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Legendary Conqueror


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What is Legendary Conqueror

Legendary Conqueror is a popular web novel written by the author SauceError, covering SYSTEM, MODERN, KOREAN, ADVENTURE, ACTION, EASTERN-FANTASY, LEVEL-UP, CONQUEROR MC, RANKER, LEGENDARY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 231.4K readers with an average rating of 4.16/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 46 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The world has changed, with people rising as Conquerors to conquer tower-like dungeons named Obelisks. Will Choi Seunghyuk be able to live in a world where the strong lead and the weak bleed? Or will he able to become---A Legendary Conqueror.

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Happy 100K for Legendary Conqueror! Thank you everybody for reading and supporting the Legendary Conqueror thus far, some commented positively as encouragement, and some commented negatively as a lesson, and I have learnt a lot since my first chapter till now. I hope everybody will continue to support this book and I will continue to support myself to update this book! Thank you everybody!


Thank you every body for reading Legendary Conqueror from 10th of September when the first episode "A Conqueror" was released, allowing its views to slowly increase from 0 at the very start to over 10 thousand currently. This is a feat I would have never thought I could achieve and all I have to thank are you readers for getting me this far. Happy 10K!!


Yoo. Don't get scared by the score, give it a try, you won't waste much of time by giving a chance. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with this. Bad world building. (You started with him getting powers and just sent him to do things, even with that prologue you just gave a cliche explanation of the world... what's bad with how much mc already did). Bad story progression ( It's rushed... well I think you get it. It's simply rushed,). (Edit: Personally, I don't like the things that happened) Unlikeable writing (I didn't have any problems with the grammar but I think the way its written is pretty annoying and puts one away from the book.) My Opinion: You(author) shouldn't drop this, unless you dislike writing or something... Don't be unmotivated, if you have get enough writing experience everything will just fall in the right places. Also, I'm going to use this as my review. (Extracted From: Chapter 21,(Out Of 39) Comment Section). Stars: (Spoiler in the last paragraph) 2 3(Based in the "1 chapter per week" Written over there, what looks just about average for me) 2 2(Nothing of special, just a cliche/standard personality... (SPOILER here,------------------------------------------------------------------------- author gave the mc a skill to make him cold hearted... and he looks like a good boy for me, which I don't like, and is strange with the 2 'personalities' together.) 2


Hi ! I just started this story and I am really enjoying it so far! So thank you 😁 Keep up the good work. Now, next chapter, here I go !


its a really good book and i cant wait for the next chapter the development of the characters are great and the MC isn't an idiot like in some other books that i read and i support the author a lot i don't have any money but i still will try to send positive comments the only complaint i can think of is that there are some points in time where the spelling and grammar are in check


it's pretty decent and is a good one to read but the content was too bland and boorish. this is not suitable for thrill-seeker readers, y'all




Reveal spoiler




Reveal spoiler




Okay,, this is going to be long. I've been looking real hard for stories like this to read and I've finally found it. Even though it's new and only has a few chapters, it has been uploading daily and OMG more than a thousand words per chapter. I have to say I'm enjoying it. Firstly, writing grammar and vocabulary is amazing! I've experienced books with spelling and grammatical errors or even limited vocabulary, but this book has none of those errors! Even if there is, the author would change them immediately! Secondly, the story plot is my favourite. I've been looking for a system-like upgrading story like this! You know solo-levelling, Ranker who lives a Second Time, Kill The Hero etc? It is everything in one, and by that, I don't mean it being unoriginal, the author gave it his own spin and it's just another story out of the same genre which is definitely difficult to achieve. I personally really like the main character Choi Seunghyuk or 최승혁. As he has a really relatable personality, and we wouldn't want to watch someone be sad and depressed about themselves for a whole story, so watching him grow is amazing as well. The realism of things and the awesome characterisation makes me wanna keep on reading! Guys, please give it a read and don't get too hasty, the action starts after chapter 1 :)


writer is so childish. Seriously If it wasn't for the story background I couldn't even have survived the first few chapters. Specially their arguments. Oh man ! 12 year kids on the street can be more realistic in an argument that them


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