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Read Leanna novel written by the author MiuNovels on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, r18, ceo, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[MATURE CONTENT] My life has no meaning. I'm forty years old, a middle age woman. Some say I have a fulfilling life, an architect with a high salary, a one-bedroom condo unit and a face that, although not the most beautiful, certainly warrants a second look. The only thing people criticize about me is the emptiness of my ring finger. I'm not married and don't have a family of my own. I don't feel anything about it. I don't need a man in my life, and I hate kids. The only thing I regretted was how I lived my life. Half of it wasted in school and the other half wasted in work. Before I knew it, I'm already old and at my deaths bed - alone and dying. THEN I WOKE UP FROM THE DREAM. ---- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Realm Wars (ML) Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, Beastmen Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military Trinity the Last White Witch (FL) Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFL ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels DISCORD: Join discord server to discuss about the story, characters, possible side stories, hardcover prints, stretched goals, Covers, Character arts and more! https://discord.com/invite/uvyHgS5bsZ ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal: Miu.2017@yahoo.com

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I've just read until chapter 8 and it was enough for me to see the the spark of joy I'm having when reading this story, and so I write it as a review to some of my opinion to be shared for those who might be curious if this book is worth it or not. The writing itself is technically appeasing with the pace and paragraph was set upon apart from each other at a perfect sized bitsy bite chunk for it to be equally easy to swallow. Although the chapters are a little bit shorter but then again, it was a good bitty part for me to continue page upon pages. And yes! Investing, gosh, I just like those MC who utilize the algamation of reality to its fullest to even tried to invest at such early age, making sure that her future need was fulfilled. Okay, stop reading my rambling, just read it. And kudos for the author [img=recommend] Will finish what I read.


The story is so good. This is so refreshing, I really liked it. Chapters may seem a bit short sometimes, but I don't mind it, you'll fall in love with the story quickly. I just wished I discovered this sooner. And yes, this book is definitely a worth read.


hey guys I hope my review is showing now. anyway, I'll keep t short since webnovel doesnt seem to like long reviews. 😅 *fast face and lighthearted *i wrote this to distress so dnt expect heavy drama and plots to solve. ITQ got you covered for that 😁 *possessive cold ml but sweet on fl. its cliche but it works *no r*pe nor major misunderstanding i think thats about t 😁 Please support with votes, comments, gifts and reviews if u like the story 👍🙏


this is one of my all time favorites. I've reread this story not once, twice, thrice, but more than 10x. its fast pace and lighthearted and easy to read. congrats on the contract! [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Reveal spoiler


how nostalgic!! this is the 1st first book that made me a fan! i lost count on how many times i reread this! its simple, funny and fast pace. never a dull moment. author congrats on being contracted! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


i love the story and evey charcaters! chapters r short but it allowed me to digest t with ease. i hope all novels r chapter short so its easier to digest one of my favorites! i cant wait to read more!


I love the story. I love how the characters were created and designed. Story plot and world building are excellent. One of my favorite stories now.


fast pace, funny, and an emotional read! i cant get enough of the scenes and its lighthearted! i never thought id enjoy a second chance nivel this much! much ive read r heavy drama and revenge and face slapping. this is a refreshing take and definitely worth reading 100x over!


i really love this no I'm in love with this novel,the only thing that I can say is "PERFECT" LOVE THISLOVE THISLOVE THISLOVE THISLOVE THISLOVE THIS


I really like this story mainly because it is a reincarnation type of books. I always like this kind of book because it will always show the changes and consequences that happen after the FL change the storyline of her life. Personally,I like the way Cain is so posessive over Leanna and how funny Leanna reaction in certain situations. IT WAS ABSOLUTE GOLD!!! I really hope Cain and Leanna can have their own happy ending and have many children of their own.


OMG!! finally Leanna officially in webnovel, I read the free version bdw in your website and so many steamy chapters skipped [img=faceslap] so glad I can unlock it now 😳


Where to start... I am involved in this story. lol Author you have done a great job so far and honestly, I can't wait to read more about your characters, this story. I love the balance you create with conflict and the strength of Leanna and of those around her. We know male lead is strong, but I love how you explore this 'new' side of him with him. Leanna is one those people who you meet and it will change you for the better. I am definitely going to read your other books.. just give me a week. lol I wish I knew more so I could tell everyone who reads this genre, 'hey you gotta read this' It doesn't matter if this end up being a short or long story... I look forward to it's completion.


Gosh this story is so good like I don't even know how to express my feelings for this story it's that good, and also the characters especially Cain and Leanna gosh I loveeee them and it's fast pace which is I love cause I'm the type of reader who easily gets bored so yeah I love the story and it is one of my favorites.


Good novel. Hope Quick release. Thanks. Very funny. Realistic.!?? For à girl to sixteen year.we can read until fall sleeping and have sweet dreams. Need more. Need more.!!!!!


Exciting, amazing, worthy, priceless, addicting, wonderful, romantic, lovely, fluffy, sweet, respect, outstanding, balance, faithfully, full of love, possessive, love till crazy, [img=update]


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