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Kill Me If You Can


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What is Kill Me If You Can

Read Kill Me If You Can novel written by the author Riyah404 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, revenge, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Residing In a lush and verdant mountain range called Adalhisa were not-so-peaceful fairies in conflict with one another. Northern and Southern Peaks were in a silent war for centuries. Both their borders were heavily guarded. Southern Peaks frequently send assassins to hunt the royalties of Northern Peaks but only managed to kill a few guards up to the present. When it comes to power, Northern Peaks is at its best. Getting a bit desperate, Southern Peaks leaders decided to send their offspring to slay the royalties of Northern Peaks. Asuren Nightgloom is one of those offspring. Living for a hundred years and having killed a handful of powerful fairies, he was one of the best choices. His target was a princess from the wind realm. Thea Gailbreeze is used to being hunted by assassins. For fifty years, almost half of her existence, she was defending herself against assassins. When these two experienced fairies meet, will Asuren be able to triumph where other assassins before him had failed, or will Thea be able to successfully defend herself as she did against all the assassins sent to slay her?


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The fantasy setting was niche and the Idea was very solid. Nice way of narrating things and a good grasp of grammar. Although I can see some things to edit here and there but it was still not worth mentioning. This will become great as the author was talented, saying that his novel was in good hands. Good job! and Good luck!


The author takes full advantage of the fantasy genre. Most readers may be familiar with magic and assassins, but it's really breathtaking for me that I am reading a novel with fairies as part of the main cast. The telling and showing is superb. Instead of information dumps, the author instead shows us the world. Even with some telling involved of the world, the author only sums it up in paragraphs per chapter, and letss the reader imagine the world for the remainder of the said chapters. The only real criticism I have is the update schedule. I was surprised when was the recent chapter released, but that's a different issue altogether, hope we get to see even more chapters from the author. Continue what you're doing, cause you got a solid formula going on.


Fairies and assassins. To be honest, I didn't expect to read something like that, but somehow you managed to build an interesting story around your idea and it turned out to be a pleasant read. I noticed some grammatical errors, but nothing worth mentioning. Overall, it is a strong story! Good job!


It's a very well written fantasy book, the storyline is unique, makes it stand out from most fantasy books I've read. It could still use some work, due to a few grammatical errors. other than that, i love this and I'm adding to my library


Fairies! There's not many authors out there who used this trope, so it was a first for me. This is an enjoyable read worth binge reading. Hats off to the author for the creativity in naming your characters. It was a delight to the tongue. The synopsis needs a little bit foreshadowing to bait the readers. World building and detailed descriptions... All in all, a great ride.


As someone who adores fantasy, especially that concerning creatures like fairies, this was the most pleasurable reading experience I have had for a while. I adore the characters, they are so witty, and their development thoughout the chapters is 👌 Fantastic story and plot, I love the dual nature of the chapters, and equally the level of detailed put into it, making you question and engage with things and debate which character is right or wrong. There is humour, drama, and everything you could possibly want from a good fantasy. This is truely a gem of a book. It deserves all the stars I am giving it.


Wow, this story was a really well written fantasy book. I really liked the set up of an assassin starting to fall for his target. The world is highly interesting and the characters are intriguing. I’m interested in seeing how Thea and Asuren’s relationship will progress. I would certainly recommend that readers in love of a well written fantasy romance story set in the captivating world of faires and magic, check this story out!


This story gives out details elaborately to its readers, and for an imaginative person, its stimulating imagery awestrucks me completely, ive read other comments and id hate to give the same repetitive one but you've explored the genre quite nicely


Great story! Loved the opening with the assassin going to slay the beautiful princess only for her to fight him off and fall in love with him. It seems like quite a fascinating world with powerful fairies, magic and assassins. A lot of possibilities for future storylines. Hope to see you stick with this and keep up the solid work.


Its quite an interesting read. A tale of two fairies. Its not unheard of but this is quite a fresh take on the fantasy genre. I've seen little to no grammatical errors. Looking forward to more:)


Reveal spoiler


Definitely was not expecting to come across such a plot. Even though I'm a fantasy lover and have been reading fantasy stories for a long time, this story brought me to an entirely new world. I loved Thea's bold and strong character and damn, there's no doubt which realm is the evil one in reality. I just hope the author will update this story more frequently.


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