Kill Me If You Can Book

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Kill Me If You Can


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Residing In a lush and verdant mountain range called Adalhisa were not-so-peaceful fairies in conflict with one another. Northern and Southern Peaks were in a silent war for centuries. Both their borders were heavily guarded. Southern Peaks frequently send assassins to hunt the royalties of Northern Peaks but only managed to kill a few guards up to the present. When it comes to power, Northern Peaks is at its best. Getting a bit desperate, Southern Peaks leaders decided to send their offspring to slay the royalties of Northern Peaks. Asuren Nightgloom is one of those offspring. Living for a hundred years and having killed a handful of powerful fairies, he was one of the best choices. His target was a princess from the wind realm. Thea Gailbreeze is used to being hunted by assassins. For fifty years, almost half of her existence, she was defending herself against assassins. When these two experienced fairies meet, will Asuren be able to triumph where other assassins before him had failed, or will Thea be able to successfully defend herself as she did against all the assassins sent to slay her?


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