85 Chapter 85 – Barriers

After leaving the stall behind, Wyntor pulled his three employees to the side and explained to them how they could activate and configure their Barriers.

Using these Barriers was very easy since there were only a couple of options to choose from.

"The Barriers you bought do not have AI chips, which means that there isn't much you can do with them," Wyntor said.

"AI-chips?" Nick asked in confusion.

Jenny and Trevor also didn't know what that meant.

"I'll tell you in detail when it becomes relevant," Wyntor said. "Advanced Barriers need AI chips, and they are the most expensive part of a Barrier. They regulate the size, strength, and attribute of a Barrier while also activating and deactivating it. You can view AI chips as an autonomous mind that controls your Barrier."

"Your Barriers don't have AI chips, which is why we managed to get good ones for a relatively low price. The drawback is that you have to activate them yourself," Wyntor said.


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