68 Heimdall

Hot breath distorted the surrounding space.

It was as if a burning furnace appeared in the center of the town.

In just a few seconds, the frozen town melted, and wisps of water vapor continued to rise.

The Giants of Jotunheim's faces are extremely ugly under the rising temperature. The Frost Clan doesn't prefer hot places very much.

When they come to the town, they choose to freeze it because they don't like the hot weather in New Mexico.

And now the heat that Bella erupts can far exceed the general hot-environment which makes the Giants of Jotunheim's extreme discomfort.

The Giants of Jotunheim were uncomfortable but stood their cowardly, looking at the Huntress with fear on their faces.

They felt death and despair in this woman.

The subconscious told them they must not provoke this woman. Otherwise death would be ushered in.

The scorching power and air waves pushed away, causing Thor, Loki, and Sif to dance wildly in the cloaks they wore.

Their hands had to be blocked in front, and it was so difficult to even open their eyes.

"She is so strong?"

"What a powerful force. I have never seen this kind of power."

Loki and Thor resisted the scorching blast, guessing secretly.

As the princes of Asgard, they have some understanding of the affairs of several worlds and even the universe, but they have never seen such power.

Apart from guessing, the two also breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, Bella's strength is too strong, no matter which side she joins, she will crush the other side directly.

Deciding not to help each other now is the best result.

Loki just felt a little pity.

Bella's attitude is tough, and Thor and Loki don't think she is offensive. After all, it is her homeland, and it must be disliked to let people fight in their own home.

Seeing the two nodding their heads in agreement, Bella softened her expression.

But she still looked at everyone with a cold face, as if asking them to leave if they didn't leave….


The Spear of Eternity touched the ground lightly, making a crisp sound.

From beyond the boundless universe, a radiant beam of light enveloped Loki.

"Midgardian, we will meet again.


Following Loki's voice, his figure disappeared into the beam of light.

Thor and Sif naturally didn't want to delay when they saw Bifrost. Seeing Bella's polite nod, they walked forward and disappeared as well.

Even Thor didn't have time to say bye to Jane.

Bella smiled helplessly as the Giants of Jotunheim followed the Bifrost's light away.

If she isn't strong enough, how could the final ending look anticlimactic?

But fortunately, it is not without gains.


Isabella Catherine

Strength: B+

Stamina: B+

Agility: B+

Magic release: B+

mental power:B

Lucky: C+

Riding: B +

intuition: B +

temperament: A

Noble Phantasm: Bloody Rose (false) Goddess of War (false)the name of the guns


In addition to getting the Uru Metal, defeating the Destroyer raised her strength and riding to a level of B+. Her mental strength also reached B-, and the most important thing is that the luck that has never been motionless has been raised to C+.

Bella reverted to thinking that luck had been fixed.

Luckily, she had guessed it herself. Originally, C- was neither good nor bad, and Angie probably didn't even have one.

But if it reaches a certain level, it may usher in a qualitative change.


Just as Bella was thinking, the familiar roar of the engine came to her ears.

The MK battle armor flew over and landed beside Bella, looking at the empty town. The face opened to reveal Tony's angry face.

"Where's the goddamn? I need to show him it's not wise to piss off Iron Man."

Bella sized it up. The MK armor was pitch black and there were scratches caused by the lightning strike. Sure enough, the spear of eternity was worthy of Odin's weapon.

If it wasn't for the armor's absorption conversion device, it could absorb electricity to recharge the Ark reactor. Plus Loki doesn't have full control.

Maybe at that moment Tony was going to meet God.

It's no wonder Tony was angry when he was attacked and beaten.

"They left..."

"What the hell!"

Tony's face was full of displeasure. It was unacceptable to be attacked and not given a chance to fight back.

Bella shook her head, suddenly remembered something, and walked towards the motorcycle.

"Hey, could we talk for a second?"

Seeing that Bella wanted to leave, Tony didn't care to get angry and said quickly.

"Don't follow me, I don't like it."

Pick up the Uru metal, and with the start of the motorcycle engine, her figure disappeared outside the town.

The indifference gesture made Tony smack his lips.

After thinking about it, it was fine.

Although Bella had little contact with him, Bella's previous experience told Tony that if he stopped her, although he wouldn't die, he might be beaten up.


The aftermath of the town has nothing to do with Bella.

Her main goal has been achieved, the only thing left is how to forge Uru metal into a weapon.

This is the direction of her research.

Riding on a motorcycle on a desert road.

After riding for an hour and a half, she just arrived at the Oklahoma State Highway.

The scorching sun in the afternoon is annoying.

Just when Bella was thinking about the next step in the future, a familiar beam of light descended from the sky and fell hard on the road not far ahead.


The motorcycle bowed, and the whole motorcycle slid sideways for a short distance to force the body to a stop.

You know that the speed of the motorcycle is high, and the average person wants to stop the motorcycle forcibly, and the person will have to fall.

"Huntress, I am Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost..."

"Thor needs your help."

A deep voice came from her mind….

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