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Learning to Love you,more everyday


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“ I want to keep the baby.” I said. He looked me straight in the eyes and attempted to wrap his hands around my neck but stopped. “Don’t you dare go around telling everyone I am the father of that baby.Anyways it was your choice to keep the baby not mine” He said and started to walk away. “I’ll still wait for you , I’ll accept u as my baby’s father when you change.” I screamed with tears falling off my cheek hoping for him to catch it. He turned back and glared at me, “IF I change.” There he went ,left me crying on the street. Whether I was pregnant or not,he always left me crying yet I still loved him because I held onto the memory of him a year ago when we were together and we were both happy and loving,but as he says ‘things change.’ Now a year later he treats me as his pleasure but not his girlfriend and it all tumbled from then. I didn’t expect anything but had a glimmer of hope that this accidental pregnancy may change him but ..


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