Lady of the Lake Book

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Lady of the Lake


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Two smugglers, hoping to pass unseen, ride in a boat through supposed 'cursed' waters. To pass the time Bo, a seasoned smuggler among other things tells the legend of a creature that lives in the lake, a humanoid creature with the fangs of a lion, the gills of a fish, the wings of an eagle, the poison of an Valudutti frog. The legend of the Lady of the Lake. Duchess Elisia has set off with an escort to make amends with the past. Normally a quiet road, suddenly her carriage is brought to a standstill and a soldier informs her that someone blocks the road, asking for her by name. Someone, not normal... Lady of the Lake, follows Duchess Elisia, through her set of trials and tribulations. Action-packed with slow tender moments of reflection, and perhaps even a bit of romance and drama. It's my first published project, even though I've been writing and reading for a while now. I will try to publish a chapter once a week, and would love to hear what you think in the reviews. Don't be fooled by the prologue, this is not a 'country' story.