61 Chapter 61 – Ability Advancement

"An Adolescent?" Nick repeated.


Wyntor nodded. "I am not entirely sure how he gains more power, but based on his behavior in the past, I would say that he becomes stronger by causing others fear or by just doing horrible things. I'm not sure about the specifics."


"Riker has been in the Dregs for quite a while, and by now, he has amassed a gang with over 50 members. He has probably caused an incredible amount of grief, which should have given him a lot of power. I doubt very much that he's a Hatchling."


Nick looked with worry at Wyntor. "Could he be an Adult Specter?" he asked.


Wyntor shook his head. "Very unlikely. It takes a lot for a Specter to grow."


"We have been feeding the Dreamer 24/7, and after months, it still only advanced by 1.5 levels. If we keep going at this rate, it will probably take three years or so to turn the Dreamer into an Adult Specter."



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