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Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Drink And Play

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Lin Neng had traveled to a parallel world and became a D-class killer in a killer organization. He had activated the Crazy Transformation System when he was having issues with carrying out his assassination mission. He would be rewarded with points after completing an assassination mission, which could be traded for Shapeshifting ability from the system. He could even power up his existing ability. Carlos, the A-class criminal on the loose, was staring at this strange fly in front of him. Before he could react, that fly had slit through his throat. Johnson, the head of a human trafficking organization, had petted the head of a stray cat beside him, but that stray cat jumped up suddenly and slashed his head in half. Lucas, the leader of a mafia group, had just sat down, a sharp blade stuck out from the chair he was sitting on suddenly and impaled him... Hence, a frightening name emerged in this world - the shapeshifter!


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