova," "Fireball," he kept shouting and using skills, as it only consumed a little mana, unlike Li Xin and Elva, who had to use more mana because of their low intelligence attribute and level, making their damage less.

'What?' Alice and Elva were both dumbfounded when they saw him using skills like he had unlimited mana, but they didn't care too much and focused their attention on the fight.

They were recovering their MP from time to time while using it to attack the slimes.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

*Pyong! Pyong! Pyong!*

It was already above twenty minutes as Li Wei continued to kill them with fireballs and Frost Nova when a vine came to attack him suddenly.

"Slash," he directly used the sword skill towards the vine, cutting it down.


A sound echoed as he cut through it, and the vine retreated hurriedly after getting broken.

Li Wei looked around a little and found that he has arrived inside their attack range while killing the slimes.

He observed around to found that most of the slimes were killed, leaving only plant monsters with their numbers.

"Fireball," "Fireball," he directly attacked Vinecreepers because they were grouped in one place, making it easy to target them.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Sizzle! Sizzle!*

The Vinecreepers that were hit with fireballs burned with fire with sizzling sounds.


He got a notification of killing one of them and became a little stunned.

'Huh, I am now level 14. No wonder I can kill them more easily,' he thought and looked around.

There were no more slimes in his attack range. He checked on Li Xin and the others, and only a few tens of slimes remained, and they could handle it themselves.

He once again shifted his gaze at the Vinecreepers attacking them again as only they remained in his attack range. "Fireball," "Fireball," he attacked without hesitation.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Sizzle! Sizzle!*

With booming sounds, the Vinecreepers were hit with his bombardment of Fireball. Kat, kat, kat, kat, they let out unique sounds and directly attacked with thorn lashes and vines.

The attacks came at him rapidly and Vinecreepers also launched their trap skills without holding back in the slightest.

"Frost Nova," "Arcane Shield," "Divine Protection," Li Wei shouted hurriedly when he saw their massive numbers of attacks.

With Frost Nova, he slowed their movements while forming two transparent shields protecting him.

"Evasion," he chanted again, moving to dodge the attacks, but a few still hit his shield, blocking them.

"Elemental Arrow," "Rapid Shot," Elva shot arrows at the Vinecreepers.

But the arrows didn't do much damage because they were a level higher than her.

"Fireball," Li Xin also attacked them, as they were done dealing with the slimes.

"Alice, don't get close. Just intercept the vine attacks that are coming towards you and them," Li Wei reminded after seeing she is ready to fight in close combat.

It would be dangerous if she got entangled with the vines, not to mention they were a level higher than her.

Alice nodded with a okay and didn't reject this.

Her level has increased, but she still chose to intercept the vines to avoid causing any problems, as everything is going smoothly.

Li Wei saw her not attacking and once again bombarded Vinecreepers with skills.

"Frost Nova," "Frost Nova," "Fireball," "Slash," he chanted fircsely as he deflected their vine attacks while attacking them.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Sizzle! Sizzle!*

The bombardment continued for a while until only one of the Vinecreepers remained.

"Fireball," Li Wei attacked the last remaining Vinecreeper without hesitation.

With a boom, the fireball hit the Vinecreeper and started burning with a sizzling sound, finally dying.

He looked around to confirm if there were any monsters left after finding all were dead he felt relieved, and arrived beside Li Xin and the others.

"Are you all right?" he asked with a concern.

They weren't harmed because he protected them with Divine Protection, which provided a little healing effect too.

"We are fine, but our MP is too low," Li Xin replied with a sigh. She felt harder and harder to catch up with him.

Li Wei smiled at her. "Did you forget you can buy AP with coins? Just use it however you want," he reminded her softly as she can buy Attribute Points from the system.

"But still, I will get only 28 Attribute Points. It isn't enough," Li Xin murmured with a dejected face. When she felt a warm hand on her head, she looked up and saw him patting her.

"Just don't worry for now. Once we have money, we will raise your attributes however we want," he reassured her that she can get stronger.

He then turned at Alice and Elva. "What about you two? Are you all right?" he inquired.

"Yes, there is no problem. It was much easier than we thought," Elva nodded, looking at him with a puzzled expression because the strength he showed is beyond what they had thought.

Li Wei didn't care about her gaze. "Okay, we should rest here and recover before we fight the boss," he suggested, looking at the door ahead of them.

Everyone agreed and decided to take a rest to recover for the next fight after all they fought non-stop almost for an hour and it is also lunch time.

"If you have SP, you should increase the level of special skills," Li Wei reminded after sitting beside Li Xin.

Alice and Elva nodded.

"We can do it, but it won't be that high level," Alice replied, as they didn't have much SP.

"Certainly, but it's better than nothing," Li Wei nodded not caring too much, while ruffling Li Xin's hair as she leaned on him. He checked his status to see what level he is now.

'I am now level 15. But it's good; I should also upgrade my skills so we don't have any problems later,' he thought and upgraded his skills.

Even though he was happy about leveling up, he remained calm because it is just a start, and almost all the adults inside Valeria City were above 40. Compared to them, he appeared as nothing.


SP: 86↓445-

**Special Class skills (3):**

Level 10: Shadow Clone, Summoning, Swordsmanship.

**Common Basic Skills (25):**

Level 10: Slash, Fireball, Frost Nova, Arcane Shield, Footwork, Charge, Divine Protection.


After upgrading his skills, he looked at Elva and Alice.

"What are your plans for the future? Are you going to continue adventuring in the ElmoraI World?" Li Wei inquired.

Elva shook her head. "We don't know. It will depend on the strength we have. If we level up and become strong, we can decide. But if we fail to do so, then we will have to follow the path our families created for us," she explained.

"I see," Li Wei nodded and didn't ask anything further.

He continued to rest as they also ate their lunch. It was a good thing that no disgusting monsters were here, or they wouldn't have an appetite to eat.

After resting and recovering, everyone looked at the boss door in front of them.

"Are you ready? The boss might be a little troublesome, especially since it will be a mutated monster," he warned them.

Even the dungeon boss monster is mutated for some reason, but it is all normal as long as they don't level up.

"We are ready," they nodded, they too knew about it and were little anxious.

Seeing their nod, Li Wei pushed open the door without hesitation he felt little excited about boss fight.


Monster's killed:-

Elemental Slimes level 11 - 180× = 19800 XP

Vinecreepers level 12 - 36× = 4320 XP

Total XP = 24120


-- Li Wei -- XP gained - 6030×10 = 60300 XP

Level UP = 11 → 15


-- Li Xin -- XP gained - 6030 XP

Level UP = no


-- Alice XP -- gained - 6030 XP

Level UP = 11→12


-- Elva XP -- gained - 6030 XP

Level UP = 11→12


Please comment if there are any mistakes and I will add a Auxiliary Chapter for Character Panel of Li Xin, Alice and Elva.


**Special Dark Panel Created by Cute Little Goddess of Death**

Name: Li Wei | Age: 17 | Race: Human

Class: Jack-of-all-Trades (E)

Level: 15↑4+ | Title: Monster Killer

SP: 86↓445- | AP: 400↑400+

Coins: 55898↑4000+


HP: 3600/3600

MP: 2935/2935

XP: 5200/16000


Strength: 283 | Agility: 284 (8-)

Intelligence: 587 | Endurance: 256 (36+)

Spirit: 55 | Luck: 8


***????: Eternal Learning skill Max

**Special Class skills (3):-

Level 10: Shadow Clone, Summoning, Swordsmanship.

**Goddess of Death Edition Skills (2):-

Analyze Eye: Level 10 (0/110000)

Shadow Step: Level 6 (0/70000)

Fake Status: Level 5 (0/60000)

**Extra skills:- Language Mastery Max.

**Common Basic Skills (25) -

Level 10: Slash, Fireball, Frost Nova, Arcane Sheild, Footwork, Charge, Divine Protection,

Level 5: Heal, Cure Poison, Guard, Stealth, Item box, Calm Emotion, Spiritual Communication, Grappling, Evasion, Lockpicking, Trap Detection, Dagger Proficiency, Shield and Sword Proficiency, Exorcism, Divine Leadership, Divine Smite.

Level 1: Glow Magic.


1. Normal Attire Set | Level: 10

Endurance: 5+ | Agility: 1-

2. Leather Armour | Level: 10

Endurance: 10+ | Agility: 3-

3. Iron Sword | Level: 10

Endurance: 21+ | Agility: 4-



1. Kill the ??????????????????? Gods

- Difficulty: ???

- Rewards: ???

- Note: You will receive exclusive rewards after killing every god. These rewards are given by your cute little Goddess of Death.

2. Defend Earth from the Monster Invasion!

- Quest Difficulty: ???

- Quest Reward: ???


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